ASUS F45C F55V Battery vs HP HSTNN-DB2F HSTNN-DB4D Battery

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First-tier manufacturers ASUS launched this year, a variety of excellent notebook products, and fully upgrade the notebook product line, stunning the absolute VivoBook U38DT regarded Win8 deformation models of ultra-extreme attention, launched a new R400 and R500 The video game also broke the conservative design of the Y series in the past, will sell the better. U Series ultra-extreme precision positioning and balanced design is also on the market to get a decent response. But at the price of around 4,000 yuan, ASUS also need a thin and light design alone was originally segments. Today's evaluation of the protagonist is a position so thin models, specific models F45.
The ASUS F45 uses a similar U Series U38 matte texture design, fuselage wedge, the overall shape more stylish easy way out. Although not the U38 as unique 360-degree touch flip screen, but its more mainstream price also has its own audience.

F45 evaluation machine we got this for the low voltage i5 version, factory-installed Linpus Lite Simplified Chinese genuine operating system specific configuration, F45 uses a low voltage processor, Intel IVB i5 3317U, 2GB DDR3 RAM, Intel HD 4000 nuclear HD 7450M alone significantly 500GB mechanical hard drive and 24GB solid state drive, the overall performance in a thin and light notebook is very mainstream.

ASUS F45 with 6cell ASUS F45C Battery Total starlight silver, brilliant red, the LORI pink three colors optional evaluation for mysterious starlight silver version. F45 fuselage shell is made of a similar U Series U38 matte composite plastic surface easily contaminated with fingerprints. Wedge so that whole styling is even more thin, the fuselage front-end thinnest at only 8.5mm thick at most of the rear fuselage is only 21mm, even in line with Intel's ultra-extreme standard, but not this ASUS The frivolous This is divided into super pole the ranks.


F45 and U38 in the design of the body surface A similar contrast 13-inch U38 body size smaller. F45 and U38 matte painting process is also different U38 scrub resistance, feel more stable in your hand, feel slightly better, F45, positioned low, body selected materials had poorer U38 also normal.


The front part of the fuselage, a wedge-shaped design of the F45 can not be stuffed under any expansion interface, only set in the bottom right of the power and battery status indicator. The rear fuselage section, because the battery has occupied most of the area, so here nor set any expansion interface. Although the body before and after the two expansion interface is not set, but thanks to a 14-inch wide fuselage the F45 body left and right sides of the interface design is not crowded. On the left side of the interface layout, HP Pavilion 15 with HP HSTNN-DB4D Battery OneKey Rescue system, drop-RJ-45, HDMI and USB3.0, and the main body thermal window design in the left side. The right side of the fuselage interface layout, F45 round power port, dual USB2.0, headphone and microphone SD card reader. F45 mainstream in addition to VGA interface design are very well equipped, the applicability of the interface and ease of use are pretty good.


Speaking of the ASUS sturdy development of the F-Series history, I believe that recent years concern this mainstream game players are very familiar with. K45 start from the classic, "sturdy F-Series is not only to create a sales myth, also won good reputation of the industry this year R400N of the the IVB platform for the continuation of the same sturdy nature of the F-series.


AMD video image stabilization technology is a very magical technique when the handheld DV shooting video footage will produce some jitter, especially in cars, ships, shoot, this jitter will be more intense, when we use ordinary player to play this video, screen jitter back and forth. If you are using a computer powered by AMD APU use specific player then open AMD video image stabilization feature, its screen will be many more smoothly.


AMD Quick stream technology allows PC video stream priorities, to achieve a smooth, non-disruptive online video viewing experience. In other words, if our side to watch the video online, while download something, computer support AMD Quick stream technology can detect you watch the video, then the intelligence will be a limited amount of bandwidth allocated to online video playback, occupied to avoid download excessive traffic caused by the phenomenon of the video does not play smoothly.

Of course, after years of development, the more conservative exterior design of the F series is time to make a big change. ASUS recently released a brand new F45 and F55, the new F-series became pale mold finally born. F45 and F55 using a unique the UltraBay hot swap technology, you can change the optical drive inserted into separate graphics cards dual graphics card SLI system, can also change plug into the hard drive, weight loss module and fan F Series DIY feature has been greatly improved .
F55 There are three versions of the hardware configuration, the high version of the i7 3630QM processor, 8GB memory, 1TB hard drive and GT 650M alone significantly addition, the F55 with 6cell ASUS F55V Battery also top with 15.6-inch 1080p Full HD screen version to choose from, the pursuit of cost-effective The player can also choose i5 processor version


Participate in the evaluation of the F55 i7 high-equipped version of the machine hardware for Intel IVB i7 3630QM quad-core processor, 8GB DDR3 1600 Dual Channel Memory, 1TB mechanical hard drive, NVIDIA GT 650M 2GB graphics card, configure, and F45, R400N little difference. The selling price, ASUSF Series F55 low with i5 version of the official offer 7999 yuan i7-high version of the official offer for 8999 yuan, 1080p top with version was 9999 yuan, the new price is not low.

Heterogeneous computing in the first generation of APU already have a very advanced technology, software support, allows the CPU and GPU to work together, acceleration, and ultimately with each other to achieve higher processing efficiency, bring us more powerful performance and user experience. Generation APU product applications software support is not a lot of words, in 2012, a new generation of APU, support for heterogeneous computing the number of software release has been gradually growing up, like the latest Photoshop CS6 MotionDSPvReveal WinZIP 16.5 etc. over one hundred different software applications support the APU heterogeneous computing.


Based on the above test, you can see that configuration support for heterogeneous computing features AMD A6-4400M APU HP EliteBook 8460p notebook with 9cell HP HSTNN-DB2F Battery machine performance, though not particularly strong, but its performance to meet the basic requirements of day-to-day application of the CPU performance, and robust graphics performance is the biggest selling point of the notebook, but it also supports AMD Crossfire dual graphics card technology, discrete graphics and integration of the single significant work together to enhance the performance of the whole game, AMD's unique HD multimedia acceleration technology, is to enhance the Advanced visual experience of the players, all of these make 355V 4000 yuan notebook has become more competitive, more suitable for students with limited budget users and gamers buy.

Instant On works, information and data access memory when needed directly to the data from the memory in the wake, and no longer need to go through the hard. Memory access speed is much faster than the hard disk, so you can achieve the effect of 2 seconds to boot. Start Instant on Standby long, can enjoy the blink of an eye with open anywhere that is convenient.

Many people think that pixel screen, the human eye easily fatigued, In fact, for each person, the brain has a strong gestalt tendencies we see incomplete incomplete, or display rough content, The brain automatically fill us can not see things and incoherent parts, so from this point of view, we see something more, more details will reduce the burden on the eyes.

A 3G network card card slot is also hidden in the back of the fuselage, carefully protected by rubber plugs, not looking for really ignore it, but it is relatively tasteless, open the top cover will block the card slot, so must be in the top cover can open the card slot on too much trouble.

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