ASUS N53SM N53D battery VS ASUS X5MJ X5MS battery

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The most convenient Windows software that is optimized master, in addition to delete temporary files, there are many refinements to the computer's functions, regular use of their clean up and optimize your computer, you can better maintain the notebook's performance.

In addition to these, to modify Windows's own options, use the Windows built-in disk defragmentation, will play a certain amount of results, the following is a disk defragmentation method, the attachment option in the Start menu, click System Tools, Disk Defragmenter to enter program will automatically click into action.

If the above method is not very effective, users can also consider re-install the system, but the installation should pay attention to back up their important documents and computer drivers.

Noise, use some warm, often appear to restart as the status, which is the thermal performance of your notebook to bring a warning, then the best way is cleaning.


Cleaning is relatively simple, if your laptop is still under warranty, you can find customer service to clean up, in fact, some laptops themselves can be simple clean-up, Here are some typical notebook cleaning method:


The first is relatively simple: the back of the class will have a notebook for fast removal of the baffle, locate and remove, we can see the simple internal structure and layout of the main thermal area, mainly to clean up the fan site.


9cell ASUS N53SM Battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 11.25V
Capacity: 7800mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  423g
Size: 203.55 x 67.74 x 21.41 mm
Color: Black


Notebook products has now become a more common consumer electronics products, as people have been using the laptop a few, and some users are now using a laptop is often some slow, too noisy, overheating and other body problems, how can get your notebook is out of these "trouble" mean? then I will introduce a few simple solutions.
 Want to solve the problem, first thing to do is understand the problem, now the main factors affecting laptop is running the following three aspects:


 1 for a long time using the system disk is invalid, too much junk files, read the time-consuming. As a general use laptop operating system is Windows, because some of the features of the operating system, file processing, browsing the web will always produce some unwanted cache files, over time, taking up too much disk space the system, thereby affected the entire system run more efficiently.


 (2) after prolonged use excessive accumulation of dust inside the fuselage, resulting in thermal performance. Portability of notebook computers is the most prominent feature, but because of the fuselage space is too tight, heat is often poor notebook shortcomings, after prolonged use when the fan outlet and the site will certainly be a lot of dust accumulation, resulting in performance degradation caused by heat internal heat is too high, the processor will overheat and the reduced frequency, nature and performance will decrease.

 3 body problem of the internal life of the device. As the laptop is a consumer electronics product, constitute its internal life of electronic devices are used, normal wear and tear is inevitable, to 3-5 years for the general use of the notebook, device aging will affect the overall performance will naturally affect the overall performance.

 These effects by introducing the speed of the laptop, I think you should have a preliminary understanding of what happened next is enough to effectively address these problems.

Reasons to retain the temporary file system, there may be many: For the general procedure, it may be installed into the half, due to human factors or unexpected things that lead to disruption, similar to the virtual drive software requirements for the class to restart, restart the system when the program itself collapse; and for IE, in the hard drive to save the page cache, visit the same site after time, IE does not have to download the relevant pages from a remote resource, and so on.


ASUS X5MS battery Compatible original Battery Code:
15G10N373800 90-NED1B2100Y 90-NWF1B2000Y
A32-M50 A32-N61 A32-X64
A33-M50 L062066 L072051 L0790C6


These temporary files are stored mainly in C: Windows \ Temp, click Run, type% temp% can also open, which kept most of the files are hidden files, as stored in the system tray, so be careful when removed, do not cause unnecessary trouble. Here I recommend some simple third-party software for processing.


Some notebook manufacturers remove them is not very simple, although the second notebook can be removed, but the main cooling unit is invisible, it needs to remove all the screws back after removal from the keyboard surface cleaning, and if so then it is recommended that the maintenance user to specify the location for repairs, this is more secure.
The last category is that the back is completely closed, you need the entire demolition, suggest that you go to the designated service location cleaning.3 years using the notebook also has basically completed its mission, hardware damage is inevitable, and then we had better replacement of the new notebook.


