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ASUS launch new S Series netbook, and its ZENBOOK the same positioning for Ultrabook laptops Computer Applications Show in 2012, both the maximum power of the difference between S series pen equipped with a large-size 14-inch and 15 inch screen, the hardware The specifications also use third-generation Intel processors, but whether it is built-in memory and lithium are the upgrade and replacement, storage If you think the hard part of the original configuration of HDD + SSD hybrid hard drive performance does not match the demand, you can also directly will replace and upgrade the HDD, Ultrabook series of laptops most people criticized the image performance, S Series is also configured to improve performance discrete graphics, user experience is really different and generally common Ultrabook, and today a small Devil To you test machine equipped with 15-inch screen S56C Ultrabook below to quickly look at the test in this article.

The ASUS S56C use Carton packaging is different from the ASUS in the past used a black or blue color, this changed to brown tones. The main reason is the packaging using environmentally friendly materials crafted all of the packaging 100% recycled. To clap before the first out of the box sticker outside the box attached to the hardware specifications for your reference, below I will also be described in detail. Not only outside the box to use a brown tone color, even outside the box to mention the brown design. After open the box you can see the laptop lying quietly inside the box.

Friend bought a ASUS laptop for ASUS will be randomly attach a laptop to incorporate the package, but in addition to different sizes, the design is basically the same. Electric transformer accessories There are a USB wired mouse, inside the box to attach the special pen, software CD and manual, warranty card and instruction manual for a product serial number of the anti-virus software. Dedicated transformer is used in common separate plug design. Input voltage 100-240V ~~ 1.5A 50-60Hz international voltage specifications. The actual measurement of the transformer weighs about 304g, compared to the general 15-inch laptop is fairly full of lightweight design. Random also accompanied by a functional design is relatively simple USB wired mouse. USB wired mouse weighs about 63g. The S56C lithium battery can be removed to replace the design, and design of the market most of the Ultrabook can not replace the battery, the battery is slender and smaller design. You can see the battery capacity of 2950mAh, 44Wh battery design is less prominent. Randomly attached special lithium battery weight is about 233g.

Then you want to see is the part of the body of the laptop, equipped with 15-inch screen of S56C At first glance, in fact, hard to imagine that it is a Ultrabook body thickness than 15 inches pen Motor kinds much more slim, the heavy feel is not quite like the Ultrabook the style, but Intel does not regulate the for Ultrabook of body weight, so tell the truth if a Ultrabook more than 3Kg, as long as there is compliance with the Intel specification, still have to call it Ultrabook laptop. The S56C screen and ASUS S56C Battery superstructure has a brushed aluminum with black matte coating as a whole is a kind of minimalist design style. In the screen above the front-end design black plaque blocking the battery wave interference. The S56C thickness from the front of the fuselage of view is quite thin, and there is no redundant I / O configuration. The only configuration is the computer status indicators. In addition, in order to smoothly turn the screen superstructure, ASUS is also designed to open the screen superstructure dedicated trench right side of the fuselage can see S56C arc body design, is not an ordinary laptop common inverted trapezoidal design. The overall body lines are also kind of neat sense.

The right side of the fuselage configured with a microphone / earphone jack, the other can see two USB 2.0 terminal. S56C is also equipped with a slim DVD drive also supports burning functionality, which is this Ultrabook different hardware specification and design. The corners of the body design of the arc to close the corners, black body with silver metallic trim also looks very texture. The end of the fuselage is not installed lithium battery status, it seems a bit strange. Fitted with lithium after looks pleasing to the eye of many, the overall body shape to maintain a consistent sense of simplicity. The left side of the fuselage is configured with other I / O terminals. First to see the power input terminal and the configuration of the cooling holes, this S56C laptop vents also changed to adoption and past square cooling hole design. Finally, the RGB terminal, HDMI terminal, RJ-45 wired network terminal and a USB 3.0 port. Open the screen superstructure can be seen after the 15-inch screen configuration, and ZENBOOK different places is that the The S56C screen is a mirror screen design, plus anti-glare coating, so the photo to see less reflective problem. LED backlight panel screen resolution is only 1366 X 768, compared to ZENBOOK of 1920 X 1080 Full HD is still not quite the delicacy of the screen showing.

ASUS also laptops equipped with Splendid Video Enhancement Technology-screen playback mode to adjust the software, this software is not the first time appear on the ASUS laptop, but also non-ASUS recently developed technology, launched as early as the ASUS before LCD TV a total of six modes, there appeared the image mode to adjust the software provided in the Normal (Normal), Gamma model, Vivid (sharp), Theater (theater), Soft (comfortable) My Profile (user defined) for users to switch modes, the software also provides preview photos after adjustment before adjustment, the control window on the left is the factory default Normal mode.

My Proflie user-set mode, for red, green, and blue detail adjustment, and can also adjust the screen color temperature, the far right is the detail color adjustment option for the default mode.

