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Shaft section , with a sunken shaft, making the roof appears to have integrity. Screen opening angle is still guaranteed to reach about 135 degrees , strong ability to adapt to the environment , the user can look at the circumstances in which the screen . As a flagship entertainment notebook, the big screen is a major feature of this Asus N56DY can provide users with a larger field of view , showing the bigger picture , while matte anti-glare design to ensure better visual effect , the situation in the mirror does not appear bright light . Meanwhile advanced display technology to create stunning 150 -degree horizontal wide viewing angle, viewed from any angle , can provide excellent results. Clearer, brighter, more detailed, more vivid images , allowing you to enter the world of high definition .


Top of the screen , set the camera, the camera left side of the head , as well as built-in microphone and camera work lights , video communication is very convenient for everyday users , while the presence of indicator identifies the working status of the camera, do not protect the user 's privacy been violated. C surface using a sharp contrast to the overall one-piece CNC production process, silver panel with black keyboard into a full-size chocolate keyboard feels pretty good, but with a separate numeric keypad , digital input is very convenient.


ASUS R701V notebook cover with a 6cell ASUS R701V Battery film in the transfer of high technology , white background decorated with simple linear texture than the fresh simplicity , and will not become too monotonous. Cover did not use the popular metal, relatively moist and delicate touch , in addition to cost considerations , perhaps metal for female users would be too tough .


Keyboard backlight design , even in low-light space can be used normally not a problem for keyboard operation. As an important part of video , high- quality speakers were set up in the upper left and upper right corner of the keyboard . We can see at the top of the key areas of left and right ends of the column were set up buttons on the left side of this official called "Instant Key", you can customize this shortcut by ASUS exclusive program . The right side is the power button . The two keys to the center , were set up water lines corrugated ring , looks very elegant. Speaker position on the inside of the two buttons .


As can be seen from the results , CPU temperature around 65 degrees , the cooling effect can be seen fairly good , body surface temperature should be around 50 degrees. In this temperature , the user will not have the normal use of a significant impact . The aircraft is equipped with a 6-cell battery , 10.8V, 5200mAh ASUS R401V Battery, endurance performance we tested PCMark 8, in the "home" mode, everyday web browsing , writing, photo editing, video chat, and casual games such as load uninterrupted operation , the actual test life time 2 hours 23 minutes . For such a 15-inch entertainment this , this type of performance is fairly good.

ASUS exclusive vocal master SonicMasterPremium technology with Waves MaxxAudio sound tuning system, showing a more clear treble sound quality, a richer bass, a wider range and more powerful surround effect. Thanks to a 15.6-inch design , C -rich surface space , the touchpad area is also very atmospheric, touch area concave, left and right buttons -one design, the keyboard when the maximum extent to avoid misuse of the same , more suitable for multi-touch operation .


ASUS R701V notebook with 6cell ASUS R701VB Battery narrow border design to enhance the visual range . Screen uses a 15.6 -inch LED -backlit glossy display , with a resolution of 1366 × 768, the actual experience , the screen display when the multi- Defination pictures, picture clarity , saturation control is good, the backlight brightness is also high in games and entertainment areas have a good experience. In addition, users can adjust the backlight brightness via Fn + F2, F3 shortcut keys on the keyboard.

On the issue of the interface settings, this Asus N56DY also doing very place, common interface are equipped , and reasonable layout , the user can easily connect peripherals. As a result of sunken shaft , so the rear fuselage and did not set any interface , mainly concentrated in the fuselage .


Weight , although some gaps and thin Ultrabook , but bare metal 2.63Kg, travel weight 3.05Kg performance metallic fuselage for 15 -inch models , the performance is very good. Hardware Configuration, the ASUS R401V with AMD Quad-Core Extreme A8-5550M APU, 6cell ASUS R401VB Battery clocked at 2.1GHz, AMD automatic overclocking technology by up to 3.1GHz, has 4M cache .

First look at the left side of the fuselage , starting at the end in order to 2.5mm external subwoofer jack , VGA video output interfaces , cooling vents , retractable RJ45 interface , HDMI high-definition interface , and two USB3.0 interface , which has a sign of support for the lightning charge off . Right side of the body, from the end in order to be safe lock, power adapter , DVD drive, two USB3.0 interface and headphone , MIC jack. Front of the fuselage , in a position corresponding to the touchpad , set up a group of indicators , identify the work equipment to facilitate the user when closing the screen at any time to master. In the far left , set up a card reader slot .


ASUS R701V using the ASUS R701VM Battery , which is embedded on the motherboard battery , although this design is not easy to replace the battery , but no longer as a plug-in battery is loose and distress, and the current aggregation lithium battery life is gradually increased, usually You can use a long time, so this increasingly common embedded battery design , the fuselage skin can be more simple, small heat characteristics, to ensure the best working condition .

From the bottom of the fuselage , we can see that this notebook uses a baffle design , you only need to open a screw , can memory , hard drive and wireless module for simple upgrades and maintenance. And the design of the inlet baffle auxiliary heat . For such a game entertainment notebook, the heat is a very important point , then today how Asus N56D performance of it, we have to be tested by running Furmark, Furmark CPU and GPU will be kept at 100% of full load operation, the these two components maximum heat for 30 minutes, we examined the internal body temperature.


Equipped with a dual -channel 4GB DDR3 memory , 6cell ASUS R401VJ Battery enough for most home entertainment , if user demand is high, you can upgrade to 8G or 16GB, but will need to replace the existing memory . A 750GB SATA hard disk drives use through literacy rate test , 89M / s performance can only be considered normal. Graphics cards , APU Fusion built HD8550G single display , with 256 stream processors, core frequency 515MHz/720MHz, may be in a low power state , to meet the needs of everyday casual users , also equipped with a 2GB memory HD8750M graphics card, 28nm technology, with 384 stream processors, powerful performance. And two graphics core can co-founded Crossfire dual graphics systems, gaming performance is very good .

Based on the sound of excellence, the fuselage side with anti-noise headphone amplifier Asus R701V, using the world 's top audio brands B & O ICEPower certified " vocal master " audio technology ,


Basemark CL is Rightware launch of the new benchmarking tool , its main multi -core general purpose computing system to create an open standard OpenCL -based design , the software can provide a variety of performance testing methods used to test and optimize OpenCL technology. Workload Baseware CL can be used in a manner closer to reality applications OpenCL, so real, objective measure of performance, and can support multi-core processors and GPU graphics acceleration to maximize the advantages of heterogeneous systems .


The integration of our next single display and dual -card crossfire situation test scores were 39.95 and 70.59 , can be more easily accomplished by using GPU rendering performance for general purpose computing work . By introducing the front , I believe we each component Asus N56DY have a certain understanding , then the overall performance in the end what happened ? Next we take a look .

Stealth fighter inspired backlit gaming keyboard . ASUS R701V with ASUS R701VZ Battery inheritance and innovation generation " stealth" language , inspired by the rounded nose vertebral F22 stealth fighter , the use of stealth matte black coating to dynamic lines and sculptural contour of the design , in distinct edges revealed muscular strength strong , ergonomic body design 5 degree tilt , and build a whole new generation game reloading control platform .

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