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February 2013 5, Futuremark released a new generation of 3Dmark, it is a cross-platform benchmark program, support for Windows, Android, iOS and Windows RT system can be used to compare different devices 3D performance. However, due to Android, iOS and Windows RT platform version requires further testing, so Futuremark released the first version of Windows for the desktop platform, stick out ASUS X450 test results for reference.


PCMark7 is 2011 Futuremark for Windows 7 operating system, the new generation of the benchmarking tool, which contains seven different test areas by 25 independent workload composition, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other aspects of everyday applications, the test results may reflect the overall performance of the tested models.


ASUS G750 with ASUS G750JW Battery order to improve the cost, it is not equipped with a solid state hard drive, but as an ultra-pole of this, it is configured with 24GB SSD Solid State Drive for accelerating system, coupled with the Intel Core i5-3337UM processor and HD8750M discrete graphics support, let ASUS X450 in PCMark 7 test achieved good results in 3829, so that higher scores than the SSD does not have the same configuration of products 40%.


Although not equipped with a touch screen, but ASUS X450 still selected the latest Windows 8 system, and pre-installed, such as S Player, S Gallery, S Camera, Music Maker Jam and many other interesting software, which I think the most fun one Is Music Maker Jam.


As its name suggests, Music Maker Jam is a music production software, which built a variety of different styles of music model, we can adjust the different types of musical instruments in the model, changing tone and rhythm, add cool effects to The easiest way to create music, play it very interesting.


In addition to many pre-built specifically for WIN8 APP stronger than entertainment, CLEVO P157SM Battery also offers a wealth of system maintenance and management procedures, like Settings integrated management interface, through which we can carry out the notebook power management settings, network settings, display screen color settings, USB charging on / off and so on.


In color performance, X450 screen color gamut 48.4%, with 80% of its color performance of the notebook at the same level, there is a certain gap with the desktop display.


1, Design: MSI GE40 and MSI GE40 Battery colorful body really likable, the machine looks both stylish and not be ethereal childish feeling.

2, the interface configuration: Common interface configuration is complete, cable and VGA body thickness directly solve the contradiction, but a USB3.0 somewhat insufficient.

3, control Comfort: relatively easy to use the touchpad, keyboard keys is short, use the experience as a traditional keyboard.

4, office performance: processor configuration mainstream daily Internet access, document handling more smooth and efficient.


5, the mobile portability: and lightweight compared to the average 14-inch notebook 30%, but not too light weight 1.8kg bare metal.

6 body surface temperature: overall control is good, heat is concentrated and the contact area is smaller place, but at the bottom of a cooling holes, not on a soft surface.

7, the software configuration: preinstalled Chinese version of Windows 8, no touch screen, use more accustomed to, but very rich pre-installed software, the majority of more practical, but the impact of the system cleanliness.

8, the game performance: CLEVO P177SM Battery and HD8750M in 1366 × 768 resolution to meet the "Battlefield 3" needs, can run smoothly most of the mainstream 3D games, where the ultra-pole of this outstanding performance.

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