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Although laptops now young people want to have a higher resolution, but we should not ignore the needs of older persons. In the author's own mother, for example, from a few years ago she began to like the Internet to read news, but more than fifty years of age has begun to have presbyopia, usually even the small print on the bottle can barely see, so if you give her election a notebook, I will choose a screen as large as possible products, while the resolution as low as possible, so as to make her look more comfortable. Of course, here we can also use an external display approach, buy a 19-inch or 21-inch display is enough, then you can lower the resolution.


To the elderly with a laptop, and the other to pay attention to the problem is the noise. Elderly usually do not need books have too much hardware, as long as can see web pages, watch online video is sufficient, so we can buy cheap affordable big-screen laptop, the large size of the advantage is that there is a larger interior space, if configuration is not high then heat is small, the fan speed is relatively low, thus reducing the noise source, so that the machine is always running in the quiet state.


Mentioned before, this VIVOBOOK R505C with 4cell ASUS R505C Battery only equipped with Seagate's 500GB 7mm mechanical hard drive, tested its average read 81.3MB / s, fairly good results. If you want to get faster system speed, you might consider upgrading to a solid state drive to the machine, or the formation of a smaller overhead SSD acceleration, this R505C are supported. Assessment system comes in Windows 8 links, this red section VIVOBOOK R505C final score of 4.6, wherein the processor score up to 7.2 points, 6.4 points game performance, memory 5.9 points, score more mainstream.


For as often blend into a variety of high middle and low coffee shop who acts like a gentleman notebook umbrella, assassin's sword, decoration and practicality is as important, then choose a pull-style notebook, not only can help you work more efficiently, but also to test your fashion taste and social status of the ruler, in a coffee shop, often sitting in various industries and pseudo-celebrity celebrity, Zhuangqiang notebook became their most trenchant weapon, then how, in this games, keeping accent, has the right to speak, has become every "coffee this off" a required course.


It can be said, this red section ACER TravelMate P273-MG Battery and tested prior to our super no essential difference between this version and all follow the idea for the sake of users, slim metal body provides a more comprehensive body interface, and in the internal use of the efficient dual fan design, headroom are ample, these are similar over most of the ultra-thin notebook and can not be compared.


If you put a few years ago, the only people with advertising is certainly Apple MacBook, but the MacBook has bad street, part of everyday variety Dan Zhuangqiang guilty are using Apple, like in cafes in the battlefield to get more eyeballs, it must out of place, HP Envy is his / her choice of one of the few, "you use Windows, I changed Mac OS, you have to use Mac OS, I also converted back," there is a sense this is the way they look. Envy and MacBook have many similarities, the same abstract body lines, the same magnesium alloy casing, but the MacBook is minimalist, Envy is in the design elements to do the addition, there are still talked about in 2009 Envy 13 etched metal pattern that famous palm rest.

Advertising when using the laptop is very high degree of recognition, these features are not playing a pierced then stay on the surface, but should give a notice subtle movements. We've been watching them with a laptop typing action, if inadvertently slight tilt orchid fingers, you can determine which goods should be at least art base level.


By using ASUS R505CA Battery System Stability incidental detection tool allows the aircraft sustained full processor and graphics card, a half hour later, through the thermal imager can be observed, the aircraft C surface heat concentrated in the graphics processor and the corresponding position, middle of the keyboard there warm feeling; machines fin heat concentrated in the bottom area, the highest temperature reached 50 degrees Celsius, taking into account its body is very thin, so that the cooling effect is quite satisfactory.


When people leave the seat when advertising, advertising people will deliberately senior Zhuangqiang put the laptop into the locked state, exposing the login user name, advertisers usually have a very international name, if what is called John and Tomas simply weak burst, Pinyin with Wade instead of pure English style name, is on the election, such as "HEUNG KWAN LEE", a clever fusion of the Republic of temperament and international range of children.


The machine with DEVILTECH Fire DT14 Battery complies with the Intel Ultrabook for the stringent requirements of size and weight, measured its body thickness of only 18.28mm, bare metal weighs only 1.564Kg, still quite portable. ASUS Vivobook R505C using the more common 14-inch HD glossy screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768, does not support the wide viewing angle, with ultra-narrow matte border, design neat.


A friend of mine said in the message, why did not the student population it? The answer is simple, this group of students is too broad, with regard to college students, for example, the required design majors and other majors notebook is certainly not the same, they are graphics, processor and screen more demanding; Similarly, School of Music students will pay more attention to the quality of laptop speakers and the entire professional sound system, and those students often require typing you need a laptop keyboard feel comfortable.

It is equipped with a single memory slot, standard 4GB DDR3 1600 memory, at this stage it can only be replaced upgrade to 8GB, you can not set up dual channel. In addition, because VIVOBOOK R505C provide over ultra-extreme version, so red in this section who also retains mSATA SSD slot, half-height size, you can together for the machine is equipped with a small capacity SSD 32GB SSDs accelerate the formation, but also Optional 64GB capacity up dual hard drives, more flexible. VIVOBOOK R505C standard primary hard drive is Seagate 500GB 7mm thin disk with 9.5mm standard thickness of the metal bracket, so 2.5-inch drive can still be very liberal part of the upgrade.


Graphics, in addition to core graphics, the machine is also equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M discrete graphics, based on proven Fermi architecture, the core frequency is higher, up to 800MHz. Performance, we are more familiar through 3DMark Vantage software for testing, Entry mode, VIVOBOOK R505C final score E15596, including graphics score of 19,048, and the latest version of GeForce GT 740M GK208 core compared to the gap is not large, for an ultra thin notebook to have such performance has been very good, but also that the aircraft response to general online games, most stand-alone games are not a problem.


The performance of the system in the same considerations PCMark 7 test session, the final score of 2692 points, the bottleneck is the hard drive. According to that section of the test before the ultra-extreme version of ASUS V550C with 14.4V 4CELL ASUS V550C Battery, their results up to 3914, so says this red section R505C system experience is a great room for improvement.

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