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ASUS VivoBook series can be said that a launch would receive widespread attention and praise, the VivoBook Series ASUS has won quite a touch of the market share in the past 2012. Because of this, the introduction of more detailed size models, further consolidation of the market to the important task of become VivoBook successor model, introduced earlier this year, 13.3-inch F201E not be able to continue to VivoBook the style of the series of low price and high quality?


In the hardware configuration, using the Inte third-generation Smart Core low-voltage processor i5-3317U, 4GB memory and 500GB Hitachi hard drive can be said on the hardware configuration is still quite mainstream. But to say on the hardware configuration of the highlights have to say that this 13.3-inch touch screen, because this individual channel design really let VivoBook F201 series with ASUS F201E Battery brought out this not the same with the other homes in the thin charm.


Asus VivoBook F201E hardware configuration can be said is still quite good. Especially this child 13.3-inch touch screen, you can say it with the VivoBook F201E suddenly different from similar thin and become the soul of the whole machine, then the new F201E in detail the features are not able to keep has always been VivoBook quality? We went from the detailed characteristics of the fuselage to savor.


Shape can be said that gives the first impression of the product, if the product performance is needed the course of time to be able to appreciate the performance difference is getting reduced, the shape is often the trigger consumers to buy the following, we take a look at the ASUS VivoBook F202E with ASUS F202E Battery shape and body which has features.


We must first describe the ASUS VivoBook F201E with 2 seconds sleep wake-up function does not use the small-capacity SSD to speed up processing, but with the latest Microsoft Win8 system was able to achieve a better response speed.

The ASUS F201E body to build, with brown shiny black brushed metal material the header metal texture is very prominent, giving both business and fashion sense. Advanced plating process Logo in the center of the top cover also played a good decorative effect. Can be said VivoBook F201E on the appearance of design is satisfactory, compared to its predecessor S400 and S200 less innovation in the overall shape, but gives a very familiar feeling, people glance that this product is VivoBook series, perfect transmission is the the F201E shape the most appropriate evaluation.

MSI Sleek S30 with MSI S30 Battery first glance gives the feeling is very delicate work, two-color brushed aluminum finish gives the impression that the strong and stable. But not eye-catching work, but only 18.3 mm thickness of the body, can third-generation intelligent Intel Core i5-3337U processor into such a slim body, the need is not simply exquisite workmanship, This super-slim the brand flagship of the hundreds of million and far between. 1.54 kg weight is to force, I believe the weight of the 14-inch ultra-pole of the current limit. MSI S30 Sleek was presented to the user is not only a fine, but the new business in the super pole "extreme".


The metal seems to have become a thing of the ultra-pole of the Queen, the optional matte magnesium alloy material in the Samsung 530U4E with 57Wh SAMSUNG 530U4E Battery cover definitely be a wise choice, the reinforced body also will not leave a visible trace of fingerprints. From the hands of Samsung notebook more emphasis in the shape of the shape, one of the most representative of the series waistline had left us very impressed.


However, Samsung 530U4E go engaging line, there is not much modified in shape, but with other ultra-pole of this to maintain a consistent style, which uses straight lines sketched polished edge position is very rounded, thin stroking will find that it has a matte-like feel, very comfortable, and walk in my hand, not easy to fall.



In order to meet the needs of different users, the Samsung Ultra pole 530U4E-divided into 13-inch 530U4E3B and 14-inch 530U4E4B with SAMSUNG NT530U4E Battery two sizes, it is Jingdong we receive the best-selling 13-inch with Core i3 processor models, mobility performance is very prominent, because the whole size and specifications for the business crowd, not to prepare an oversized laptop bag.


Reading a book, when turning each thin paper, you will find that sometimes this is a not very easy thing to do. In fact, ultra-extreme is the same, when has a slim screen and body at the same time, the screen opened are not as easily as traditional notebook, Samsung in terms of ease-of-use, fully taking into account this point, the aircraft on the screen cover opening and closing design a long protrusions to facilitate the user's fingers move operation, the details of this humane design is very worthy of promotion and learning.


If a laptop is delineated in super this range, the body weight of at least control in less than 2kg, because the only way to meet the "Ultra" meaning of the word. The Samsung 530U4E built-in lithium polymer SAMSUNG NP530U4E Battery.  the whole weight after weighing 1.468kg, plus the adapter still no more than 2kg weight, portability is very good. Which we ignore the power adapter will also affect the portability, Samsung 530U4E, using the compact power adapter design, weighs less than 300g and cable are designed with beam line bundle, so place the cable in the package messy, but also will not take up too much space.


Samsung 530U4E the bottom of the body does not use integrated closed design, but in the back close to the spindle of a baffle design, Remove the screw in the middle of user memory and hard drive can easily replace operation, cooling vents located on the bezel the right side of the board, although the small number of cooling holes, but near the foot pad design are more conducive to ventilation.

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