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People with many of the terms used to describe the computer, to describe the size of the computer is expected to use or performance. All devices containing microprocessors can be summarized with the computer term, most people think that the computer is a device to receive information from the user via the mouse or keyboard to deal with it in some way, and displays the results on the screen.


The computer had a vital impact on the production of human and social activities, rapid development and strong vitality. Its applications in areas ranging from the initial military research applications to various fields of social, has formed a huge computer industry, driven by the global range of technological progress, which triggered a profound social change. The computer has been throughout the schools, enterprises and institutions, into the homes of ordinary people, and become an indispensable tool in the Information Society. It is one of the important symbol of humanity into the information age.
The computer ASUS Q500A with ASUS Q500A Battery has gone through decades of development, and almost fill the entire room to design slim and stylish in your pocket. Let's take a look at these old and new machines of different types of magic. PC personal computer, a computer for general use by a person belonging to individuals, either a Mac or PC, terminology and system operation. PC is the first to be called a micro-computer, because they are a complete computer, do not need to share another computer's processor, disk and printer resources can also work independently, currently used in most enterprises. Belong to the category of PC desktop and notebook PCs to netbooks and tablet PCs.


November 3, 1962, "New York Times" reports the first use of the term "PC" to 1968, Hewlett-Packard, the Hewlett-Packard 9100A of its products known as "PC". Or can be seen as the personal computer was first originated. Recognized worldwide as the first PC, of ​​the Kenbak-launched compared to 1971 Kenbak Corporation. Kenbak John in 1970 to design and invention. The first mass-produced personal computer, compared to the 1971 computer terminal company launched the Datapoint 2200.


Samsung 365E laptop with 9cell SAMSUNG 365E5C Battery came the PChome notebook channels Let us be more careful to look at this user targeted at economic models. Details, workmanship, design and performance aspects to feel about this Samsung pushing the economy notebooks.


A PC, is designed immovable desktop, if you do not need to move, as long as a computer on the use of a fixed location, desktop is your good choice. The desktop can provide powerful storage capabilities, more stable performance and price than cheap laptops. One machine is another form of the desktop, a microprocessor, motherboard, hard disk, screen, speakers, video footage and screen integrated into one desktop. Original, this block was originally developed for the Apple, Apple had several one machine market, for example, in the 1980s, the original Macintosh computer, and the 90's and 00's iMac, but the price is too high and low market visibility . In 2009, Intel introduced the low-cost the CPU Atom, urge all computer makers increase on the of AIO models of design and production.


A 3G network card card slot is also hidden in the back of the fuselage, carefully protected by rubber plugs, not to find really ignore it, but it is relatively tasteless, open the top cover will block the card slot, so must be in the top cover can open the card slot on too much trouble. The measure sent to the ASUS S405C belong to the engineering prototype, low version, officially launched the market will not be such a configuration, then this site will receive a formal version of the machine, when I will do a test for everyone.


The machine is equipped with the latest generation Ivy Bridge platform, Core i3 3110M processor, NVIDIA GeFrorce GT620M + Intel GMA HD 4000 dual graphics switching, 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive, office processing files no problem with discrete graphics, so entertaining will be relatively good. In order to better understand S405C performance, we do it some general performance testing, the following is the measured results.


CINEBENCH Maxon launched a cross-platform test system, it uses CPU and GPU test developed for the film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects engine. CINEBENCH R10 CPU performance tests, we used precision by rendering a 3D scene screen test processor, multi-threaded processing processing capacity.

One machine is usually lighter than the desktop, but such as laptops, one machine are difficult to upgrade and customize the hardware, because of all the built-in hardware may be placed directly on the screen behind. Laptops also known as notebooks, monitor, keyboard, processor, memory and hard disk together, contains the size of the MSI CR430 Battery is about more than an average hardcover book. The first commercial sale of modern notebook is Apple's PowerBook 100. Macintosh Portable, the world's first portable computer, great shape, is not welcomed by consumers.


Now the trend is ever-smaller and more light weight, and functions have become stronger. In order to reduce the size, the notebook usually has a liquid crystal display (LCD), and now a new type of partial models and even a touch screen. In addition to the keyboard, is also equipped with a touch pad as a pointing device or touch point. The netbook is ultra-portable computer smaller than a traditional laptop. When you walk into a retail store, you will find, the extreme cost effective netbooks (about 300-500 U.S. dollars) cheaper than almost any brand-new laptop. However, no ordinary laptop less powerful netbook's internal components.


The term netbook (Netbook) was proposed in June 1996 by the Canadian ATIC, stressed that more multi-functional, direct Internet access, the network type of portable notebook computer.


Samsung laptop design style for so many years has been maintained fashion, personality, the elements of the trend, of course, these design style not only focus its brand of high-end products, the economic models, we can also see the fashion design style. Samsung 365E with 7800mAh SAMSUNG NP365E5C Battery is targeted at the entry-level laptop economical, smooth surface texture design and exquisite workmanship of this price is only over two thousand yuan notebook also has a stylish appearance.

The use of AMD E2-1800 dual-core processor, the laptop has the AMD APU platform the 1.7GHz clocked processor performance is more practical, and AMD Radeon HD 7470M graphics chip with heterogeneous computing will allow the performance of the graphics performance will be improved significantly. Although the The Samsung 365E positioning and the mainstream high-end, but the whole work is still very good, smooth body many details to work much better than the more than two thousand of the same type of notebook level.


In body heat test, we AIDA64 system stability tests under room temperature 25 ° C environment, uncheck the premise of the GPU project ASUS S405C 30 minutes Kaoji test, and then use the infrared The thermal imager shooting keyboard surface and the bottom of the fuselage to issue such plans.

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