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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said that there are three important day in the history of Microsoft: the creation of Microsoft's Windows 95 release, as well as the launch of Windows 8. Recent media interview he once again stressed that until now, Windows 95 is the most important product in the past 20 years, but Windows 8 will obviously go beyond it, take Win8 established with Microsoft, the first popular PC release compared a bit difficult, but the new operating system does have such importance.


Ballmer then not difficult to see, very high expectations for Windows 8, Microsoft. Windows 8 reason for carrying such a huge mission, because the traditional PC ecosystem has been the strong impact of the iOS and Android, change is imminent. Win8 biggest change is to subvert the traditional notebook usage patterns inherent in human-computer interaction, and feel close to the Tablet PC integrated into the touch experience, while also taking into account the characteristics of a traditional notebook office productivity.


The ASUS S505CM of touchpad surface is specially treated surface class skin coating, finger touchpad was friction larger, use more sensitive. In addition, ASUS S505CM Battery and S505 touchpad also incorporates a one-piece design, the operating area is more lenient. Despite an increase in the use of the touchpad area, but when we press the buttons at the bottom, sometimes the cursor will the resulting offset is likely to result in the use of the wrong operation. No mouse, "Little Red Riding Hood" is a good choice. As a professional business notebook, fingerprint identification is necessary, the ASUS S505CM of the fingerprint reader and touchpad from slightly closer, but does not affect use.

Although Windows 8 has many fresh features to wait for us to understand, but want to be more practical for the average consumer, whether Faced with this new operating system need to immediately update it? If the notebook does not have the touch of his hand, upgrade of Windows 8 in addition to the touch as well as useful new features worth to experience? Here we come to you a brief look at Windows 8 new features and services. I hope users can introduce more about the features and use of the new operating system.


If users intend to replace touch this, early adopters want to experience Windows 8 brings new touch experience, we can start to understand some of the new features, these features may make you feel more unique features of Windows 8 interest. Windows 8 new interactive touch a lot of manipulation must rely on finger sliding, a newcomer to the keyboard, mouse exceptionally dependent we will have to adapt, even using a Tablet PC experience will also use encounter problems. We all need to be patient to re-adapt and learn the new system, so that you can quickly understand the built-in applications and touch mode.


The LENOVO IdeaPad Z500 and LENOVO IdeaPad Z500 Battery interface partial professional Mini DP Mini HDMI interface, thus crowding out the space of a USB interface, so it only has two USB 3.0 ports, I think Mini DP Mini HDMI Interface One can have can add higher-end equipment, no need to occur simultaneously. 2 USB interface with them would be more trouble, one connected to the mouse equivalent of only a USB interface can be used to buy expansion of the joints is inevitable. The 4 interface arrangement of the right side of the fuselage intensive use conflict is likely to occur at the same time phenomenon.

Obviously, the most obvious difference is that Windows 8 and its popular predecessors enhanced touch capabilities. Windows 7 also supports touch, but it's not good enough, especially control accuracy and multi-touch aspects. Remember when using Windows 7 touch features, a simple click on the upper-right corner of the window close button is very strenuous, multiple alignment to complete this accuracy aspect Win7 is not perfect, and the progress of Windows 8 is obvious.


Win8 system is a cross-platform operating system can run on desktops, one machine, laptop and tablet PCs, to provide a more powerful touch support only 2-touch: Win7 operating system, while Windows 8 touch point of the system is increased to at least 5:00 to 10:00, the standard touch features more precise strictly.


The ASUS G75VX with 8cell ASUS G75VX Battery equipped with dual nuclear power plant thread i3-3110M processor, clocked at 2.4Hz. According to the CINEBENCH the score can be seen, it has been more than a generation i7 low voltage processor performance, very good, no problem to meet the daily needs of the user, can give a good support for the game and the office.


Windows 8 system requirements to run the new Metro interface application requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024 × 768, if you need to use a split screen to run the program screen resolution of at least 1366 × 768. If less than 1024 × 768 standard resolution, start a new Windows-style applications (such as 800 × 600) will receive an error message. However, Microsoft allows installation on low-resolution computer Win8, before the application is running has also greatly improved.

Microsoft familiar Start menu into a start screen, this is the first screen users get boot. Metro interface greatest success is when the user sees the interface, instant natural mode of operation transferred from the mouse to the touch of a finger, it was changed at the moment the user habits.


Compared to Windows Classic interface, users do not need to find a "computer" or "IE" and so on. Exe can run icon in the Metro interface can be found in almost all the finger tap to enter. When you open an application, this time for finger, it is necessary than a mouse click to the more direct, simplify user operation. Of course, on the desktop, you can still recover the Recycle Bin and taskbar once familiar, but the "start" button is no longer the old place to wait, hover your mouse over the far left in order to bring you back to the original Metro interface. Cancel began to feel up menu to make the old Windows users, but Microsoft aims to give Metro more support.


The design of the keyboard, the LENOVO IdeaPad Z400 with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad Z400 Battery, with the classic "Little Red Riding Hood" Through continuous improvement, it is more in line with human habits, there is a certain arc, can be a better fit pulp, more comfortable to use. Its keyboard and ThinkPad traditional high-touch keyboard, but the selection of a new generation of island-style chocolate keyboard, the keys have a little change is good, but the touch of the button. Camera at the top of the screen near the famous ThinkLight, in fact, is a small keyboard light in a dark environment useful switch Fn + spacebar to control.

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