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According to the officer revealed that Asustek Computer will be released in the near future the new Asus N45J notebook computer, notebook computer will be based on the original ASUS N45 upgrade, and configuration of its appearance, there will be significant changes.

As we all know, before Asus launched a "Jay Special Edition" notebook computer, Asus N45J design inspiration to the self in Jay's new album just released, "exclamation point" in each album will be the first with a Chinese style into several the song, from the appearance Asus N45J with the traditional Chinese "blue and white" have the same purpose.


ASUS N45J Mystic Edition A side with "exclamation point" album style similar to the overall places white notebook, this according to a contemporary sense of graffiti and entertainment design themselves.


Allegedly, Asus N45J notebook will have a larger internal configuration changes will be part of its graphics cards using NVIDIA latest release of GT635M, this card is NVIDIA high-end graphics cards, the other far as I know this is the first market with this section graphics laptop.


3 in NVIDIA's 600M Series of graphics which GT635M with the highest specifications, this graphics card build in the Kepler architecture, this architecture can effectively enhance the graphics performance.


The official who disclosed that ASUS N45J will be listed in the near future, but the price has yet to determine if the interested users can look at the ASUS store, the latest data on this card we will publish them in the ZOL notebook channel.


ASUS N45J Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 56Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  345g
Color: Black or White


Compatible original Battery Code:


Fit machine:
ASUS N45 Series ASUS N45E Series ASUS N45F Series
ASUS N45J Series ASUS N45J Mystic Edition Series ASUS N45JC Series
ASUS N45S Series ASUS N45SF Series ASUS N45SJ Series
ASUS N45SL Series ASUS N45SN Series ASUS N45SV Series


2010 for the notebook manufacturers is undoubtedly an unforgettable year, the increasingly fierce market competition and the impact of new product growth to slow down the laptop, but also the quality of early wake-up call for manufacturers. In 2010 we saw a large number of new technology, but technological innovation in improving the product experience, but also to further expand the homogenization of the notebook to promote brands by price melee combat to grab the market, increasingly thin profit the whole industry chain Circuit has become a vicious circle.

Advantages of low cost for the relatively small size of the domestic brands and brand by the end-term profits and the impact of the most severe price wars in the past year, the market position of these brands has not significantly improved, but also always be alert line risk of squeezing out even swallowed the brand.


The other hand, first-line notebook brand, although market conditions in 2010 is not optimistic, but with plenty of market estimates prepared, most brands have presented a relatively good answer. Lenovo and Acer, especially the two brands, in 2010 the brand and the market value of the synchronous growth, and their marketing strategy formulation and adjustment of a close relationship.


However, from the objective factors, Lenovo and Acer has a very different brand positioning, Lenovo is China's home grown international brand, it has long roots in the ancient roots of the domestic market to be generally well-off channel system, while the people demand and focus of awareness, and allow the company to accurately control the market direction to; while Acer's long-term investment in overseas markets to global multi-brand strategy to obtain significant results, from the Gateway, Packard Bell, eMachine, this year and the second largest brand Founder the depth of cooperation, Acer, after following the European and North American markets began to turn the finger at China, Brazil and other emerging markets. Therefore, the notebook market in 2010, can be considered as local Acer and Lenovo battle.


EMACHINES AS10D31 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 7800mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  410g
Property: EMACHINES Replacement Battery
Color: Black

Compatible original Battery Code:
3ICR19/66-2 934T2078F AS10D
AS10D31 AS10D3E AS10D41
AS10D51 AS10D5E AS10D61
AS10D71 AS10D73 AS10D7E
AS10D75 AS10D81 AS10G31 LC.BTP00.127


Lenovo is China's leading domestic PC brands deserved, this originated in China's enterprises are calculated by the letter "80" - dare to subvert the traditional, but also to implement a concept of the body. Through long-term shaping of brands and channels, so the success of Lenovo China ten million of people into users. In the course of development association, some successful products or to create a classic case of branding, from the "Legend 1 + 1" to "The world is Lenovo's" from the beginning of the current millennium the Internet, "24-hour survival challenge" to reshape the Lenovo brand of courage, think of marketing as many domestic brands in the learning materials but also to the people left behind gossip.


The successful acquisition of IBM Personal Computing Division, Lenovo has started to re-layout of the product, and the Intel Centrino 2 platform, first introduced on the echo ThinkPad / ThinkCenter business product line IdeaPad / IdeaCenter consumer products, the first launch of the IdeaPad Y430 notebook First, from the appearance of similar products to break the monotony of the rounded, dark, glossy design style, bold and aggressive introduction of highly angular visual, texture and orange color cover design; price, IdeaPad Y430 closer and second-tier brand models from the same configuration, so that the product itself cost dramatically; Finally, by virtue of shape "ideas everywhere" concept, so the brand really IdeaPad into public view.


In association with the IdeaPad laptop successfully created a public image after the end of 2009 followed by the second bomb exploding slam - the second generation IdeaPad Y450 and other products with the "small Y" in the image to be jumped on the stage people, a "sturdy small Y "in the younger age groups in the massive widespread. And on it, think again, not only to subvert the first generation design style, but also to advance the configuration captured the hearts of consumers. In the first generation of small Y - IdeaPad Y450 who think the Intel Centrino 2 platform to prepare and NVIDIA GeForce GT 130M graphics card, which broke the mainstream price of laptops is equipped with the concept of entry-level graphics, excellent graphics performance will bring a favorite game and entertainment among younger age groups.


How can accurately grasp what Lenovo needs of target groups? This is not only association of competing products, but also issues of concern to many of the media.


EMACHINES AS10D3E Battery Fit machine:
eMachines D Series 
eMachines D440 Series eMachines D442 Series eMachines D528 Series
eMachines D530 Series eMachines D640 Series eMachines D640G Series
eMachines D642 Series eMachines D728 Series eMachines D730 Series
eMachines D730G Series eMachines D730Z Series eMachines D730ZG Series
eMachines D732 Series eMachines D732G Series eMachines D732Z Series eMachines D732ZG Series  
eMachines E Series 
eMachines E440 Series eMachines E440G Series eMachines E442 Series
eMachines E443 Series eMachines E529 Series eMachines E530 Series
eMachines E640 Series eMachines E640G Series eMachines E642 Series
eMachines E642G Series eMachines E644 Series eMachines E644G Series
eMachines E650 Series eMachines E730 Series eMachines E730G Series
eMachines E732 Series eMachines E732G Series eMachines E732Z Series eMachines E732ZG Series  
eMachines G Series 
eMachines G440 Series eMachines G530 Series eMachines G640 Series
eMachines G640G Series eMachines G730 Series eMachines G730G Series
eMachines G730Z Series eMachines G730ZG Series




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