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In 2008, ASUS has launched the U6V bamboo this more primitive bamboo pattern as the roof, natural more thoroughly. These two strange vanguard of environmental protection products, has a mature technology and good practical performance, but because production is less expensive and eventually become conceptual products. Today, the ASUS Bamboo Series finally made the mass production-U53S following a ten thousand yuan, it has a more mature and engaging design, but also adds some new technologies, such as of USB 3.0, such as NVIDIA Optimus.

At the same time, it also retained the tradition of the Bamboo series: the top cover and wrist rest with a whole bamboo, the concept of environmental protection extends to the design and manufacturing sectors. Compared to the previous two generations of products, and why the asus U53S the design more mature and stable? Whether the top cover and wrist rest bamboo materials take into account the environmental aesthetics and practicality? This article will examine each of the presents the answers to these questions.

Roof made of bamboo? In surprise, looking forward to more than you will with the MC evaluation engineer with the thought of this new material, the strength to protect the display can achieve? Compared with the plastic or alloy material, bamboo material advantage? Then we first have to appreciate this unique bamboo roof, again to verify whether it can achieve the required strength of roof material.

U53S and authentic bamboo color and texture, appearance and three years ago, bamboo, this U6V the biggest difference-U53S smoked process, Yan Qu bamboo have been slightly complicated lines with the original ecology of color, instead, is a dark brown interspersed with subtle stripes. If the natural the U6V look slightly modified a bit rough, U53S is fine with a deep processing of high-grade furniture, bringing different style and before. Relatively speaking, U53S less a bit in particular, but the grade increased by a lot, low-key reveals a luxury. Notebook computers, after all, mobile products, more opportunities to access a variety of occasions, slightly more U53S with ASUS U53S Battery this somewhat stable roof approach, so that our praise.

The roof on both sides, U53S around the bamboo material inlaid circle of chrome-plated metal strips, close to the shaft part of the decorative wide, from the visual fusion with the shaft can then narrow the remaining triangular, complete coverage of live edge side . Full of these decorative metallic luster, just in stark contrast with the matt surface of bamboo, bright silver roof brown with a clever visual design to enhance a sense of quality, of course, with Asia light brushed metal, and perhaps there will be another story.


PConline evaluation room for everyone, today is a new generation of stars in the family of the ASUS notebook business the ASUS U53SD, it uses Intel's latest generation of IVB platform Core i5-3210M processor with AMD Radeon HD 7650M discrete graphics card (2GB significant deposit), 4GB DDR3 1600 RAM and 640GB HDD hard drive. As for this business of this in the end like ASUS publicity as a "star"? After reading this review may be able to get the answer you want.

Just got the ASUS U53SD business this time, I feel that its appearance and ASUS business before this has not changed much, but after Alice "ass" is particularly interesting, but this is because it is equipped with a 9-cell battery results time natural life greatly increased As for the number of hours, we'll come back to make a detailed description.

The ASUS U53SD top cover and keyboard surface metal materials and design, not only can effectively enhance the machine under pressure on the wear resistance performance as always. Slightly different keyboard surface metal mosaic consists of two parts, the palm rest part of the metal with the top cover of the same drawing process embedded which borders part of the metal wrapped body and matte process, somewhat like one forming process design.

ASUS U53SD 14-inch LED-backlit display, the best resolution of 1366 x 768 For the purposes of business this, this would not have too much Tucao top of the screen for the front camera. The maximum open angle of the machine is about 135 °, but due to the tilt of the rear fuselage, this perspective has been shrunk to a certain extent, but this does not affect the daily office use.

The ASUS U53SD business of the adopted popular chocolate keyboard, the keys feel good, the key-way medium, the elasticity is also good, we have just mentioned U53SD with ASUS U53SD Battery rear fuselage lifted, when you're typing this advantage is quite obviously, have a significant slope, so typing for a long time and not feel tired. In the top left of the keyboard power button, top right of the browser and Wifi shortcut keys, and the rest of the shortcut keys are integrated into the F1-F12 keys.

Can be seen at close range "ASUS" logo firmly embedded in the middle of the top cover, top cover dark brown Yan Qu bamboo original color, but still be able to see some horizontal lines.


Matte display + ultra-narrow screen border seems to have become a landmark feature of the TOSHIBA laptop, this test TOSHIBA Tecra R940 is no exception, the 30mm thickness of +368 mm length, the Tecra R940 more than the ordinary 15-inch notebook slim and compact, It also the same with ordinary 15-inch notebook equipped with high-performance GT650M graphics, with excellent gaming performance, then the next we walked into the common TOSHIBA the Tecra R940.

Each notebook will be launched by the notebook manufacturers with their own unique style, the TOSHIBA brand new Tecra R940 is no exception, its body color TOSHIBA laptop gray, tough and agile body lines, with a strong sense of technology .In the body on the roof material, TOSHIBA Tecra R940 aluminum alloy material, the surface is specially treated with a similar metallic luster of stainless steel products. In addition, the above it is also dotted with small black dots and a touch of brushed texture, looks quite chic.

TOSHIBA Tecra R940 inherited TOSHIBA laptop slim body design, the body thickness of about 30mm and super pole this also there are some gaps, but to be regarded as a very thin thickness in the 15-inch notebook. The whole weight TOSHIBA the Tecra R940 bare metal weight of 2.5kg, plus adapter after the whole weight 2.95kg than the ordinary 14-inch notebook, slightly heavier, it is recommended to use a backpack to carry out. The TOSHIBA550P series includes 17-inch and 15 inch in two sizes, this test, the Tecra R940 is equipped with 15.6 inches 1366 × 768 resolution glare mist surface display, the ultra-narrow screen frame design, the fuselage length and width of approximately 368 × 243mm slightly smaller than the ordinary 15-inch notebook.

The design of the keyboard surface, TOSHIBA Tecra R940 and TOSHIBA Tecra R940 Battery most of the 15-inch notebook, providing a chiclet keyboard with numeric keypad area above the keyboard is not equipped with a separate shortcut keys, using a mesh ornament ornaments following coverage There are two speakers, as a whole gives a concise and clear feeling. Sorry for TOSHIBA the Tecra R940 keyboard has a backlight function.

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