ASUS P45A P45V P45VJ Battery vs LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E431 E531 Battery

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In order to test the ASUS the P45V this business this endurance test software we choose PowerMark, and PCMark, 3DMark, also developed by FutureMark company launched. It will continuously loop to run a set of test scripts, including four common applications: Internet browsing, word processing, video playback, 3D games, as close as possible to the actual use of the vast majority of users.


Taking into account that usually need to extend the life of the notebook would power management settings for power saving mode, so before testing is also true setting, while prohibiting the notebook to reduce the brightness automatically after a certain period of time, turn off the screen backlight is prohibited, prohibit automatic sleep. At the same time, we let the WiFi maintained in the open state, to simulate the user's actual use state.


Adjust the power supply to the power-saving mode after a period of testing, the end result is 3 hours and 26 minutes, shows that, compared with the high-performance alone significantly Asus Business laptop with ASUS P45VJ Battery this endurance compared UX31 or a certain distance, but the aircraft, after all, is equipped with high-performance graphics card, this life scores or acceptable. Asus the P45V with GT 645M discrete graphics are good, low-voltage processors, with IVB platform performance gaming experience. If the price is really like as learned less than 8,000 yuan, and that we have reason to believe that this business this is worthy of recommendation. This business this brings us to some of the changes that we can see, as the business of the distribution in the high-end with significant independence. Future market similar with the business of the products will be more and more, which will become the mainstream.


In the hardware configuration, the evaluation of this Asus P45V with the 22nm process technology of Intel Cool Core i5 3317U dual-core low-voltage processor, equipped with Intel HM76 chip group, configure the Hitachi 750G hard drive and 24GB SSD solid-state hard drive, and a single 4GB DDR3 1600MHz speed memory, graphics cards, the model uses the processor comes with Intel HD 4000 Core Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce GT 645M graphics card. Intel Core i5 3317U is a brand new the IVB platform low-voltage processor, has 2 core and Hyper-Threading technology support to four threads. The processor is based on 22nm process technology, codenamed Ivy Bridge, initial clocked at 1.7GHz, shared L3 cache is 3MB, the overall TDP of 17W. Next, we use the software CINEBENCH R10 evaluate its performance, the final 4399 points Fengyun Core i5 3317U processor single-core, multi-core to get 9212 points, outstanding performance.


Graphics cards Lenovo E531 with LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E531 Battery using Kepler architecture graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce GT 645M, the graphics using 28nm process technology, has a capacity of 1GB GDDR5 memory, 128bit memory interface, 384 stream processors. To make a more intuitive understanding of this P45V graphics performance through 3DMark Vantage its graphics performance assessment, final GPU portion 25,670 points, there is still a gap with the same product line GT 650M.

Notebook circle is very lively in the first half have not been favorable for the business of the universal coverage, followed by the "mixed" and "cross-border" These two words seem to immediately refresh everyone's horizons. Business this is to break the user experience hard means Windows 8 is more like to a traditional notebook to enhance the internal forces boosters.


Windows 8 officially released, we've seen PC makers launched a series of breakthroughs the traditional deformation laptop products, either separate, flip, rotate or today to introduce The ASUS p series and ASUS P45V Battery, dual-, there is a The common point is to take advantage of the Windows 8 tactile function Tablet PC closely combine. Under the influence of the different modes of use, the user also began found the original in our day-to-day work of surprising there is such a breakdown of the use.

The 13.3 inches TAICHI, compared to the previously launched appearance configuration and there is no significant difference between the main body size is more suitable for the carrying out of office. The whole weight relative performance in general, but the dual-screen combination tablet mode can take into account the vast majority of use a day operation to the user. It should be said, Asus TAICHI 21 biggest selling points is small and the Almighty, the current minimum price of 10,988 yuan.


Fact, Asus TAICHI 21 appearance is basically the first to see before and we 13.3 inches TAICHI without much difference, just the size of many small, 11.6-inch body decided this TAICHI 21 is more suitable for use to carry out. The machine is still dressed in black, and the details of the workmanship is very solid body shape to maintain the style of the Asus business of the wedge, keyboard and D surfaces are made of all-metal material, the front and rear screens fit tightly, by virtue of the middle layer metal frame makes the whole The superstructure is heavy and solid. Hardware configuration, the the 11.6 inches lenovo E431 with LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E431 Battery Core i5-3317U low-voltage processor, clocked at 1.7GHz Turbo boost can be upgraded to 2.6GHz, 4GB onboard DDR3 1600MHz configured SSD 256GB chip processor built-in HD Graphics 4000 Core Graphics, battery 35WH (4800mAh). In addition to built-in gyroscope, gravity sensor, compass and ambient light sensor. Comprehensive look the Asus TAICHI 21 hardware configuration has very comprehensive to meet the office can also be used as a Tablet PC.


Screen configuration ASUS TAICHI 21 biggest bright spot, before ASUS has launched the world's first with IPS the glare Guangping business this UX32VD this TAICHI 21 has two IPS Full HD display screen with a resolution of all 1920 × 1080, and the back screen the to support capacitance can touch. The greatest advantage of the IPS screen for the viewer is to enhance the visual experience, the screen color pure natural 700:1 contrast ratio, smooth and clear picture expand the viewing angle of 178 degrees, covering 72% of the color gamut. Whether watching HD video or handle high-definition picture, more realistic compared to the traditional screen.


The notebook A in the traditional sense of the surface is one piece capacitive touch screen is covered by a wide border more conducive Windows 8 finger sidebar slide space. The Windows Home key did not use physical buttons, but embedded in the inside of the screen is even more refreshing touch sensor design, intuitive feelings screen also does not affect the adhesion to the screen with the fuselage. Home button is placed in a central position at the border of the screen, the button will automatically close the screen lights up, configure the white lights on the bottom to help users nighttime navigation. Full HD IPS touch screen and PANASONIC CF-VZSU58U Battery support ten-point touch technology, smooth sliding feel inadequate is easy to leave fingerprints, and take care of the need to wash. Body embedded sensing gyro means tablet mode is used can be freely rotated. TAICHI 21 shaft mid sunken design damping force control, one-handed opening and closing of the screen is not a problem, the maximum opening angle of 150 °.


Keyboard draws Asus classic P series business this chocolate-layout style is simple and practical feel good key-way medium, and the keycap structure with a Perfect-Stroke system to ensure that the user can get a better typing experience. The uniform of the keyboard surface not design any shortcut keys, most of the functions are integrated on the top of the F1-F12 key combination.


F12 key, the right of a new function keys have attracted the attention of the author, understand While this button alone for ASUS TAICHI series design and ASUS P45A Battery, the main purpose is to achieve a switching function between the two screens. Continuous Click the button to switch the order of the four modes in notebook mode and tablet mode, mirror mode and dual display. After pulling the left side of the fuselage flat screen lock button, the software will automatically shielded three modes, you can only use in notebook mode

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