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Use the laptop to play the game has not been optimistic about the graphics card is not to force, easy, fever, body, smaller screen gaming experience on the shortcomings. Even so, there are still a lot of vendors committed to delivering a variety of high-end gaming, like Alienware (alien), Leibo, and today we want to introduce the ASUS. Its configuration is very luxurious, and graphics with NV GTX 675M discrete graphics configuration close to the top, there we can play to the game it is clouds, See the following detailed evaluation.


The ASUS N46VJ, from the appearance looks very high-end look, has the atmosphere, tough design style, cover the use of composite materials, and has a drawing effect textures, the center of the ASUS logo design is very prominent in the boot after The logo can also emit light. The edge of the roof with a high strength plastic material, play a protective effect on the laptop screen.


ASUS N46VJ 14 inch matte anti-glare light display, with 6cell ASUS N46VJ Battery, with 1920 × 1080 full HD resolution, matte screen outdoors normal use, do not worry about the reflection of the lights, however, the brightness may slightly affect. ASUS N46VJ using a vertical shaft, the largest body can open and close to 180 °, very flexible, relatively heavy roof, one hand to open the top cover may be a little more difficult for women.


Users of smart phones is a severe, often using mobile phones brush microblogging, watching the news, reading books, watching video, e-mail, chat the Lync and micro letter and so on. The result is often less than 15% of the rest of the power of the phone after work. In order to ensure the the still normal entertainment after work, I often have to charge their cell phones. This is a process full of pain: every time I just put the phone plug in the charger, a phone call came, I had to unplug the power to answer the phone, take calls even thinking about then connect the power of. - You have to remind myself not forget to plug it back in more than just answer the phone, all you need to take up the phone scene, such as back SMS, go to the conference room, down the stairs to take a express way, swipe microblogging . Even in the case of my own almost forced into obsessive-compulsive disorder, many times I still forget (or too lazy) to go to the phone plug in the power supply. Holding a cell phone entertainment after work, often becomes a real luxury.

This stability-oriented business, and this seems to have not then changed the concept. Business people are often the choice of notebook also happens to care about stability first, followed by the performance. Commercial to meet the special qualities of this we have seen many of ASUS's N Series series can be said to be very classic commercial in this series.Before we review the ATG the ASUS N Series N56V and N56VJ with ASUS N56VJ Battery version of the three anti-this, the quality of the N Series series of business this is worth recognition, which is nothing more than full use of materials, workmanship solid of features.


N Series notebooks are further promote the application of the crowd of notebook to broader areas, including medical care, research, and even the military, and so companies are outside the original main industry (education, finance, information, government) N Series The products and services of the object. Notebook now have two N Series KN Series EN Series, KN ​​series relatively more high-end, has a carbon fiber skin shell, can support maximum 8GB DDR3 1600 memory, and can be equipped with mSATA 16GB SSD, built-in Intel wireless card, Widi technology, built-in professional-grade NVIDIA NVS5400M 128 alone significantly, Bluetooth 4.0 with APS hard drive protection technology, screen protective rubber ring.


N76VJ different from the previous generation, not only in appearance has become more restrained and sedate the. Configuration substantially upgraded, full commissioning the third generation ivyBridgeN series processor with 7N series PCH performance gains while in power control, have raised expansion capability. N76VJ with K47A old and new generations platform upgrade: ASUSN series notebook designs simple and tough, all-black body gives the feeling of a mature, with a hint of ThinkPad shadow, especially the roof design carbon fiber + class skin coating is very upscale.

N series is not equipped with a roll cage, but the roof work N76VJ with ASUS N76VJ Battery materials remain outstanding, the use of carbon fiber material, surface class skin coating, we hand press hard on its roof, the roof of the deformation is small, on the screen to play a very good protection.


Allegedly PowerKiss has more than 130 locations in Europe deployed more than 1000 wireless charging point and hope the number of wireless charging point can be increased to more than 2000 in the Lumia 920 is offered for sale. For the business, perhaps the cost of deploying wireless charging slightly higher than the Wi-Fi network, but when Guilin Mi Fendian see me downstairs to write "free wireless Internet" paper affixed to door to solicit business, I I believe that wireless charging and reality is perhaps not so far distance. Of course, this still requires the efforts of the entire ecosystem.


I do not want to say that wireless charging is the well-being of each smart phone user. If you are not a smart phone heavy users, if you can get used to the phone plugged in charging, if you always have a spare battery (or charging Po) did not forget to put in the bag and run out after thinking about timely charge If you most of the time are not in the room, if you have a lot of block time dedicated to charging, wireless charging does not meaning you.


ASUS may be regarded as a "monster" in the 14-inch notebook, which, configure a strong gaming notebook, in order to better use and thermal performance, and often will be relatively thick body design, this the ASUS N56D body bare metal weight of 3.5kg. with 6cell ASUS N56D Battery travel weight more than 4.5Kg, the thickness of the fuselage between 4-5cm. The backpack back then is not a small burden, portable performance is poor, not suitable for portable use.


Wireless charging only make you less deliberately charging a little more than enjoy the use. You still need a "forced into the wall" device to enjoy this simple and convenient. Similarly, the wall had, Apple the Lightning interface so that consumers do not need to distinguish between positive and negative can be plugged in to charge the phone, Nokia's wireless charging consumers only need to put down the phone can be charged. Hey, Phil, can you tell me which is more trouble you?

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