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Today to introduce this ASUS VX7SX, is the sixth generation of the ASUS and Lamborghini sports car perfect fusion of VX series product. 2006 ASUS VX1's first sports car, once launched, a unique sports car design elements to win the attention of many people. With the continuous update of the hardware configuration, Asus will launch in each of the combination of VX series product of a Lamborghini sports car. However, compared with previous generations of VX products, personally think that the latest generation of ASUS VX7SX should be regarded as a real to normalized breakthrough notebook products, not only increases the appearance of the size of the machine, at the same time is more important is that the hardware configuration a comprehensive manner. ASUS VX7SX launched in a way, it also breaks the "perfectionist" the series to leave the impression of the performance short board.


Launched The ASUS VX7SX design was inspired by Murcielago LP640 Lamborghini sports car series body, the Murciélago Italian translated as "bat", the aircraft will be the sports car on a lot of classic elements into one, such as roof design comes from the The sports car's front end, battery parts, corresponding to their body shape of the rear spoiler, similar to the keyboard keys and the touchpad and other details are revealed with the avant-garde luxury sports car design philosophy.


VX series notebooks with recent generations, the ASUS VX7SX also integrated into the many design elements of the Lamborghini sports car body, the angular appearance of lines and tough domineering. Coupled with the former on the whole innovation low to high body design and three-dimensional sense of strong cars LOGO logo, fully underlines the the ASUS VX7SX rebellious character traits.


Latest ASUS VX7SX exterior painting, respectively, for the orange and black (carbon fiber color), we get the Asus color of VX7SX appearance is black (carbon fiber color), contrast these two colors, orange, more assertive able to fully reflect the temperament of this car laptop arrogant and despotic exposed, so the above introduction to the base map with the orange section, if the users of this notebook Figure reward a soft spot for a very cool wallpaper behind the article attachment waiting for you to enjoy.


ASUS Lamborghini VX7S battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  14.6V or 14.8V
Capacity: 5200mAh / 8Cell
Weight:  460g
Size: 140.10 x 61.50 x 37.81 mm
Color: Black


Come talk to the notebook hardware configuration, this launch ASUS VX7SX really can be called a powerful notebook is an internally and externally, its overall performance increased dramatically to ASUS VX7SX into the ranks of the top gaming notebook, the aircraft with the current higher-end Core i7 2630QM quad-core processor, but also equipped with a type independent of the high-end gaming graphics card Nvidia Geforce GTX 460M, also has unimaginably 3GB large-capacity memory, and that this ASUS VX7SX from the inside outside the end which is worthy of our attention? Please see the next article describes in detail.


Can be said the ASUS VX7SX body about the number of interfaces on both sides basically to meet the user's daily needs, In addition, the edge position in the left palm care arrangements are often used in multi-card reader slot, compared to the side placed, the front side of the interface more aspects of the user related operations.


ASUS Lamborghini VX7S adhering to the design style of the top sports car, Lamborghini sports car the appearance of the sharp element combining with the notebook. As a sports car styling notebook, angular lines with personalized sports car element, which makes the full texture. This VX7S notebook screen size using the specifications of 15.6 inches, the various elements of the sports car in the overall appearance of the image will show more full of tension, and can give users a visual experience is very atmospheric.


The product ID design point of view, after generations of VX series product development, the ASUS VX7SX mold and sports car body fit more mature, some of the details at the excessive convergence can really feel the element of Lamborghini sports car with VX7SX notebook integration more closely. For loyal gamers, and hope that such luxury notebook performance as 100 km acceleration performance is only 3.4 seconds faster performance Lamborghini sports car in line and this the ASUS VX7SX have the appearance of size and strong hardware configuration to be considered complete interpretation of this car.


ASUS VX7SX body details are handled fine, unique top cover flow line design leather sewn around the palm rest area of ​​the random with the sturdy mouse and humanized design white backlit keyboard, reflects this car notebook features, In addition, the machine body most highlights, to be regarded as the rear fuselage headlight design. Related to this ASUS VX7SX details part of the following which we will discuss in some detail.


