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Buy notebook among the crowd to be a small survey, I would like their answers, there is no lack of entertainment options, audio and video entertainment in the home user which is the primary choice, and some of them will be the gaming performance of the notebook higher requirements. Shows that the entertainment has become an important factor to consider when people buy notebook, followed by notebook hardware has improved, discrete graphics to complete the games and 3D applications, and thus also the notebook storage space, as well as external devices to higher demands.


The testing room to give us today the ASUS N46, not only to meet the application requirements of most people, but also to provide better functional experience. The N46VM 2nd generation Intel Core i5-2410M dual-core processor, the NVIDIA GeForce GT555M graphics, 4GB of DDR3 memory and 640GB hard drive, built-in Bang & Olufsen ICEpower certified speaker, together with the the SonicMaster external subwoofer can have the shocking video, music and gaming effects, USB charger + rechargeable function allows N46V emergency charge external device in the shutdown case, the magic two seconds boot and 15 days long standby maximum extent possible to improve office efficiency. Next we look at its specific performance.


ASUS the N46V the shell black piano paint materials, simple and beautiful, polished metal frame design letting N46V becoming fortitude, and this hardness and softness of the design concept fits well with the characteristics of the N46V itself.


Asus N46V keyboard with a silver plastic material feels good to use matte processing keys, the color processing makes the long strip of the keyboard and the top of the speaker and well integrated into a whole. In order to make the N46V the video experience more perfect, specially at the far left of the keyboard to add a vertical multi-media player key, this design be a bit confusing for people accustomed to the general keyboard, I fully understood.


ASUS N46VM Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 56Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  345g
Color: Black or White


Asus N46V certified speakers using Bang & Olufsen ICEpower sound superior results to other aircraft applications ASUS and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower developed SonicMaster technology, coupled with external SonicMaster subwoofer to make the whole speaker effect unparalleled. Asus N46V always reflect the streamlined design, the speaker surface is covered with a layer of aluminum, aluminum above the hole is axisymmetric design, the details can be seen, the whole design very carefully.


Order to maintain the overall linear flow of the machine, the Asus N46VZ touchpad and palm rest is designed as an integrated touchpad area, only two lines to draw, this design makes touch to look very simple, but in actual use, you can feel the response of the touchpad and buttons are relatively good, a matte deal with the palm rest has a better comfort.

Asus N46V screen with 16:9 aspect ratio 14-inch 1366 × 768 resolution display, but in with the GT555M machine this resolution display is not very much to the force, can not maximize the power of graphics cards.


On the market now notebook, ASUS N46V the bottom of the black matte surface, and at the same time to ensure beautiful, but also improved the practicality and wear resistance of the notebook. N46V is no design at the bottom cooling fan, all the heat is concentrated in a left at the fan, this design can achieve a good cooling effect? Behind will explain in detail.


ASUS N46VZ Battery Fit machine:
ASUS N46 Series
ASUS N46V Series ASUS N46VM Series ASUS N46VZ Series


A true multimedia and gaming laptop is usually not able to mention a good battery life, because of the high-end specifications and high-power components will seriously reduce battery life. ASUS-N76V the endurance test, we use Windows7 comes with power management configuration, the laptop is set to "balanced mode" and adjust the screen brightness to 70%, open wireless, refresh the page every 60 seconds.


Final test of the life time of approximately 5 hours and 22 minutes, even more than most of the same type of notebook 3 to 3.5 hours battery life for gaming notebook Asus N76V, a 14-inch configuration, so endurance performance or acceptable.


Asus N76VM exclamation point shadow Tibet look and feel great features, such as mosaic chic exclamation point button, then the distribution of an exclamation point in the album, as well as autographed Jay elements and ocean fresh style, not only for fans of great allure , but also attract a lot of women love fashion fresh appearance of the notebook user concerns.


Asus N76V exclamation point shadow Tibetan version as a flagship high-end audio and video entertainment notebook products take the lead in the NVIDIA the Geforce GT635M graphics card, and therefore get a very good graphics performance, but by the world's top audio-visual brand B, & O ICEPower certification of SonicMaster "bel canto master sound system and the new Sonic the Master the Premium sound optimization technology, it has an unparalleled high-quality audio experience, so let it come to the fore in the notebook in its class, is definitely those who want to get the best video gaming experience users good choice.


ASUS N76VM Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
A31-N56 A32-N56 A33-N56


With the development of laptop computers from the beginning of luxury gradually toward the close the notebook function toward the field of multimedia entertainment tools products from the initial development, and the notebook is divided into different groups business and entertainment-type two series. Today we'll talk about entertainment notebook. AV notebook is definitely entertainment products on behalf of his to provide users with rich multimedia features, users also its powerful gaming experience more. Staff today to introduce a known "extreme audio and video incomparable" laptop - Asus N76V.


Asus N76V built-in Bang & Olufsen ICEpower certified speaker, and with the SonicMaster external subwoofer allows us to experience the super shock Audio and configuration Intel Core i5,-2410m and the NVIDIA GeForce GT555M alone significantly with further 4GB DDR3 memory, 640GB hard drive added, provides users with a superior gaming experience, is definitely one of the representatives of the optimal characteristics of the entertainment notebook.

Asus N76VZ is a popular paint designs, gorgeous fashion, super-fashion sense and gives a remarkable and simple temperament. A surface in addition to the ASUS "ASUS" LOGO no other decoration, but it seems the body slightly thicker.


In addition, we see the Asus N76V in the whole body, joined the circle of polished metal edging, gorgeous feeling, perhaps we should feel the slightest stable, can be described as hardness with softness.


Is this machine's speaker locations in the C surface above the keyboard, speaker of the metal through the top of the C surface, the entire section ASUS N76V looks grade extraordinary, and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower certified speaker, the speaker sound outstanding, another Asus the N76V applied ASUS and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower developed SonicMaster technology, coupled with an external subwoofer, so the whole speaker effect is simply impeccable.

ASUS N76VZ Battery Fit machine:
ASUS N46 Series
ASUS N46V Series ASUS N46VM Series ASUS N46VZ Series


Open the ASUS N76V presented in front of us is a piece of 17-inch 16:9 ratio LED backlit display, I feel very luxurious, the maximum resolution of 1366x768, the picture effect full, excellent visual effects also has a strong impact, it is a very good experience to watch HD movies, in the middle of the screen is the location of the camera, this Asus N76V sunken shaft design, therefore the biggest open heterozygosity of the screen 135 degrees.

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