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After a period of time, we test to see through the above core temperature, ASUS core temperatures are above 80 ℃, higher heat than hardware, cooling efficiency in general. Let's look at its surface temperature in the end how? By thermal imager test we see that most of the calories are concentrated keyboard aircraft left position, the palm rest and keyboard area on the right lower temperature than the body temperature, the temperature is only slightly higher than the temperature of the left-hand position, so the overall experience is quite good. Furthermore, the heat concentrated in the bottom of the machine the outlet temperature is not very high.
Next we look at the performance of ASUS hardware exactly how? I believe this is the point we are most concerned about. First, this machine is equipped with a high-performance Intel Core i7 4700MQ processor, equipped with 8GB DDR3-1600MHz memory, and 1TB mechanical hard drive, graphics are powered by Intel HD 4600 Core Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics card, the overall performance balanced, computing speed and graphics performance are guaranteed. Here, we take a look through routine testing the actual performance of ASUS's exactly how?


On the whole , EasyNoteTE with PACKARD BELL AL12A32 Battery quite satisfactory performance , it does not add a lot of fancy features , is an ordinary laptop, its performance fully meet the needs of ordinary users work and play , the more complete interface settings , the price of 4999 yuan has not expensive for modest budget users, when buying a notebook is a very valuable reference models.
IdeaPad Flex 14D as a deformation of the product , and not as in the interface area has a rich peripheral interfaces like a traditional laptop , but it is also no need to worry , though much their own interfaces, but relatively reasonable , but also can add Onelink docking station .


In the material body , PACKARD BELLEasy Note TE Series fuselage underside of the plastic material, cover with metal to create surface texture with horizontal brushed dark gray color looks great sense of technology . PACKARD BELLEasy Note TE has 4cell PACKARD BELL EasyNote TE Battery and a touch screen and non- touch screen versions, a non- touch-screen version of the test , with 14.0 inches 1366 × 768 resolution glossy display , the overall display and mainstream notebook at the same level , no special prominent place, fully meet the needs of everyday use .

Tablet mode , which is the latest form of us finally ! Deformation of the product in mind ! Believe we all know , in recent years, tablet PCs respected , it is also a result, it appears the PC tablet combo products . In tablet form, you can enjoy the experience a touch of fun to the game experience hearty ! Aluminum metal body, set in a light and sturdy , anodized aluminum technology will enhance the hardness of the shell to the extreme , creating a superior quality IdeaPad Flex 14D, Flex classic black styling, with a combination of innovative technology , four modes heart flipped , the achievements of this dazzling IdeaPad Flex 14D.


Ten-point touch Full HD display , IPS display , a wider viewing angle , while up to 400 nits of brightness , as you indoors or in dim glare of the world outside , can bring the most clear display . Innovative breathing keyboard design, so Lenovo Flex had no traces of ills , with flip screen , keyboard like breathing, rises, and the keyboard flat, while key lock , ergonomic design , unprecedented use of experience.


CINEBENCH is a recognized benchmark software , system performance testing in most of the mainstream media at home and abroad can be seen in its presence . It uses the company's film and television industry , Cinema 4D special effects engine , you can test the CPU and graphics performance . Wherein the single -core and multi -core test pieces score is calculated separately , in addition, it also provides a test OpenGL . The latest version of the current version of Cinebench is R11.55 compared Cinebench R10 version , the new version of the system is more demanding , and the scoring criteria has also been some changes , but also joined the performance score comparison between the platform and the different platforms currently feature that allows you to clearly understand the current platform performance grades .


Key way TOSHIBA TECRA W50-A with 6cell TOSHIBA TECRA W50-A Battery and longer press is very comfortable, each key is very strong, very upscale kind of texture, a lot of people 's first impression of the notebook are from the keyboard , the keyboard can be judged from this notebook grade. You can see on the right side of the keyboard numeric keypad , large-size notebook is equipped with a numeric keypad as it should be .


Body thickness of 18.8mm , 1.58Kg weight of such a distortion of this , it is best described as slim . The new fourth-generation Intel Core processor and HD4400 graphics card with Core , lead to higher performance. 8 -cell battery brings long life time , all day waiting for the user .


From CPU-Z tool to test , we can see basic information AMD APU A10-5750M processor , we can see that the processor is based on 32nm process technology , the four nuclear power plant thread purely physical initial clocked at 2.5GHz, two level cache to 2MB, codenamed Richland. To ensure that the next generation of APU between CPU and GPU both work together to balance the performance between the CPU and the GPU , make work more efficient. Overall TDP of 35W, visible on the new generation of APU power performance is still excellent .


Overall, the ASUS P450C with 4cell ASUS P450C Battery as a 15-inch notebook in terms of weight and thickness has been quite good , but due to the volume with weight restrictions , or some pressure to carry around , so obediently back shoulder computer bag. First, let's look at the basic information used : AMD A10-5750M processor , 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive capacity , was built in HD 8650G graphics and HD 8670 Crossfire dual graphics alone significantly .

CINEBENCH series of test tools mainly on processor graphics rendering performance , not only for a comprehensive single-core processing performance considerations, but also for multi- core , multi-threaded performance showcase for evaluation. In the test Core i7-4930XM monocytes score of 7172 points, compared to the previous generation of Intel Core i7-3920XM 6515 points to increase by 10% , the results of multi-core Core i7-4930XM get 27,581 points, increase rate of 9.2 %.


Appearance , TOSHIBA Portege R30-A with TOSHIBA Portege R30-A Battery all- metal design, the top part is an excellent hardness of aluminum-magnesium alloy , the surface of a metal wire drawing process is different from other models , it is very upscale , feels cool texture passed directly to fingertips, black metal lid , slightly deflected to the blue , it is not so monotonous. In addition to the top part of a TOSHIBA TECRA W50-A custom Logo is no longer any frills , it is extremely simple and flat .

Processor performance seen after the fact, test scores fall finale of Haswell 's core graphics performance above . For mobile processor , the Core Graphics performance improvement deeper meaning . But also to improve overall graphics performance notebook , the major advances in reducing power consumption characteristics . Haswell exposure focus on core graphics part of this test Fengyun Core i7-4930XM uses HD 4600 graphics card, while the previous generation Core processor core graphics model is HD 4000, HD 4600 then the final performance on how many upgraded?

So overall, Asus P450C with 4cell ASUS P450CA Battery can be used to focus the majority of our daily interfaces , scalability on the fuselage has a very good performance. When I got the ASUS P450C than the thin , although a 15-inch notebook , but not the kind of heavy feeling , but it 's thin body exactly what we measure the use of professional tools.

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