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Everyone in the highly anticipated 2012 "doomsday" when the one-year term of the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2013 Reloaded, the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition can be seen as the industry leader, new products and new technology in the coming year, the forward-looking presentation, the CES exhibition as consumer electronics "T-Shape" never a lack of entertainment, including Intel, Microsoft and various OEM manufacturers, at least come up with some wide open vision products and new technology, the PC industry recovers by Internet impact under war, people CES2013 full of anticipation.


Beginning last year, we saw at the show, those kinds of touch screen Win8 become the effective strength of the PC confrontation tablet and mobile devices, to fight the tablet and mobile Internet devices, the confrontation, the deformation of this also let some of our fusion signs, then in the post-PC era, notebook / ultra-pole of this on behalf of the PC industry in the new year, and in the end will continue to the manner in which it believe the CES2013 would give some answer.

Users now may have forgotten at last year's CES, Intel introduced a concept called Nikiski ultra-extreme, keyboard below is part of the whole slice transparent touchpad extends to the palm rest in the laptop piece of glass plate mode can be used as a touch pad, when the touch-screen tablet mode can use this concept of the deformation over most of this earliest form, the exhibition this tablet and ultra-extreme fusion must also continue.


From these deformation touch screen this rotation, flip, dual slide so the deformation has almost run out, the deformation hoped again drastic change would mean to give up the results of research and development, and re-enter the new work which, even many manufacturers have been related technologies applied for a patent, completely overturned change is clearly unrealistic So the deformation line in CES2013 on a bright this should just based on the original be improved.

The first batch of deformation this is not perfect, although efforts in R & D in order to adapt the touch screen and the shaft is perfect, but there's listing will slowly found, like Asus TAICHI the dual in two people at the same time when the screen viewing angle problem, Toshiba, Sony laptop mode cable bare problems Lenovo Yoga weight in tablet mode, these issues are not fatal, but it affects the user experience, this year 2013 may be targeted for improvement.


ASUS U58C with 4cell ASUS U58C Battery surface of the notebook cover is made of ABS engineering plastic as its main material, drawing style, visual perception, and impact are not a small upgrade. The shiny paint surface will still leave some trace of fingerprints, but not obvious. Roof edge, and the four corners of a sleek curved handle makes the grip feel the increase.


Deformation of the 2.0 does not substantially change another reason that the market share gradually Distribution since October, the sales results of these deformation of this website Jingdong Suning Tesco, Amazon and other electricity providers and people can not satisfaction, in addition to the Lenovo Yoga, ThinkPad S230u cumulative sales of 100 units or more, the state of deformation touch-screen version of Basic is not in stock, users concerned about the enthusiasm overvalued, in this case, if a comprehensive facelift, you will lose part of have purchased the product user trust.

CES2013 show, touch screen deformation no accident, then, certainly there will be new was born, but the hope of recreating the Golden Age have been unlikely after time after acute sprint deformation over most of this need by the exhibition of 2012 settle down, 2013 is the real battlefield.


ASUS U48C notebook with 14.4V ASUS U48CM Battery and 14-inch anti-glare screen, the best resolution of 1366 × 768, display clear and accurate image screen. The machine also provides image enhancement engine technology, further optimization to improve image color and screen colors, enhance contrast and high-resolution image effects, especially users under strong light, the anti-glare screen to avoid reflections, and therefore does not affect the user's visual experience.


Bring touch-screen era, the physical keyboard appears by many manufacturers as a class accessories, so we saw the Samsung Smart PC and Acer W510 type of sub-size laptop keyboard separately dismantled (or with keyboard Pad) in need edit content plug the keyboard, and the other time to use the touch screen to carry out the operation, the keyboard and touchpad touchscreen weaken and PC tablet to carve up the market to form an interesting correspondence between.

CES 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, the touch screen and a physical keyboard game becomes very Aspect, on the one hand, is a loyal supporter of the physical keyboard, notebook / ultra-pole of this should be a keyboard, physical feedback, insist on early input experience on the touch screen, these people usually scoff that the touch screen no feedback the added vibration function not defined directional supporters of the touch screen firmly believe that the only way to remove the physical keyboard is highly portable For commonly used to write e-mail, chat and other work, the touch screen can also be a very good adaptation.


Eye tracking technology is more important contribution to the layout of the website page, you can more quickly understand people's glasses in which the residence time of the block longer, of course, there are some recommendations on the packaging of the product design, Unilever Axe shower gel bottle redesign, build a 3D simulation environment, and people wear glasses traceable eye movement test results overturned the original design. Original Axe bottle was designed as a straight line, and now instead curve.


Google Glass is most likely to achieve the eye pursuit control of equipment, then which vendors will be able to CES 2013 pre-empted it? Can see, interactively become the protagonist of the new technologies, new technology CES 2013, we are only carried out part of the speculation, as well as some new results such as EEG control, wireless charging technology is also very likely show exhibited, in short, an old saying goes, let's wait and see.


ASUS U58C notebook with 4cell ASUS U58CM Battery and keyboard base, with a coating coloring design, the upper half of the top cover color consistent, palm rest, touchpad interface side of the area using the same roof color as parcels, while maintaining the overall color of a relatively uniform the premise, but also some layering. The machine's keyboard layout is more compact 14-inch design models.


Microsoft release Windows 8, the way to launch a Tablet PC Surface Tablet PC with the iPad, Surface has an integrated keyboard features magnetic protection cover through the magnetic adsorption and flip, protective cover becomes a external keyboard, this creative ability is draw to your notebook up it?


In my opinion, Microsoft Surface SmartCover very high degree of completion, but a lot of use in notebook / ultra extreme of the need to overcome the problem, the first is the heat, Tablet PC X86 Core architecture after the fan is removed, the body heat becomes very difficult, and most of the hardware needs to be focused on the screen, the thermal design requirements exacerbate, the other is the cost issue, the keyboard from the "built-in" becomes expensive accessories, consumers will foot the bill it?


ASUS U48C with ASUS U48CA Battery also uses the popular chocolate keyboard, 2mm key process control to ensure a good typing feel is also very good, at the same time, anti-gray effect between the keys. In addition to the power button, ASUS U48C did not design the shortcut keys of any entity, but rather a collection of these features on the FN combination of function keys, press the FN + F6, F7 and F8 direct volume control FN + F5 to switch contact control board functions. In addition, the direction keys are also independent, also in order to reduce the probability of inadvertently when typing.


Games this as a unique branch of the notebook, its superb performance, handsome appearance as well as the rich people can afford the price of the average consumer who did not dare close, but this year the situation is different, "high handsome rich "likely was a counter-attack, some of the low price of the game in this or gradually toward the foreground.

Before sessions of the CES show and there is no lack of the game fever surprise in this, but almost all of us are more familiar with the brand, like Alienware, radium, Earth, Asus G ROG, Acer, predators, etc., but this year very different approach in the notebook market saturated era games this becomes one of the few can walk the road.


ASUS U58C with high apacity ASUS U58CA Battery entire C-face design does not use one style, we can see the palm rest area with a silver coating to form a clear division with the keyboard area. The wrist rest surface after the particle type Process, palm friction and support effect is further enhanced, while frequently used, it will not be because of the erosion of the sweat of faded phenomenon Diaoqi. The ASUS U48C the interface layout is relatively comprehensive, the left side of the fuselage from left to right order is the power connector, RJ-45 Ethernet port, D-Sub video output port, HDMI high definition video output port, and 2 × USB3.0 interface . Video output There are two, not only with the current mainstream HDMI interface, as well as to take into account the old D-Sub interface equipment.

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