The top of the screen is equipped with a dedicated video camera. Lithium batteries can be seen protruding from the internal body, but in the design and strange sense of the unexpected. The power button is placed placed on the top left of the keyboard. The sound remained ASUS S56 with 4cell ASUS S56CA Battery has always been used SonicMaster audio technology, but did not see another ICEpower sound technology. The overall configuration of the internal body is fairly simple, the keyboard uses a common island-style keyboard, touchpad for common single-chip design. The status indicator of the computer icon at the left of the touchpad set wrist Department, to be opened in order to know the meaning of light represents. Internal body using different metallic silver color and screen superstructure, the same with the brushed aluminum.

SC56 design of the button size is moderate, the bond length is not too shallow, as a whole percussion comfort is pretty good. Another keyboard attached to a separate numeric keypad, and button size design is smaller than the main keyboard some, but from the design the same case to avoid inadvertently touching the case. Large monolithic touchpad, and ZENBOOK should be the same design, the use of sensitivity and comfort is pretty good. In addition to support multi-touch, of course, support the functionality of gestures, the use of gestures can be seen in the built-in ASUS Smart Gesture software. Bottom of the fuselage is also unlike common Ultabook laptop, but it can provide users with hardware upgrades, can be considered another kind of compensation? ! Just want to say why This laptop is not equipped with card reader, and later found turned out to be hidden in the bottom of the fuselage, located in the bottom of the computer status indicators. Open the bottom of the fuselage floor, you can see the built-in hard disk and memory location. In addition to the built-in 4GB of memory, S56C also provide a set of memory slots allows users to upgrade to use.

S56C of the hard disk is configured to use the HDD with iSSD hybrid drive architecture, but the built-in HDD can be removed and replaced, you want to strengthen the performance can also replace it with a simple SSD. Finally the actual measurement S56C with the battery weighs about 2.284Kg. Body thickness, the thickness of the front of the fuselage is about 20.38mm. Body the end was measured after approximately 20.99mm.

ASUS also the era of the cloud on the recently introduced laptop equipped with the ASUS WebStorage cloud hard drive storage, the use of methods and the iCloud Apple provides the same purpose, can sync back up your data, but also through wisdom APP of the type of mobile device applications, multimedia files of laptop and smart mobile devices can share, and whether the working calendar, web browsing labels can also be synchronized to share.

Before using this feature must first apply for a group of the WebStorage the account password. In the software configuration options you can adjust the user interface and upload speeds, and can also network the proxy server settings. After the opening of accounts, The ASUS S56CM Battery see a MySyncFolder the folder on the desktop, this time can be to want to share files directly copied to this folder in the software, you can see the folder using the state with large refresh button. Advanced automatic synchronization option can be checked in the settings menu. Of course, users can also choose the location of the synchronized folder. Data backup menu, in addition to default my documents and my desktop folder, but also can select their own backup folder you want, it is also very convenient to use.

Also, if you want, and mobile device synchronization, it is necessary to Apple or Android application marketplace to download the application. First to see ASUS WebStorage application on the iPad, this application also supports the iPhone and iPod Toch series. After downloading, you can see a WebStorage more application icons on the desktop. Use the application just on the computer account password to log in. Can I start using. Can press the catalog button to see a lot of options on the iPad, contains MySyncFolder marked with an asterisk, and another can also be found on the smart mobile device can only sync music and photos and other multimedia files.

Folder into the file, just synchronize data on your computer, after logging in can see the iPad synchronous speed to be considered soon. Photo browsing mode, you can also rename and so on. The addition can also be shared through Facebook and e-mail. Share from your computer to a mobile device to share data from mobile devices to your computer, including photos, video files, text files and music files can be uploaded onto the cloud folder.

Settings menu you can see that the free use of space in the current account information, the original 32GB, if you want to increase the storage space, then will have to spend extra money to buy.

Search in the Android Market is the name of the ASUS WebStorage can download the application. Also use the same account password to login, ready to use. Can use the total space is 32GB, the expiration time is 2015/8/18, use a period of about three years. After entering the application, or you can see the folder menu of MySyncFolder can see the files in the PC folder.

Marked with an asterisk is used to mark the common files, belonging to facilitate the use of options. Synchronized data in the PC folder into the file, after 1-2 seconds after seen on a mobile device to synchronize files. Into the recently updated menu you can see the various synchronization of multimedia files. The music files can be played directly to listen, no additional storage in order to use and very convenient design.


ASUS K56 with a ASUS A41-K56 Battery thin this using the most popular chocolate keyboard, black matte texture of the keycap, feel comfortable. If you can add backlight, it is very perfect. Above the keyboard, you can clearly see a sign of the Dolby sound, so ASUS S56C notebook can enjoy the perfect sound effects. In addition ASUS S56C light of this cooling system is also very unique inhalation of the internal body, the air inlet from the keyboard gap, and then excreted in the left cooling window, the design showing the ASUS S56C details in place.

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