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Over time, the configuration of a new generation of Core Duo processor notebook prices gradually stabilized, i5, version of the ASUS K55D price dropped to 4500 yuan or so, have a strong competitive force in the commercial notebook.


However, recent bestbuy store, this K55D's price plunged to $ 500. It is equipped with Intel Core i5 processor with GT540M graphics, 2GB of memory and 500 hard drive, can be said to be most worthwhile to buy a notebook in less than 4000 yuan. Because no matter the brand or configuration, 4K to see almost no competitors. Of course, such a low price is not anywhere you can purchase to this 3799's ASUS K55D bestbuy exclusive underwriting models, plus meet the conditions of the users can also enjoy 10% of the home appliance trade, great value, Even the editor wants to buy with.


Good we further ado, the next editor from the comfort of appearance, the whole performance, and use three for your full range introduce this for ASUS K55D Let it before you buy a full range of understanding, see look at its advantages, disadvantages and what is.


We tested this ASUS K55D body appearance with a brown roof surface of the fuselage with three-dimensional metal stamping grid texture. This design is not only more beautiful, but also enhances the friction of the body cap, reducing the chance of slipping from the hands of.


ASUS K55D battery, in front of us is a 14-inch glossy display. Bright surface of the screen frame using a similar piano paint. However, according to the experience of editing, this bright border is easy to scratch, the use of more main.

ASUS K series for business people in small and medium-sized enterprises, the notebook to break the appearance of the image of the orthodox business notebook dull stereotype, distinctive design; and accompanying multiple-to-use feature that allows easy and convenient. The ASUS has introduced its new ASUS K55VM different from before the aircraft is equipped with the latest AMD as the • feel the A4 accelerate the processor. K if there are more bright spot, then bring the look and performance evaluation of models which


The price has always been a big advantage of the APU models are equipped with this K55VM is no exception. The products have compared to the general entertainment model has a better safety performance, and also have a distinct advantage in the work and operating experience, usually such as ASUS K55V, less than 4000 yuan a low price it is difficult on this product in the Business appear. Let us work together to take a look at the configuration information of this product form.


The ASUS K55VM K55D using Intel processors in appearance and maintain a consistent, silver-white metal frame and top cover for ASUS Logo is only a decorative element, tough and elegant design style is the classic style of the series of models , and the metal casing ASUS DuraFinish super wear-resistant coating to ensure a higher level of physical security.


In the design of the keyboard, the machine uses a popular full-size island-style keyboard, two function keys in the upper right of the keyboard area, followed by QuickWeb and Wi-Fi shortcuts. For ASUS QuickWeb classic shortcut keys perfect realization of an instant connection, without waiting to start the operating system within 10 seconds will be able to successfully access the Internet, check e-mail, Internet telephony, and many other features that make work to communicate more quickly and easily.


The ASUS K55VM a 16 9 14-inch matte screen, with 6cell ASUS K55VM battery and the trend and a change in demand, 16 to 9 screen ratio has also become the characteristics of the latest generation of business models for user profiles. Compared with the glossy screen entertainment models, the matte screen can better respond to the complex light environment, and give users a better viewing experience.


The machine provides the user with two USB 2.0 ports, two USB3.0 interface, an HDMI interface, a VGA port, 1 RJ45 (network cable) interface, more than one card reader, and 1 set of headphones / microphone jack. From the point of view of practical applications, these interfaces regardless of type or quantity are sufficient to meet the needs of the vast majority of business applications in practical applications.


The ACER Aspire One Series notebook has been by virtue of its good performance and low price, and thus loved by students and other consumer groups focus on cost. 756 series models have been recently launched their 3rd generation product, the new aspire one 756 to switch to the metal roof of the fuselage at the same time, retains the habit of the series of models to the usual high-performance processor for better performance guarantee.


The ACER Aspire One 756 three generations to provide users with two different colors blue, red body, the color of the real machine gorgeous, very suitable for young people to use. The view from its core hardware configuration program, the aircraft should be a in favor of office applications, and have a smooth running game the ability of entry-level products.


Aircraft the B-side screen border part of the effect of class piano with 130W pixel camera is set to the central location of the border on the screen with the voice recorder for microphone array can achieve a good voice and video effects.


The ACER the Aspire One, 756 is the third generation of the 756 series models, the machine top cover with aluminum-magnesium alloy production, compared to most engineering plastics using the laptop more security at the same time benefit from the anodic oxidation process the advantages of the roof also has a highly scratch-resistant wear characteristics.


Evaluation of the prototype model we received for the ACER Aspire One 756 battery, 756 three generations of family models are high with a version of the product, the official price of 700, its configuration, like the blue version priced at $ 690.


Portable but the eternal theme of notebook products for thin and light, in fact, performance is the most talked about topic, as if in power, and performance will always be contradictory on the three-dimensional. In order to achieve low-power thin and light required, it is bound to reduce part of the performance, so thin and light performance is often criticized, mainly because of thin products, such as the popular the Samsung 900X3A, unable to meet the entertainment needs of people of basic office .


As to carry the tripod for positioning the thin market, the ACER Aspire S series notebook has been equipped with its robust hardware, the outstanding details of the body is designed for people praiseworthy. The ultra-slim body with the strong performance of the combination to the user's tremendous expectations. Today we will bring you a taste of the whole new generation of Sony the Aspire S series - the ACER the Aspire the S7's unique charm.


Compared to ACER generation Aspire S7 series notebook, the launch of the S7 both in touch with the design or core components with a more highlights. 13 inches of new products compared to previous generations and lighter models, the body thinner, and with ACER unique multi-functional docking station, ultra-portable and a variety of high-performance application environments to provide users with solutions. Bring the ultimate experience at the same time the official quoted the listing price of 29,999 yuan to allow more users can only watch the original mind sigh, next time, let us together to experience this new look at their actual performance whether it is worthwhile to pay for.

Compared with the previous generation Aspire S7 series, ACER Aspire S7 in touch with the design of a greater improvement. The same is targeting high-end applications, 13.1 inches, the Aspire S7 touch with the angular, the business atmosphere is more dense and the net weight of 1.18kg with less than 17mm slimmer body design. In workmanship and materials, and continued the details of the ACER S series a user-friendly design. The widescreen display uses the latest generation of Bright expensive Li screen, ambient light sensor system can automatically adjust the screen brightness. Resolution to select 1600 × 900 (user-selectable 1920 × 1080) which makes the the S7 notebook screen color saturation of more than 60% (NTSC).


The materials used in the body, the ACER Aspire S7 battery also inherited the S series of luxury, top and bottom with a composite carbon fiber material exciting, so that the whole strength and ductility have been greatly improved. The adoption of the carbon fiber panel also the weight of the machine to be further reduced, greatly enhances the portability of the machine.


The previous generation Aspire S7 series using the integrated aluminum keyboard panel, the overall shape of this Aspire the S7 body is also useful to make the body slimmer, while ensuring the strength. S7 are used in the design of key floating keyboard key way is shorter, the operation feel more rigid. In addition, this S7 additionally also joined the keyboard backlight, keyboard backlight will light up the ambient light sensor is sensitive to the surroundings darken,

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