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Nowadays, more and more variants laptop , notebook tablet 2 in 1 product all the time to attract the user's eye , and under this new trend , the traditional form of the notebook did not seem so eye-catching , but for more users deformation notebook is priced high, but untested , out of cost into account, more inclined to choose a mature ordinary notebook , then the price , product quality and performance are important considerations , these days, returning to the editorial department 's got a very "pragmatic" notebook -ASUS N56.


ASUS N56 route continues U49F young , high-profile color from orange into a champagne, which is somewhat cater to current trends Tyrant gold aesthetic , plus cover and blasting process aluminum alloy , anodized metal touched throughout up feeling is still very good , at this price , the notebook has a metal roof , but most are shoddy , but N56 is clearly more experience in cost control , whether visual or tactile very busy grade.


The unique technology allows milling of aluminum alloy casing exudes a distinguished texture, while the top cover after ASUS Logo carefully designed and ASUS N56J Battery, will make users feel very abstract , relative to previous years kanji "ASUS" , the more set dry , while the metal cover to protect the screen very well , do not worry about the daily bump will affect the appearance of the body .


For a magnesium alloy material for wrapping the metal , natural essential streamlined design , rounded edges arc carefully polished , showing a coupe -like design elements , there is news that ASUS N56 foundries to Foxconn, Apple products OEM experience to a certain extent also transplanted into the body to the ASUS N56 , you can vaguely see the shadow of some of the MacBook .


Bottom of the design is very simple, let the body adduction arc even more thin, curved part once again pay tribute to the MacBook, while the bottom without any extra elements , one is a single piece of molded metal plate , remove the battery alone can not replace , but this is the program that many manufacturers are using. So I was more surprised that , ASUS N56 actually used the high score screen , compared with ordinary screen resolution of 1366X768 , ASUS N46 notebook with ASUS N46J Battery and a 1600X900 score screen brightness , contrast and color performance have a qualitative leap , though not IPS screen, but also gives users an excellent use of feelings , and 1600 × 900 resolution on a 14-inch screen is the author believes that the resolution of the gold , so even if the screen horizontal, we can also complete web pages , while By default font and would not look too small.


Keyboard is familiar floating island chocolate keyboard , nothing special design, standard -size keycaps makes relatively easy to use, some slow rebound keyboard input but does not affect the efficiency of the whole, there is room for improvement , and touch for the integrated control panel , there is no distinction between left and right buttons deliberately , because of the high score screen, users also need to look in the settings to fine-tune the touchpad DPI, otherwise move the cursor somewhat strenuous.

You can see the bottom of the keyboard , head strip three inlets , ASUS N56 with ASUS N56JR Battery duct design and MacBook also somewhat similar to the bottom of the inlet , after the air intake into the body for cooling cycle , remove the hardware heat emitted at run time , and then the heat dissipated by the keyboard , the benefits of this design is that you can then let C maximum surface to keep cool, but it is easy to cause more obvious noise.


Sunken shaft design , thin body shape, the right side of the interface layout look very compact. However, the right design of so many interfaces may affect the operation of the mouse . Backplane more simple , no removable battery , but set aside a memory upgrade window , can be more easily upgraded a memory.


We've already seen the N46J with ASUS N46JV Battery simple and stylish appearance , let's take a look at its expansion capabilities . N46J as a light machine also brought a 9.5mm DVD burner , a part of the disc to meet the needs of users . Interface or 2 x USB3.0 +1 x USB2.0, HDMI, VGA, RJ45, multi-card reader . Dual VGA and HDMI output port is suitable for home users to connect a projector to use.

As for battery life , the author will be adjusted to the brightest screen , the results through professional testing software Power Mark after testing, the results after 82% of electricity use life time of 3 hours 20 minutes . If full power , the lower the screen brightness can get longer battery life . ASUS computer as a national enterprise , innovation has never stopped . I once again saw the ASUS N56J intelligent voice features - Tinker Bell . Tinker Bell is the first time I saw him in ASUSX5 , but ASUS N56J preinstalled Tinker Bell is an upgraded version.


By Doraemon we can achieve human-computer dialogue appears , from some voice search function , we also through voice control of ASUSX5 notebook , such as increasing the volume and brightness decrease , shut down , hibernate, or even open the application .


PCMark8 the processor and hard drive speed is very sensitive , A10-5745M get out of 2888 , from the total score for home entertainment use perspective . ASUS acceleration technology built-in hard disk , cache memory designated as part of the improvement scores also have a role . If, after the purchase of a SSD hard disk player , PCMARK score will be further enhanced.

ASUS N56V with ASUS N56VV Battery can be said to be a mass-market game face super pole , although the performance compared with the end of the game has a big gap , but still more than enough to meet the daily entertainment needs . Thin body , the need to always carry my friends, is indeed a very good choice. Tinker Bell to join, no doubt a lot of extra points for the machine , after all, Apple has just launched Siri when it has swept the globe. Convenient query , simple and funny dialogue , value price of 3,999 yuan , will make a lot of friends to their sight.

Of course , just look at the theory describes not enough to prove the actual effect of the new processors and graphics cards , AMD is , after all, Shi Zhanpai . Here we come to the actual test A10-5745M is equipped with HD8570M significant independence N46J under the mainstream . The machine is not to say, look at the configuration. N46JT01W1 currently Suning Tesco New listing quoted $ 3999, from the price , can meet around 4K per student users , or general home users. ASUS of this product, from a configuration perspective, more balanced , more prominent in the audio-visual entertainment, with DTS sound certification , ONKYO ( Onkyo ) stereo speakers.


A10-5745M accelerated processor has four physical cores , TDP power consumption of 25W, have a level 4MB 2 cache , clocked at 2.1 ~ 2.9GHz, single core fusion HD8610G . A10-5745 is a low -power Extreme quad-core APU, the A10 in the top product A10-5750M quad-core processors are fully meet the daily office work and entertainment work . ASUS R704A with ASUS R704A Battery the HD 8570M alone was built 192 processor unit is equipped with 2GB of GDDR3 memory , the core frequency up to 825MHz, support DirectX11.1/SM5.0. Although from the location, independence was an entry-level , but with the A10-5745M dual- card crossfire after the performance significantly . Performance alone was approaching mainstream level .

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