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Laptop battery is not charging method: battery notebook battery maintenance with their own program amendment

1, if the stakes have been upgraded to Win7 system, may wish to take advantage of built-in features Win7 to fix the battery into the "Power Options" screen, select "High Performance" power plan.
2, click "Change plan settings" under the "battery" all options set to "never", and the "adjust brightness plan" is set to the maximum.
3, then click Change advanced power settings, expand Wireless Adapter Settings → saving mode "is set to" maximum performance ", and use the battery.
4, expand the "the ASUS F75A Battery → low-level battery notification", "Using the Battery" is set to "Off". Save the settings, close all applications when the battery is fully charged, unplug the AC adapter, battery powered up best after automatic shutdown, last turned off, the battery can be filled.

Activation processing:

The following circumstances battery needs to be the activation process:
A newly opened new battery.
2 do not use batteries, battery away from the computer at the store the state, now re-enable this battery.
3. Longer period of time do not use the laptop battery from the laptop out of the store spare (longer than two or three months), now enable this ASUS F75VD Battery.


Netbook and notebook difference is probably that, and want to buy a netbook look at themselves need netbook general are to travel frequently, with primary and secondary school students.

Currently on the market, netbook approximate price range between 1500-3999 yuan, while traditional notebook vendor positioning as well as the needs of users, the price of 3,000 yuan to ten thousand dollars.

If the various details of the operation have a good grasp, and the quality of your battery and there is no problem, will be able to activate the chemicals inside the battery, maximizing battery performance, basically every time the battery in the normal use can charge to 100%.

This is actual netbooks and the difference between non-Internet Internet generally large, high profile game can not play, can not run large software (such as 3D and CAD), the Internet generally are used to chat, browse the Web , play the stock market for a class! Rather than the Internet this is not the same general configuration are higher, run large-scale 3D games and software, more versatile!

The battery life varies by the total use of time, but by the charge and discharge times to decide. If you always installed the battery into the notebook and not taken down, even if you turn off the machine and remove the AC power, the battery would not like to imagine as has remained fully charged state. Laptop battery integrated control circuit in the battery, even when the power shut down your computer is also power consumption. As one connected to AC power, the battery will start charging, whenever power on or off, the battery will repeatedly charge and discharge affect ASUS Q400A Battery life.


Many laptops have built-in battery correction tools to Lenovo C461M notebook as an example, if you use the time for more than two years, the battery life is only less than 40%, this time with the Lenovo accuracy correction tools, battery life recovery to 80% or more. Old notebook for Lenovo, it is recommended to upgrade the new version of the Power Management software, then the battery charge to not charge so far.


1, double-click the taskbar icon of power management, select the longest life mode.

, Click the "Settings" button to switch to the "battery maintenance" settings page, then click the "Start" button, then pop up a prompt window, please close all applications process, and make sure that is already connected to the AC power adapter, click the "Continue" button will prompt battery accuracy amendment is processed.

3, be patient, battery status will show "the power is on, not charging". When the pop-up "battery precision correction completed, click" confirm "button, battery status will show" the power is turned on, is charging ", indicating that the battery correction success. Fully charged, it will be found that the life time of the recovery.

ASUS F75V Battery is not charging method the correct battery repair method: using third-party software

If the notebook does not have built-in battery correction tools, how to do? The time might With Batcal software to calibrate the battery. BenQ S42 notebook In the author's, for example, use two years later, the battery life is only about 50%, connect the AC adapter, the battery charge to not charge so far.


1, the run Batcal tool, click on the "Set Slow Discharge" button, choose a slow discharge mode.

, Click "Begin Calibration" button, then "Power Options" window pops up, then recommended to select the "Portable / Laptop" mode, and will use all the projects under the program are set to "never".

3, the screen saver is also closed, and click the "OK" button, then you are prompted to discharge, after discharge, a prompt window will pop up, prompting you to unplug the AC adapter when the battery is completely exhausted. The system will automatically shut down, and then plug in the AC adapter to the normal recharge. If you want quick discharge, you should select the "Fast Discharge" mode, screen brightness to maximum, and can not operate the notebook in the discharge process.

Laptop battery not charging method VII: correction notebook battery

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