 As the hardware side, there is a way to improve the overall speed of laptop, notebook running our major waste of time to read the data on the hard disk, and CPU processing and memory for data processing time is very short, so in order to enhance the overall performance of the notebook's hardware, then use the SSD solid state drive is a good choice, but its high price, if your computer is too old or not too much of the budget, then it is recommended not to replace

 Summary: For laptop users, now, more or less confronted with the question above notebook running, if it is some small problems, then, can be resolved by the user, usually in the best time to use their own laptop more attention to maintenance, use some third-party software to do more maintenance on things, so you can ensure your notebook in a certain period of time a good run.


KVM remote maintenance deployment of significance, not only is using a laptop computer can solve the office staff are no longer problems, this technology can also effectively reduce the branch office IT maintenance personnel number, lower costs. Remote maintenance and because this is the need for prior permission for the deployment of notebook computers, so some special department for the company, the crowd of computer maintenance personnel can be developed, it can guarantee the security of data.

ASUS N53D battery Fit machine:
ASUS N53 Series(All)
ASUS N53D Series ASUS N53DA Series ASUS N53E Series
ASUS N53F Series ASUS N53J Series ASUS N53JC Series
ASUS N53JE Series ASUS N53JF Series ASUS N53JG Series
ASUS N53JH Series ASUS N53JL Series ASUS N53JN Series
ASUS N53JQ Series ASUS N53JR Series ASUS N53JT Series
ASUS N53JV Series ASUS N53JX Series ASUS N53N Series
ASUS N53S Series ASUS N53SD Series ASUS N53SL Series
ASUS N53SM Series ASUS N53SN Series ASUS N53SQ Series
ASUS N53SV Series ASUS N53T Series ASUS N53TA Series
ASUS N53V Series


Today, for many companies employees: work in the station opened on the desktop, shut down work, home can not send and receive mail; meeting only with a notebook and pen to take notes; and the boss said, do not have a computer so can not be corrected report and various circumstances have ceased to exist. More and more companies do not provide their employees with a fixed office place, because as wireless networks, 3G networks, network storage, office and other online technology, employees can be anywhere in the company, or companies do not just open the notebook computer network can log in to complete the work, and even the team's collaborative office.


2009 laptop, after the company has gradually become the main office of the terminal equipment. Notebook computers to improve work efficiency, saving office space, breaking the space constraints, but also because of its removable feature also security maintenance for businesses to bring new challenges. Face new challenges, Intel as the world leader in IT technology, gives the most powerful solution: the fifth generation of vPro vPro technology. In the configuration of the new second-generation intelligent Intel Core processor (SNB platform), the fifth generation of vPro technology will be active defense, remote control, automatic deployment of security upgrades and other maintenance functions for the company to play to new heights.


Since the staff are equipped with laptop computers, and the abolition of certain fixed-position, then we can not guarantee that employees will be honest in the computer desk. So for IT maintenance staff, how to complete these no longer the same space of laptop security management?


The fifth generation of vPro technology provides KVM remote management capabilities allow IT maintenance personnel do not have to consider the need to maintain the space where the laptop, just connect the laptop to the network, then the IT staff can maintain their own desk in a graphical interface to complete the maintenance operation of notebook computers.


The biggest advantage of this feature is not the laptop is running under normal routine maintenance, the key can be solved when people are in the field and the laptop there is a problem. In the past these cases, often the IT maintenance staff by phone to direct staff to solve the problem, of course, this approach is very low chance of success. The application of KVM function, employees are in the field notebook simply connect to the Internet line, have not even boot, IT maintenance personnel can still go for remote maintenance.


ASUS X5MJ battery Fit machine:
ASUS X5M Series(All)
ASUS X5MD Series ASUS X5MDA Series ASUS X5ME Series
ASUS X5MF Series ASUS X5MJ Series ASUS X5MJC Series
ASUS X5MJV Series ASUS X5MJX Series ASUS X5MN Series
ASUS X5MS Series ASUS X5MSD Series ASUS X5MSL Series
ASUS X5MSV Series ASUS X5MT Series ASUS X5MTA Series
ASUS X5MV Series

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