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ASUS X452 most of the interface are placed in the left side of the fuselage , the interface spacing is fairly reasonable, but somewhat close to the USB interface , using two smaller U-disk does not appear inconvenient situation. ASUS X452 fuselage D with A plane surface using different black ABS plastic body with silver to form a very sharp color contrast . Also, the machine uses a removable battery , battery replacement for the future maintenance convenient .

Before evaluating the performance of the machine , take a look at the machine's hardware configuration. Equipped with Intel Core i7-4702MQ fourth-generation processor , CPU clocked at 2.2GHz, Core frequency up to 3.2GHz, integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics core . 8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM , 1TB HDD × 2 +24 GB SSD hard drive. 17.3 inches LED screen resolution of 1920 × 1080, ten-point touch support . Independent graphics cards for the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M (4GB), to meet consumer demand for large-scale 3D game play . It is worth mentioning that the machine pre-installed with the latest Windows 8.1 operating system.


i7-4702MQ Haswell processor architecture based on the latest quad-core eight threads, support Turbo Boost , the default frequency of 2.2GHz, but in gaming applications can be accelerated to 3.2GHz, CPU performance increase of nearly 50 percent ASUS P550CC Battery , is also integrated Intel HD 4600 core graphics , fully meet the general needs of the office . NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M significant independence is a high-end positioning , based on 28nm process . Used to replace the previous generation GeForce GT 650M. It is worth mentioning that , GT 750M GDDR5 video memory and there are two versions of DDR3.


It should be noted that all NVIDIA graphics card with a final "M" card is used in the super pole or on a laptop . Want to know a performance in which gear Nvidia , depends on type of ten digits. For example: performance ratio compared to GT670M performance GT 770M , seemingly is in a grade. Do not worry, we depend on the graphics card is DDR5 or DDR3, DDR3 is twice in a data transmission signal cycle , DDR5 is four times the data transmission . Therefore, the actual frequency DDR5 effective at the same frequency twice as fast .


From the entire interior of view, the difference between this T440s with LENOVO L12L4A02 Battery, T431s, X240s, X230s only just , keyboard , keypad, touchpad layout are very similar in size. One of the five key touchpad seemed a very large area , looks minimalist atmosphere.


In the built-in software, each vendor has its own characteristics. ASUS in this area also has a good performance. First, we can see these preloaded software on ASUS Utility Center , the following author to introduce several built-in software is very user-friendly . First , ASUS Recovery Manager is a software that has a data security can be restored to the computer via an initial operating system license , or by Recovery Manager to create a set of recovery discs. When the hard drive or computer system crashes , you can use the recovery CD to restore the system to its initial state. Note that , ASUS with ASUS X452C Battery Recovery Manager allows the creation of only one set of recovery discs, but this disc only for this computer can not use the recovery CD to restore the operating system to other computer.


ASUS Coolsense ASUS exclusive cooling technology , this software can use IntelliSense user environment , and in the most cool mode / Full Performance expanded mode / quiet mode three modes for intelligent switching. Just set up different modes of heat dissipation in CoolSense setup software , when the system senses a user's environment changes that will be adjusted accordingly cooling mode , while the vents , clock speed, fan , laptop internal space monitoring element to make a series of adjustments .


ASUS Coolsense intelligently screened two scenarios - are working and living environment . When it is determined that you are using on the table , it will adopt a composite heat mode, use the D side vents plus heat ; And when your " assistant " found out you were lying relaxed on the couch surfing the machine on the legs or living environment, will automatically switch to the side of the hole based cooler cooling operation mode .


Change the touchpad is relatively large changes this year saw little change last year as ThinkPad keyboard on the new ThinkPad , this is a major change, will change the habits of many users . Originally five black keys trackpad has only a relatively large area of ​​the panel , the five key all integrated . In actual use , you will find some inconvenience , for the old ThinkPad users might need some time to adapt , especially frequent user of Little LENOVO L12M4A02 Battery Red Riding Hood .

ASUS X series to have deep roots and Beats. Beats is by the famous American musician Jimmy Iovine and Super Rap star Dr. Dre joint development . The key question is how to keep the audio signal from the audio interface connected to the headset does not signal through the audio cable attenuation . The Beats Audio sound system is a unique high-performance technology system, jointly developed by ASUS and Beats by Dr.Dre, notebook computers equipped with this technology will provide users with more excellent audio enjoyment.

It should be noted that Hewlett-Packard is the only company in cooperation with Beats laptop manufacturers , this pursuit of the ultimate consumers of hearing is indeed one can not refuse the temptation . ASUS SimplePass is an ASUS computer application class management procedures. You can set windows fingerprint logon password, and mostly used in commercial computers , but also set different fingers to open the corresponding website , manage your favorite site passwords. And can customize the CTRL +0-9 ( numeric keys ) to visit the Web site so that you are no longer commonly used in the search field, enter the long URL , do not be afraid to enter the wrong horse website , higher protection against Trojans ASUS X452CP Battery. Most Trojans website by getting keyboard input keystrokes , to better protect information security.


ASUS e housekeeper was launched in early 2012, Hewlett-Packard computer application support services , the biggest feature is the service content is very extensive, involving all aspects of computer applications. It is suitable for a wide range of people of all ages , user-friendly design , simple operation , all-weather 7 x24 hours of unlimited service , so that users can receive qualified expert guidance anywhere. In addition , e butler through a variety of online services artificial way for the user's needs and provide personalized butler technology and consulting services.


The ThinkPad T440s Ultrabook with LENOVO L12S4A02 Battery and a 14-inch matte LCD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, has 250nit brightness. Excellent color reproduction , viewing angle is very wide, but avoid bright light matte reflective processing problems , better visual effects

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