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After six years of self-improvement and transformation, ASUS ROG has introduced the stunning design, tailor-made for the players and insisted the product's features and is committed to creating the most powerful performance . Now, ROG series notebook has added a new member , it is that we have to review the protagonist today - G750.


ROG was Asus prestigious motherboard series , it is born from Asus on the ultimate quality of the pursuit , the series gaming notebook main push personalized and differentiated product concept, it can be said ROG has now become the representative of high-end gaming PC in hardware configuration is always the highest , but also strongly on the shape fit the needs of players like distinctive personality .


G750 notebook Asus G series still continues bevel cutting design , the fuselage neat and stylish . Angular appearance, bold powerful lines , gamers uninhibited life of its design inspiration from the F-117 fighters and high-end sports car, it is not only laptops, but also amazing works of art , or the interpretation of lifestyle products , representing the taste.

Before PConline notebook channel to introduce too ASUS ROG G46V, G46V and G750 like a larger version . Back-end view from the top , G750 with ASUS G750JZ Battery edges still clear, neat atmosphere is more obvious , while its surface cover classes also are used rubber-coated skin , in order to bring comfortable leather handle, in addition , G750 Logo retains the roof of the light-emitting function , further highlighting the unique personality.


In the top corner you can see a very significant R Series Logo, when the machine is running, the red dot emits light prompts the user for their work status , this design adds to the appearance of R501JR touch of vibrant colors that make business laptop will not very boring. Everyone on the R Series is familiar , than a glance looked deity , it all stems from the unique design and that big LOGO. Of course, now the trademark of the body as well as SAMSUNG , R501JR body with plastic , while the shaft part is metal, enhanced version of the shaft damping medium durable.

The spacious fuselage has an absolute advantage in the setup interface, SAMSUNG NF310 with 7.4V 7800maAh SAMSUNG AA-PL0TC6V Battery the left side of the fuselage has a power interface, VGA, RJ45, e-SATA (USB2.0), HDMI and USB3.0 interface, in the right side of the fuselage has a headphone jack, microphone jack, USB2.0, USB3.0 and DVD burner, rich interface settings can satisfy the daily needs users. There are 4 indicating lamp is arranged in the front end of the left side, the use is convenient for users to observe the whole, on the right side of the fuselage is also equipped with a card reader.

Asus G750 same as the previous series has " a strong body ," the whole weight reached 4.224kg, travel weight is up to 5.196kg, like Earth , aliens and other Dell notebooks like some professional games , such super game can not make too much of this change in the body, but for gamers , this is not a problem .


As the screen size performance , taking into account the user's visual comfort and other issues, Asus G750 screen resolution of 1920 × 1080, this size is currently 17.3 inches with a resolution of the screen size is the most reasonable. At the same time , the display surface is mirror design, enhance the brightness can to a certain extent , but it can not eliminate the ASUS G750JM Battery reflection of ambient light conditions , but it is not IPS panel , so fight a discount on the viewing angle .17.3-inch display provides users with a more stunning visual effects , full HD resolution will allow pictures , videos and more vivid detail the performance of the game , in addition it comes with active 3D display capabilities to further enhance the visual experience.


Handling, ASUS G750 area still provides users with a wide operating area, you can enjoy the sway above , wanton ride , the spacing between the island and reasonably large keys of the key-way , all-metal chassis thoroughly keyboard pressing suspended swept out , but Asus does not provide for the G750 keyboard more professional , and no great features of the addition G750 still continue to use the ergonomic design of the fuselage about 5 ° tilt , bring better gameplay experience. Asus G750 still retained the keyboard backlight , and can be opened by by Fn + F3/F4 keyboard backlight brightness adjustment , if playing games in low-light environments , backlit keyboard can bring more excellent experience.


MEDION E7226 with MEDION Akoya E7226 Battery of this workstation configuration also provides customized services , but only four options . The most expensive is a dual 512GB SSD , i7 processor , 3200x1800 resolution IPS screen , of course, more expensive certainly like configuration ; most low-end with a 1920x1080 resolution screen , 500GB general machinery drives. Of course there are a variety of additional services and accessories , such as interfaces docking station , complete cover services, etc. , these are paid .


The E7226 's advantage is obvious , high-end processor configuration SSDs , high overall performance ; professional-level graphics also make it more professional, its screen resolution than Apple 's Retina screen , in conjunction with the multi-output professional graphics also an advantage on ; fact, we see him not short battery life , high-profile big screen again after more than four hours is not easy to do .


Designs a matter of opinion , from my personal perspective, workstation should sober , but this is made ??clear to the workstation with Apple

So the protagonist of this article Akoya E7225 uses 4cell MEDION Akoya E7225 Battery and a new mold is no doubt , this 13.3-inch mold can be considered the new year , whether it is the overall visual appearance of the body or details of the deal , are regarded as very good. MEDION Akoya E7225 mention this with 1920 × 1080 resolution display , no one thought we evaluate host Moreover, even when the screen is IPS conference. This new mold has a particularly sharp focus , and that is more angular edging design , with sharp angles everywhere, is not this the game that some of the design ? The Akoya E7225 on first impressions : MEDION be looking a lot more than the previous product . Perhaps our fatigued , perhaps subconsciously treat the definition of previous products , no matter what, at least for now look for Akoya E7225 can not complain.

Intel Core i7 4700MQ belongs to a new processor with 4 cores and can support up to eight threads via Hyper-Threading technology. The processor is based on 22nm process technology , codenamed Haswell-MB, initially clocked at 2.4GHz, Core frequency to 3.4GHz, shared L3 cache of 6MB, the overall TDP of 47W. Processors we use this software CINEBENCH 11.5 evaluate its performance , the software is capable of single-core and multicore processor performance score given intuitive , Fengyun Core i7 4700MQ processor quickly to complete all tests content , and ultimately get CPU 6.77 pts, single-core 1.42pts.


ASUS G750 with ASUS G750JS Battery generous body make more at ease in the interface design , the greater the spacing between the interface , even while connected also did not crowded, allow players to completely get rid of the shackles indulged . We can see the G750 not only retains the VGA port, but also with mini DP, HDMI interfaces consisting of four with a maximum screen display.

To allow players to keep the advantage in the fierce battle of day and night game battlefield, suitable for any environment using ASUS G750JX seamless backlit keyboard , laser etching , is like night game players bring great convenience , simply by Fn + F3/F4 , Xpress can adjust the keyboard brightness , darkness accurate attack. How the bottom of the keyboard lock screws securely to ensure a solid and reliable body parts , typing feel solid , no floating key sense , there will not be a long battle wrist soreness .

Shaft part , MEDION Akoya E7227 's MEDION Akoya E7227 Battery design is quite rugged , damping, and opening and closing angles are quite good . As the aircraft's rear heat vent is not even the biggest screen in the opening and closing angles will not block the cooling vents , does not affect the thermal performance of the machine , so the machine uses more beautiful sunken design .

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