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Comprehensive list in a notebook can be more intuitive, we see that the Apple MacBook Pro 13 composite score of 17 points topped the list, which you can edit users ratings also ranked first, even if various factors such as the price of this notebook sales may never rise to the first, but the matter is visibility, reputation, evaluations were worthy champion. Sales network to provide fast and easy score reflects the real consumer purchasing information, while PConline Product Click score but a more realistic reflection of consumer products, attention and preference. If in a market, the sales of "form", then click (or a degree of concern) is "in", as the sales of the surface reflects user needs in this market with the tolerance of the equilibrium point, namely performance and price expectations the meeting point between the budget, the meeting point of convergence in the consolidated list ultimately reflected in this market is the real purchasing power of consumers. Anyway, in PConline Click Ranking in touch we saw the shadow of deformation, indicating that the user (at the very least frequently visited IT media users) for such new products or have a curiosity and concern. But Yi Xun consolidated sales ranking list, we found no one with a touch-enabled products, not to mention that more high-end notebook deformation of stock.


The aircraft have some gaming capabilities. Tested at 1366 × 768 resolution, default quality, the "Street Fighter 4" test scores as the average 115.55, very smooth. For configuration requires a higher "Resident Evil 6", F550V only get C-level assessment, it appears that the latest game masterpiece eat cool, you also need the appropriate lower picture quality. Finally, I also tested the "Tomb Raider 9", default quality, open vertical sync, which can be stabilized at 60, and refresh rate the same, so for this F550V with 6cell ASUS F550V Battery gaming performance is quite worthy of recognition. System evaluation, this F550V i5 models of Windows 8 experience score of 4.5, the minimum term for the desktop graphics performance. Its processor evaluation score of 7.1, gaming graphics 6.5, fairly satisfactory.


Finally, Intel introduced the concept of ultra-pole of this, and today only released Haswell mobile i7 quad-core ultra-low voltage, and two families, Intel's intentions have been very obvious. Flagship mobile performance ultra-pole of this course is the next biggest thing, but that does not mean that the doctrine of the mainstream notebook will exit the stage of history, especially as F550V this body is relatively thin, with significant independence and sufficient space for the upgrade notebooks. I believe that this model will be more and more, worth the wait!


ThinkPad S Series has always been known for the high cost, mainly for students and entry-level business users. After entering the new year, ThinkPad S Series upgrade again, substantially reduce the thickness of the body, just as today we tested S5-S531 with LENOV ThinkPad S5-S531 Battery , although still send test versions of third-generation Core processor equipped, but the body becomes more slender, 15 inch wide body does not look bulky.


Compared with the super pole, S5-S531 volume slightly strong build, but compared to its predecessor S5, S5-S531 reduced in thickness 4mm, plus the edge of the fuselage of special treatment, so that S5-S531 has a 15-inch wide fuselage though, but look it does not feel heavy, but it is not light weight 2.87kg bare metal, more suitable backpack carry. ThinkPad S5-S531 with wide body, placed a full-size keyboard, the left side with a small keyboard, plus elastic medium keys, which can be without an external keyboard.


Part of the touchpad, ASUS F550D with ASUS F550D Battery completely transformed into integrated touchpad, even with Little Red Riding Hood and the touchpad touchpad buttons are also integrated into together, although the entire touchpad touch larger, but there will be some time with Little Red Riding Hood not in the habit. Since relatively large body size, so the ThinkPad S5-S531 Interface configuration is complete, it provides a USB2.0 interface, a RJ45 network interface, two USB3.0 ports, a VGA port and an HDMI interface, and this It also provides a DVD burner. But note that, S5-S531 Power Interface upgrade to the latest rectangular interface, so the previous round mouth adapter can not be used.


GT740M is a new generation of NVIDIA GeForce GT 700M discrete graphics backbone of thS Series, from the above GPU-Z screenshot you can see, GT 740M still using Kepler architecture, with 384 stream processors, memory interface is 128bit, most parameters and GT650M similar. From 3Dmark VANTAGE E mode GPU item scores of view, the test results does not exceed GT740M GT650M, GT640M it at the same level, slightly below our expectations, which may be used with the current version of the driver change machine on, but His performance is quite good, at a resolution of 1366 × 768 deal "Battlefield 3" this level of large-scale 3D games.


In the hardware configuration, songce ASUS F550DP and have not upgraded to the latest fourth-generation Core Duo, but continue to use third-generation Core processor, but its graphics card upgrade to NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M, plus 1TB of hard drive storage space, and 4GB of memory, it can be said ASUS F550DP with ASUS F550DP Battery in the office and entertainment aspects are used to meet the general needs. The test of the S5-S531 is equipped with third-generation Intel Core i5-3230M standard voltage CPU, its performance has improved significantly lower power processor, the 11213 CINEBENCH R10 multi-threaded and single-threaded score of 5459 shows that its processing capacity in the mainstream CPU at a higher level.


PCMark7 is 2011 Futuremark for Windows 7 operating system, the new generation of the benchmarking tool, which contains seven different test areas by 25 independent workload composition, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other aspects of everyday applications, the test results may reflect the overall performance of the tested models. Because not equipped with SSD solid state hard drive, so the disk performance is more sensitive PCmark7 tests, ThinkPad S5-S531 score is not high, but it's been pretty good hardware configuration of the machine, processing capacity in the mainstream notebook in the middle to upper level, if the user to upgrade the SSD, it will bring us more surprises.


BAPCo SYSmark 2012 is the last year launched a new generation of PC performance benchmarking software, its biggest feature is the use of real load to simulate the user to test different usage scenarios. It includes Office Productivity, Media Creation, Web Development, Data / Financial Analysis, 3D Modeling, System Management six projects, the test results can reflect the PC in the video rendering, data analysis, word processing, web development and other application scenarios deal capabilities, is a standard commercial PC with ASUS F550VC Battery test project. From the test results, excellent CPU performance with discrete graphics make ThinkPad S5-S531 in SYSmark more balanced performance in the tests, the final total score of 122 points Description S5-S531 cope with everyday office software is no pressure, but can also accept small loads of 3D modeling work.


Touch screen or laptop is really a big trend, but the current stage of view, "universal" is still very far away from us, plainly, price is everything, the same low price and high-profile co-existence of the same premise I believe no one would deny more than a touch screen. Notebook targeted at mobile portable PC, its value lies in the perfect balance of performance and portability, but in recent years, with the speed of technological progress gradually accelerated, as a new category of tablet PCs and smart phones invaded a lot of notebook market share, "Performance excess "became PC manufacturers" sweet trouble. " How to innovate, breaking each notebook manufacturers became the highest order to break loose, and the touch screen and deformation are therefore emerged, although consumers still touch deformation of the sidelines, but I believe that in the near future, when the technology is mature, the cost is reduced, which is the traditional notebook injected fresh blood of the new ASUS F550VB with ASUS F550VB Battery category will not only concern throughout the user list, we can also see a list of consumers see their shadows.

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