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2013 notebook market will face a bigger challenge. The new hybrid device, over most of this as well as the performance of the more powerful Tablet PC replacement of these three categories of products will slowly engulf the share of the notebook market.
The existing strengths of the traditional laptop is the strong performance, the price is relatively stable. Therefore, the competition among the market, cost-effective products to be welcomed, and thus bring more benefits. It also became the biggest advantage of the competition in the traditional notebook with different types of products. Then for the same type of products, only the stylish appearance, better user experience, more stable high-speed performance and a more affordable price rolled into one, will get more recognized by consumers, manufacturers earnings demand. This is must have quality OEM manufacturers in the notebook market contention. We YORK evaluation room received a stylish entertainment laptop updates, it is to upgrade to 2GB alone significantly ASUS Business P55V with 6cell ASUS P55V Battery.


ASUS Business P series is the flagship product of the consumer notebook family. Stylish appearance with balanced performance, giving a more affordable price, and therefore has a large number of "fans" have been supporters of this series. The new P55V uphold the fine tradition of the series. But also in appearance with a more stylish shell design. And provides a cold, gray, elegant pink sparkling blue and passion red four shell color choice. We received to this a solemn gray.


Over most of this in 2012, still continues the heat of high concern, not only has a the portable slim body, and a number of ultra-pole of this product to the development of innovative modes of deformation. Business notebook did not stay in a rut, from this year MEDION Erazer X7821, light commercial image began to walk into the people's attention.
Known, MEDION Erazer series has always been the business people of all ages, But in the eyes of most users, business notebook this should be based on heavy modeling show people new X7821 with 9cell MEDION Erazer X7821 Battery MEDION14 inch Erazer series volume slim 33% 16% lighter weight, and the ability to accommodate more interfaces to this body specifications? Long life time, fast charging and safety performance in an ultra-pole of this achieved? MEDION Erazer X7821 depth testing of the following to answer it for you.

This notebook is the basis of the previous generation graphics memory upgrade to 2GB, equipped with a GT 640M LE graphics card, graphics processing has improved significantly, but also have the Waves MaxxAudio 4 technology, providing a rich and full sound effects. With 14 inches (1366 × 768) high-definition display, and I believe will have a better performance in this aspect of the entertainment. Often we recommend a product or reviews a product when the light says it is good is not how much, you need to provide the frame of reference, to compare the obvious advantages of these products can only be unfolded. This P55V author found it a frame of reference, that is, its predecessors, generation ASUS Business P55V. New and old contrast, the new products can be seen in the end what are the upgrade.


By contrast, we can see that these two laptops is not large change in the overall shape, the convergence of the four corners of the arc of the new P55V with 6cell ASUS P55VA Battery slightly compared to the previous generation. In my opinion, the previous generation corners arc angle is too large, so the more immature.
Next, take a look at the back. The gap between the back of the the lies that a rubber bottom bracket raised to the material and the use of the new operating system identification WIN8. Other cooling methods are almost the same. Open Notebook, we can see a more intuitive raised to the battery in the the C face new P55V and subtracted shortcuts, only a power button in addition to the keyboard. The B side of the screen are used 14-inch True Life (1366 × 768) display. The B-side of the new P55V lose parcel of the shell, it is widened to become more narrow, the visual effect is more remarkable.


Flexible hardware configuration, equipped with third-generation intelligent Intel ® Core ™ vPro ™ processor platform, coupled with Intel's ultra-low voltage Core i3, i5 processor, and support for the Intel ® Core ™ vPro ™ technology management capabilities. This time we received this third generation smart Intel ® Core ™ i5-5327U vPro ™ processor to loading 4GBDDR3 1600 memory, graphics card Intel ® HD Graphics 4000, and can be equipped with mSATA 64GB/128GB/256GB (native) solid-state drive, pre-installed Windows 8 operating system


MEDION Erazer X7815 with 7800mAh MEDION Erazer X7815 Battery appearance still inherited Erazer series of typical business gene the machine uses TriMetal alloy design, internal with anodized aluminum display backplane, magnesium alloy internal frame and reinforced steel shaft, the fuselage four sides additional parcels magnesium alloy protection bar as protection, all-metal body has a more rugged and durable, can significantly enhance the ability of the whole anti-wrestling, seismic, and help users to easily cope with a variety of adverse working environment.

This year's Consumer Electronics Show CES has been gone for nearly a week, but the products at CES enough for us then pondering for some time. Only in current popular mobile Internet Tablet PC, compared with last year, the Tablet PC, morphology exhibited in CES2013 more diverse: for example, Intel proposed the new concept of "Almighty tablet, such as Lenovo throw new term" Table PC ", such as NVIDIA's come up with a new device" Aegis ".
Diversified development of Tablet PC is look toward a different direction from the original single form. It was such, it had resulted in more thoughts Tablet PC - for example, by the Almighty plate impact traditional flat will gradually decline? Such as targeting high-end family toshiba Table PC with TOSHIBA Satellite U955 Battery will not be a flash in the pan? Well, let us look at the tablet PC, will embark on the kind of road.


"Almighty tablet, tablet and notebook integration of products. With the launch of Windows 8/RT, the Tablet PC is more and more present in front of us. Microsoft Surface's lead financial Tablet laptop two forms one of the versatile tablet combination of entertainment and office to.

Screen, the machine incorporates a 14-inch anti-glare HD display with a resolution of 1366 × 768, in strong light also can clearly see the handwriting on the screen. An HD Webcam and matrix-matrix microphone embedded in the screen just above, to facilitate the users to make video calls.


Classic black paint is still the choice for business people appearance also represents the commercial positioning calm and low-key temperament. MEDION Erazer X7821 with 9cell MEDION Erazer X6825 Battery XPS roof biggest difference is in the metal roof surface attached to the skin type material, very good grip is not easy to get rid of, to carry. After repeated just the right kind of skin surface is not easy to leave fingerprint marks, even from dust, gently rub can be good to take care of.

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