ASUS Universal Laptop Battery and ACER TravelMate 6595 Battery coming

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"I need the laptop battery life time is long enough," I need a wireless information is good enough, surfing the web faster, to seize the business opportunities for my "I need the laptop longer life, easy for me to save the replacement frequency and costs," "I need a computer said use, security and business elites. In recent years, with the shrewd and pragmatic business people have rising demand for notebook computers, a simple routine office demand is no longer the only indicator of the business people consider the notebook computer, inventive, they are gradually coming to look at the laptop more experience.


In this mobile commerce arena, Acer to provide reliable and easy-to-use products allow people to easily enjoy the advanced technology, as the surge of the shock wave, accounting for the horizons of the high-end business elite. In the near conference, Acer's new full debut, and immediately attracted the attention of many people. Which a high-security, high-performance notebook Acer TravelMate 6595G attractive.


Acer technological innovation always reflected in the nuances, people feel more intimate. The Acer wireless signal enhancement technology, no letter signals enable commercial users to receive more, unlimited Internet access faster, Acer's proprietary technology really allows users to feel with anytime, anywhere to enjoy the thrill of surfing the web.

Standby time, Acer intelligent charging management technology, using the 6-cell battery, standby time up to 8 hours, the business elite do not have to worry about looking for fast charging equipment.


battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 7800mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  410g
Color: Black


ACER TravelMate 6595 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
3ICR19/66-2 934T2078F AS10D
AS10D31 AS10D3E AS10D41
AS10D51 AS10D5E AS10D61
AS10D71 AS10D73 AS10D7E
AS10D75 AS10D81 AS10G31


Fit machine:
ACER TravelMate 6595 Series  ACER TravelMate 6595G Series  ACER TravelMate 6595T Series 
ACER TravelMate 6595TG Series

"I need a laptop live longer." This is the actual monologue of a business elite, the Acer TravelMate 6595 has a unique smart-dust fan, what can it do? Boot the fan pros and cons for 30 seconds, the last accumulation of dust can not be left over, which greatly increased the thermal efficiency, the system will naturally be more stable, extend notebook life is certainly reached.


The Acer TravelMate 6595 can not only meet the needs of high-end business customers, such as fingerprint recognition, hard disk password lock, and comprehensive extensibility. Can give you more, with the second generation of intelligent Intel ® Core ™ vPro ™ processor I5/I7, high-performance Intel ® QM67 Express chipset, the strong performance to improve efficiency of accelerator. Is worth mentioning that it's super waterproof and super shock-, the real pulse of customer needs, secure.


Acer TravelMate 6595 In addition to the emphasis on security, stability, also pay attention to a more stylish design, enhanced functionality and closer to the needs of users, also need your personal experience, come to feel it to believe it is you the most sensible choice.


To get the Acer TravelMate 6595 very pleasant surprise, was seen in the microblogging Acer's new product launch can apply the experience to sign up, did not expect the true honor of the first to experience the Acer TravelMate family, new 6595. And buy something different from the previous cursory experience experience, the experience of nearly twenty days, I experience the TravelMate 6595 humane care, but also the maximum extent to meet the business needs of the author's.


ASUS Universal Laptop Battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Output Voltage::  10VDC-19VDC
Capacity: 50Wh / 9Cell
Weight:  380g
Dimensions: 223.00 x 70.10 x 22.00 mm
Color: Black
Property: ASUS Universal Laptop Battery


Fit machine:
ASUS Laptop(All) ASUS Netbook(All) ASUS Notebook(All)
ASUS Eee PC(All) ASUS Zenbook(All) ASUS UltraBook(All)


For the work of the author in education consulting industry, regardless of the daily office, travel, or for client presentation and storage of important documents, the notebook can be said is the most important office tool, which not only have to meet the day-to-day office and travel needs , and is part of personal image. So my laptop has a critical requirement.

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