ASUS Lamborghini VX7SX battery Compatible original Battery Code:
07G016DH1875 70-NY81B1000Z 90-NY81B1000Y
A42-G73 G73-52 

Fit machine:
ASUS Lamborghini VX7 Series ASUS Lamborghini VX7S Series ASUS Lamborghini VX7SX Series


ASUS VX7SX used for the first time the large-size body design, the whole appearance of the atmosphere and alternative, the ASUS VX7SX the surface of the body cap used piano paint materials, although the overall appearance of the gloss is very bright, but the trace of fingerprints often to stay on top, was often a luxury sports car, it is recommended to take care of, to avoid "vanity project" affected.


As a flagship game entertainment notebook, the large-size screen is of course essential, The ASUS VX7SX 15.6-inch 16:9 Full HD LED-backlit display, the best resolution is 1920 × 1080, found that the actual use of The screen color saturation performance, usually at home, take a look at high-definition Blu-ray movie, or play racing games are a very good choice.


In the ASUS VX7SX screen just above the border embedded a 2-megapixel network camera, to meet the users usually online video exchange, while the outer border of the camera also use a trapezoid design concept, metal chrome-plated material wrapped embedded anti-draw borders in the blanks, it can effectively protect the network camera will not be hard objects easily scratched, so as to ensure clear and accurate capture image information imaging.


Notebook cover is opened, the entire keyboard surface in front of us, you can see the overall design style, the ASUS VX7SX C surface, is more close to sports car styling and a lot of small details at all from the elements of the sports car body of the vehicle. Keyboard, the upper-right corner of the metal texture of the power switch button, its design is very unique, and when While the "START ENGINE" button is pressed, the next release of the white status indicator, the boot will be accompanied by a burst of emotion engine sound, which represents the ASUS VX7SX ignition launched.


ASUS G53JX battery Fit machine:
ASUS G53 Series ASUS G53J Series ASUS G53JH Series
ASUS G53JQ Series ASUS G53JW Series ASUS G53JX Series
ASUS G53S Series ASUS G53SV Series ASUS G53SW Series
ASUS G53SX Series


In addition, in the upper left corner area of ​​the keyboard, ASUS VX7SX, also provide users with three shortcut function keys, turn power management mode switch button, the display mode toggle key and keyboard backlight control keys.

Overall the ASUS VX7SX keyboard followed the classic chocolate design style, high-touch keyboard is quite excellent flexibility, keystrokes more accurate, full sense of the keys back, the key process is relatively long, for gamers, relatively comfortable, while keycap surface treatment of fine add a comfortable touch to the finger movement operation. In addition, the bottom of the keyboard arrangement of white backlight, the operation is still not encounter any difficulties when used at night.


Leather material with the ASUS VX2 large area Asus VX7SX only been sewing in the region on both sides of the touchpad, the concept of the Chapi system around the palm rest of the seams, can be found the overall details of the work is a superior, leather handle than the previous product more soft and comfortable, and the leather steering wheel wrapped in a Lamborghini sports car exactly the same materials, allows users usually operate a computer, just as his hands grip the leather steering wheel, you can get palm support.


VX series touchpad area has always been unique, because these design inspiration depends entirely on the Lamborghini car body corresponding to the front headlight design, inverted trapezoidal shape is more distinctive, the use of the surface of the touchpad high light treatment, the smooth surface tactile, and about the feel of the keys is also commendable, yellow touch area marking line status indicator, the entire touchpad contrast simple and prominent people at first glance will be able to find manipulation of the core parts


Next we look at body right side of the interface layout, from left to right, respectively, configured with a set of audio input and output interfaces, 1 x USB 2.0 interface, 1 × USB 3.0 high speed transmission interface, HDMI external video output interface, the D- sub connector, RJ-45 Ethernet port and power connector, a whole body with the number of interfaces, types and mainstream 15-inch notebook is flat


ASUS G73SX battery Fit machine:
ASUS G73 Series ASUS G73G Series ASUS G73GW Series
ASUS G73J Series ASUS G73JH Series ASUS G73JQ Series
ASUS G73JW Series ASUS G73JX Series ASUS G73S Series
ASUS G73SV Series ASUS G73SW Series ASUS G73SX Series


This the ASUS VX7SX overall interface layout or a more reasonable 15.6 inches body can have more interface design space, thanks to a wide area of ​​the body, the left side of the fuselage to provide users with Blu-ray drive and 2 x USB interface In addition, on both sides of the fuselage near the location of the shaft will Lamborghini sports car grille shape is also cleverly ported over the rich side of the fuselage stereoscopic.

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