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Over most of this on the market can be regarded as highly sought after, its ultra-thin, ultra-fast, stunning the ultimate experience believe that for a lot of people do not want to stop, but the door to higher prices over most of this is also a lot of people stand in outside view of this situation, the major manufacturers introduced the ultra-thin with this concept, and the real machine in the market at breakneck speed, this appearance and similar to the ultra-extreme, the same ultra-thin, but the price is relatively The lower thin this quickly by users favor. Today, I bring is an ultra-thin this - ASUS K46C its slim, stylish appearance, performance is very comprehensive and a good choice for a lot of fashion people, See the following detailed evaluation content.

ASUS K Series is positioning the mass mainstream notebook, brilliant appearance is eye-catching prerequisites for the ASUS K46C body cap this evaluation for composite materials, lighter than the metal off than plastic rugged wear matched with Taro purple paint, the overall feeling is very elegant and fashionable for women to use.


The ASUS K46C equipped the latest the IVB platform for the Core i5-3317U, frequency 1.7Hz, maximum Turbo 2.6Hz, it uses a low-voltage design, the fuselage power consumption can significantly reduce, but also that its performance may be higher than i5-3210M slightly lower. The ASUS K46C also equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT620M graphics card, 2GB of memory and 500GB hard drive, this configuration are remarkable in both office and entertainment. Engineering prototype of the test machine memory 2G, 4G memory version is sold in the market, other configurations are the same, only to rise performance, Jingdong offer 4599 yuan, the price is very low.

CINEBENCH Maxon launched a cross-platform test system, it uses CPU and GPU test developed for the film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects engine. CINEBENCH R10 CPU performance tests, we used precision by rendering a 3D scene screen test processor, multi-threaded processing processing capacity.

The ASUS K46C using a 14-inch and 4cell ASUS K46C Battery glossy display with 1366 × 768 resolution. Glossy display the colors more colorful, but influenced by light, it is recommended to use in indoor. Body with sunken shaft, the maximum open angle of 160 °, compared with the traditional notebook open angle belongs to a larger class.

The ASUS K46C ultrathin this prove to have the body size and weight and super pole Benxiang match. ASUS K46C body before and after difference is small in size, body size between 22 ~ 23mm, giving the overall feeling is very slim. In body weight, bare metal weight of 2Kg, travel weight of 2.3Kg, very light weight, the 2.3Kg weight of bare metal very uncommon for the average 14-inch notebook.

The ASUS K46C common island chocolate keyboard good button resilience, but the spacebar feel slightly soft, the distance between the keys for easy cleaning. The ASUS K46CM keyboard surface did not set any independent keyboard shortcuts, only a small rectangular power button at the top left of the keyboard, the keyboard backlight design pity.


ASUS K46C fuselage equipped with two USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 interface, an HDMI interface, a headphone jack, and a special interface, look both somewhat like HDMI and some like the SATA interface, but look closely, they feel are not described above interfaces I believe we will have questions, VGA and Ethernet port Where? neither fish nor fowl interface on to explain doubt, it is ASUS K46C slimmer design unique expansion interface the expanding line comes through a random change, expand the VGA and Ethernet ports. ASUS K46C all interface design in the left side of the fuselage The intensive can imagine, when using a USB interface cable plug can barely use both general U disk can not be achieved.

ASUS K46Cm with 44Wh ASUS K46CM Battery touchpad with a one-piece design, simple appearance, compared to the taro purple palm rest, it is lighter in color and convenient distinction. Prone to faulty operation in the actual operation, generally the keypad stretch instead of the left and right mouse buttons, feedback is not strong, not sensitive enough, these are integrated touchpad common problem in the practical aspects better separate touchpad.

