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ASUS S Series ASUS classic thin-business series, we test this S46C is the ASUS new generation of thin and light business notebook, the whole appearance of design to subvert the past mature business notebook slightly dull exterior design, with white, red, black The three colors of the body, the whole design is simple, fresh and lovely fashion. ASUS S46C equipped with 13.3-inch glossy display, the screen identified was 1366 × 768, display the general effect. In body size, S46C using a narrow screen frame design, making it the aspect ratio of ordinary 13-inch notebook is smaller.

The thickness of the fuselage, although S46C unlike the 13-inch ultra-pole as the ultimate slim, but the front-end 21mm thickness is quite thin, just thicker rear of the lithium-ion battery, which affects the thickness of its body. ASUS Business Series has always been very light on the whole weight, this S46C, bare metal and weighs only 1.53kg, and the optical drive removable down to put on weight modules, so that the whole weight will be further reduced. In addition, the CD-ROM can be expanded to a second battery, and enhance endurance.

Chocolate keyboard for ASUS S46C configuration is quite unique keycap surface of the fuselage with white keycap edge produced a bright yellow-green, this kind of mix S46C look more personalized fashion, but unfortunately the the S46C keyboard does not With backlight function. In the feel of the chocolate keyboard can not go beyond the kind of feel of the traditional keyboard, ASUS S46C is the keyboard key process is shorter, the rebound is insufficient, use the up and feel soft. However, this keyboard makes the S46C more beautiful, and clean up easier.

The design of the touchpad, ASUS Series notebook has always been very unique, not only to ordinary notebook, like with a square touch area, but it also has a small circular touchpad, its function is to replace the mouse wheel is very easy to use, coupled with the touch smooth and precise positioning of the main touchpad and touchpad buttons, and can completely replace the mouse to use. Interface configuration, ASUS S46C with 44Wh ASUS S46C Battery like most laptop provides two USB3.0 interface, a USB 2.0 interface, HDMI interface, VGA port, RJ45 network interface, basically meet our daily use, but due to body more compact, dense interface left side of the fuselage a little crowded.


Since the beginning of 2012, the ultra-pole in this price gradually reduce, in particular, is a 14-inch ultra-pole of this, a minimum of $ 700! This is the third of the price last year's ultra-pole of this listing. However, the $ 700 14-inch ultra-pole of this really high-end goods and more than million there is a big gap, which is not only reflected in the hardware configuration, and airframe materials, workmanship and slim extent there is a very different We next tested the ASUS S46CA is a price of 3999 yuan of 14-inch ultra-pole of this, such a low price is worth buying it? Consider the following evaluation.

Inexpensive, but ASUS S46CA body cap, or use of a metal material, the surface has a dark brown brushed texture, the whole line is tough angular, giving a low-key minimalist feel. , The plus or minus a small intensity ASUSX3 screen, although slim, but still maintained a good strength, we hand pressing cover. In body size, the border of ASUSX3 screen is relatively thick, plus 14-inch glossy display, almost makes it length and width and 14-inch notebook.

In thickness ASUS S46CA than most of the 14-inch ultra-extremely more slim, mainly because he did not configure the discrete graphics card and optical drive, although only about 1mm thin, but it looks to be slim. Weight ASUS S46CA bare metal weight of 1.77kg and most of the 14-inch pole this at the same level of portability is more general, not as good as 13-inch ultra-pole of this as a slim and lightweight, but compared with the traditional 14-inch notebook, or To thin a lot of. The ASUS S46CA the keyboard surface with plastic material to create a surface showing the roof of a similar texture and color, the square start button and chocolate keyboard and touchpad angular highlights the S46CA of simple and tough design style. Use the experience, the ultra-pole of this keyboard is usually the key way is short, insufficient rebound phenomenon, ASUS S46CA.

In the design of the touchpad, ASUS S46CA used increasingly popular one-touch pad, left and right buttons through the circle of silver lines will mark the location of, the whole looked like in ancient China rose window. Using the touch S46CA touchpad surface showing a matte texture, fingers paddling in the above relatively smooth, touchpad keys crisp, relatively easy to use integrated touchpad. Interface configuration, ASUS S46CA provides three USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, VGA port, RJ45 network interface, the interface type and number to meet the basic needs of everyday use, but unfortunately, subject to cost constraints, ASUS S46CA the set UB3.0 interface.

ASUS S46CA with 2950mAh ASUS S46CA Battery price is relatively cheap, so it is equipped with last generation low-power cool Core i5 2467M processor, the integrated HD3000 core graphics card configuration 500GB 5400 rpm +32 GB SSD hybrid storage, to ensure the performance and speed of the machine at the same time the price to a minimum.


ASUS once again demonstrate to us in notebook innovation efforts, the ASUS S46CM latest is a not to take the unusual way of notebook products. Before Computex Taipei this unique product has caused a lot of media attention. ASUS S46CM slender shape ratio coupled with leather material wrapped grip is very comfortable in the hand on the side of the body is more like a stylish dark handbag.

Aircraft and the biggest difference is that traditional notebook using a 21:9 touch screen, this breakthrough design also allows the ASUS S46CM look unique, it can be said that this notebook is a super very present in the deformation path of development representative of the diversity of products.

ASUS S46CM two completely different styles of material a perfect integration of its body with the drawing process of the metal material to build, giving a tough metallic finish, while the body superstructure feel fine imitation leather material, giving a soft and comfortable feel, silver metal with slightly brown leather to highlight the collision of modern and retro passion.

Appreciate the appearance at the same time, we also found that the ASUS S46CM the practicality of a high, it is not a conceptual super pole this. It is worth mentioning that the interface area, This machine adopts full USB3.0 interface mode, the body about three USB3.0 interface, provided favorable conditions for the user data transmission, can be considered a short high-capacity data transmission time.

Some small details of the ASUS S46CM with 4cell ASUS S46CM Battery who is also a pleasant surprise, the bottom of the plastic floor mats, body a little pad up, to prevent the bottom of the class leather material use scratches or dirty, but also the body play a a protective effect in the interface section, you can see the RJ-45 Ethernet card interface using a drop-down tailgate, to help reduce the body thickness.

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