ASUS N45S N45SF laptop battery replacement ASUS A32-N55 Battery

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ASUS N45S laptop is designed to meet the entertainment only. With the new design of the original N43 Classic with a high specification in this test do not use much CPU INTEL Core i3-2310M enough with all the entertainment. I also like using the NVIDIA GeFoce GT 555M graphics card with support for NVIDIA Optimus can switch to the Intel HD Graphics 3000 is the most outstanding sound system from Bang & Olufsen is a notebook from ASUS service on a regular basis. Comes with speakers, subwoofer separately from the machine. Suemesiyong up to a better level. 640GB hard drive capacity for the memory size of 3GB and a bit strange but it may still not much. Because the test is an Engineering Sample is because I believe that the key specifications of the actual distribution is probably not much different from this.


ASUS A32-N55 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 56Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  345g
Color: Black or White


Asus N45s White also held that the Notebook is designed in a format that is easy to see Maria's on the convex edge of the casing is silver with a white body perfectly. Notebook computers with 14-inch door is designed with beautiful patterns. Ideal for girls who want a very nice Notebook. The design is simple yet elegant, with a subwoofer, the Asus can get it wired to the outside as well.


The computer user may be confused at first symptoms, it is possible. Because the separation into the two key dimensions to my own, I tested it by Asus has made a key to enter the music into Windows without using the button on the top left hand corner. And the button will turn the corner on the right side as well.


Keyboard The keyboard is wide enough to see it. The hand is quite easy to use. But in one of the key observations that Designed to squeeze the button to close the print job may not be as much a part of the Touch Pad and white (with black, so long).

The program CPU Z description of the Hardware of the machine by Asus N45s using CPU Intel Core i-3 (2310M) at 2.1 GHz the memory is DDR III memory to 3 GB of graphics has been sorted out. a system with two chips of the Intel HD Graphic and NVIDIA GT555M VRAM 1 GB is known to use graphics for real.


 The testing machine Asus N45s, this is known as the specs a little, but is doing well with the CPU Intel Core-i3 (2310M) at 2.1 GHz with memory DDR III Size 3 GB with. NVIDIA GT555M graphics chip comes with 1 GB VRAM DDRIII size of the test is how we see the following test.


ASUS N45S battery Compatible original Battery Code:


GPU-Z shows the performance of the graphics chip on the Asus N45s with NVIDIA Geforce GT555M graphics chips and graphics chips compatible with Intel HD Graphic on battery power from the computer world.


One more test programs that measure the performance of both GPU and CPU with CINEBENCH 11.5 points out of the test. In summary, the following OPEN GL 26.00 Fps a CPU score of 2.01 Pts to compare the conclusions of the OPEN GL and CPU scores in the details ...


Test the performance of the HDD in the machine that is a little different. The testing of the HD Tune program estimates that the average reading of 58.1 MB / s | Minimum 0.9 MB / s | a super fast 85.5 MB / s.


In the heat of the test. I perform the test print your CPU using everestultimate530. The heat and the stability of the CPU by using time-tested for 10 minutes, the heat of the CPU while Full is 67 degrees (do not heat as much ...) by the end of Saturday Moi start will be at 46 degrees is considered. the CPU is running quite comfortably ^.


Test the batteries to use. That will be used in Full battery can be used much longer. The event is known as a 6 Cell battery takes two hours more comfortable and relaxed.


ASUS N45SF battery Fit machine:
ASUS N45 Series ASUS N45E Series ASUS N45S Series
ASUS N45SF Series ASUS N45SL Series
ASUS N55 Series ASUS N55E Series ASUS N55S Series
ASUS N55SF Series ASUS N55SL Series


KEYBOARD etc. They are relatively large and each button makes it easy to contact. Justify the adjacent lot. The arrangement of the multimedia keys are integrated with the keyboard at all. Which are ordered in the right hand side. Normally the key of the keyboard, so there is a slight difference from the norm is. Many times the symptoms were used to press the button to hit another button and it is often a problem for those who touch it. In terms of aesthetics is not to deny that it looks very good.

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