For ordinary consumers, the most concerned about is the 2012 launch new fashion personality ASUS K Series  high-end models K56  best embodies its stylish personalization features. Has a the encircling body design, exquisite appearance, comfort and convenience features cleverly wrapped like a precious gift to go hand in hand with you; fresh and elegant two-tone charm, makes the whole computer looks spirits; 5 models unique style models for your choice to meet all kinds of young people's style and preferences; also has a USB shutdown charging function remote gestures, fast wake-up, the number of user-friendly technology.

This time, I received songce is the highest with ASUS K56 of ASUS K Series notebook is equipped with Intel's third-generation Core i7 3612QM processor, 4GB of memory, 750GB hard drive 5400 rpm, is also equipped with Intel GMA HD 4000 and AMD Radeon HD 7670M Dual graphics card, the overall configuration is quite a force, can be considered high-end products in the market. Now let us go to a more detailed look, take a look at this ASUS K56C omnipotent invincible performance!


For a long time ASUS notebook industrial design has a unique aesthetic qualities and style of their products are always able and popular elements closely together. ASUS notebook has a very good product line the existing Z series of high-end business, lightweight portable S, T series, fashion personality K series and other products, each series has a different characteristics and positioning crowd of.

Design, we can see that this brand new ASUS K56C simple and fresh style, its parcel surrounded by design, some bright spots. The machine uses a ceramic white composite material, the edge of the fuselage out to be embellished with light blue lines, making the entire computer charm upgrade instantly attracted to the effect. Metal roof central "ASUS" Logo launch material, particularly eye-catching ceramic white roof. Open ASUS K56C Battery of K56C feel a surge of natural fresh air, you can see the B side with a 15-inch LED LCD backlit screen, the best resolution of 1600 × 900, the screen display is clear and natural, light blue and C surface The two-tone keypad with consistent together with the whole small fresh style.


NVIDIA next-generation Kepler architecture graphics card much attention and welcome once launched, has introduced significant independence ultrathin this undoubtedly surprise performance also gives many players user satisfaction. Through pre actual test we can see, Kepler alone was the performance has a strong lead in the architecture of the previous generation product, based on the new 28nm process technology, graphics lower calorific value, excellent performance and low power consumption .

In the first half of 2012, the students in this and the ultra-thin this comprehensive introduction of Kepler architecture successively equipped with mainstream Nvidia GT 640M, GT 650M and GTX 660M higher order. These graphics performance some gaps, but are able to meet the mainstream games run smoothly. Of course, if you are more than discrete graphics performance still disdain that awaited mobile version of the high-end graphics card GTX 680M will be your ultimate choice. First to only a handful of early adopters GTX 680M models, including the familiar Dell Alienware M18X, the blue sky P150EM and ASUS K56CM of. The monster product has always been to a sturdy game performance with, thus becoming the biggest thing of all players.

Of K56CM and K46C are ASUS's top professional the ultrathin this, we get the paragraph is K56CM, very similar to the aircraft appearance with mold and before the appearance of the K46C, the multiple angular domineering modeling for everyone left a deep impression. Body still black gray and add a simple red lines as auxiliary decorated. Whole work is solid and very thick, cover with a stylish dark gray brushed metal, and the center of the embedded white light-emitting LOGO, the bottom of the keyboard at the same time with the colorful glare lights, open at night is quite cool .

The ASUS K56CM 15.6-inch matte screen, the best resolution of 1920 × 1080. In addition, it also uses a SteelSeries professional keyboard and Dynaudio sound system, the purpose is to bring users more comprehensive experience. It can be seen, these professional-grade equipped for those ultimate players are tailored.

The ASUS K56CM with 4cell ASUS K56CM Battery keyboard design is custom tailored specifically for gamers, overall layout program with SteelSeries joint efforts to carry out in-depth research on a variety of combat game, but also with reference to the habits and opinions of the number of players, the durability of the keyboard rationalization minor adjustments and modifications and ease of use. The inductive arranged ergonomic keyboard designed especially to optimize the key area of ​​the the micromanagement Triangle area, the auxiliary players with the fastest speed implementation Battle.

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