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ASUS S405C is the latest 22nm process Core I7-3615QM processor, quad-core and eight-threading technology, the 2.3Hz's frequency, TDP 45W. Can be seen through various CPU the ASUS S405C's processor belonging to a higher level, regardless of the user office or entertainment can give strong support.


SYSMark is a a hardware performance assessment tool, it focuses on the assessment of the performance and production performance of commercial operation of the computer, ASUS S405C scored 235 points in the test, the performance is very good. Only 8GB of SSD cache, but can be used with almost pure SSD ultra-extreme office capacity comparable to the powerful CPU seems to help it quite a bit. Its handle general office documents and run large-scale professional software such as Photoshop, After Effects, 3ds Max without any problem.


ASUS S405Cwith 6cell ASUS S405C Battery gaming performance for a more direct experience, the author of "dust" and "Call of Duty 8" and "The Elder Scrolls 5 three different types of games to game the measured results are as follows. "Dust" is an exciting, good quality racing game run in 2x antialiasing medium quality "dust", the average number of frames of 70.09, far more than the 30 smooth horizontal line, very eye-catching gaming experience is very smooth.

3Dmark VANTAGE is a benchmark DX10 API-based software, The GPU test section can be more accurately demonstrate the level of gaming performance notebook. ASUS S405C equipped with NV GT640M graphics card, graphics card belonging to the upper-middle level. In the software is set in such a test, we opened a the NV of high-performance mode, 3Dmark VANTAGE GPU score 29014 projects, such performance in the the mainstream alone significantly notebook is on the level, the better gaming performance.


1366 * 768 resolution, 11-inch MacBook Air Apple MacBook general default are TN screen, the Lenovo first-generation ThinkPad S230u Twist TN panel, IPS screen upgrade to the ThinkPad S230u Twist.


Install the Windows 7 operating system to the MacBook Air than, we found that the viewing angle LENOVOThinkPad S230u Twist with built-in LENOVO ThinkPad S230u Twist Battery biggest advantage in this round, a total of about 178 ° viewing angle basically realized no dead angle without distortion, while the MacBook will With the change of the viewing angle, the picture darken, color distortion is particularly evident.The new iPad with a 2048 × 1536 resolution, ppi to 253, as is the use of high-resolution small size of the screen, the "steak" resolution has exceeded ThinkPad S230u Twist.


Both have IPS screen with wide viewing angle, the effects are relatively good, just slightly different display styles ThinkPad S230u Twist more vibrant color saturation greater, "steak" in contrasting color saturation is low. but greater contrast.

The the LENOVO ThinkPad S230u Twist super pole of this appearance with S230u Twist little difference, the same CNC machining technology, the use of aluminum body, it is understood, LENOVO UX series about four hours each shell kit produced time-consuming, CNC lathe day can only do three sets of metal casing.


The measure sent to the ThinkPad S230u belong engineering prototype, its low version, officially launched the market will not be such a configuration, then this site will receive a formal version of the machine, when I will do a test for everyone.

The machine is equipped with the latest generation Ivy Bridge platform, Intel Core i3 3110M processor, NVIDIA GeFrorce GT620M + Intel GMA HD 4000 dual graphics switching, 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive, office processing files no problem with discrete graphics, so entertaining will be relatively good. In order to better understand S230u performance, we do it the conventional performance tests, the following is the measured results.

ASUS S400CA with ASUS VivoBook S400CA Battery biggest change with a Full HD IPS LCD panel, according to official data, this screen covering the gamut of 72%, brightness of 350 lumens, a contrast ratio of 800:1.

With the emergence of ultra-extreme, become thin many important conditions for users to buy this one. Many manufacturers also seize this characteristic, the notebook is its weight-loss, although the hardware configuration has not changed, but down the thin notebook is indeed more concern in this point, and people are very similar. I introduce today is rock-solid ASUS notebook - Asus S505C. It has less than 21mm of ultra-thin body, appearance and ultra-pole of this is no different hardware i5 processor NV graphics card, 4GB of memory and 750GB hard drive, and ultra-extreme compared to what it lacks is now very popular SSD So it does not boot acceleration and intelligent response. And over most of this only a marginal difference over most of this body, notebook heart See the following detailed evaluation content.


The top cover and keyboard Asus S505C face with a metal material, especially the top cover is crafted with a single piece of sheet metal, the surface of the cold gray metal wire drawing process, more rugged wear and clean without leaving any fingerprints. Asus S505C design style minimalist machine Close the top cover, one is very good, as Asus slogan, solid as a rock.


Asus S505C with 4cell ASUS S505C Battery  uses a 15.6-inch glossy display has a resolution of 1366 × 768 glossy display higher brightness, but influenced by the sun, and is not suitable for use in bright light. Asus S505C with sunken shaft, saving production costs, less resistance when open, but the impact of the fuselage opening and closing angle, its maximum can be opened 150 °.Asus S505C body thickness of less than 21mm, this 15-inch notebook is rare, and the slim body is not a sacrifice tray CD-ROM drive, lithium batteries and VGA interface, these traditional notebook configuration it a lot. The downsizing is not easy to give the notebook, each reducing the thickness of 1mm may require a huge capital investment, in order to reduce costs, a lot of this are slim to abandon the CD-ROM drive, VGA interface configuration affect the thickness of the fuselage, while the new lithium polymer battery due to be molded into any shape, so that instead of a traditional lithium battery, but its high cost.

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