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Recently, Asus launched its X Series product X401U, compared to the previous generation, with a comprehensive upgrade. Referred to the Asus X series, I am afraid the impression very deep, appearance, personality style, configuration, mainstream, excellent workmanship, the price is very civilians, cost-effective, Asus X series has always had a very broad consumer audience.


It is worth mentioning is that the ASUS the X401U using the latest Ivy Bridge platform processor. At this point from Intel, Ivy Bridge, platform processors have been the past month, based on this platform notebooks on the market today not many can be seen from the the ASUS action fast, and quickly occupied the market new field.


Ivy Bridge platform processors compared to the previous generation has been a great upgrade. The new platform using the new 22nm manufacturing process, not only more powerful, fever, lower. Recently, Asus X401U reach YORK testing room, so I was curious adopted a new platform processor notebook performance exactly how improved, and proven not to be the vendor's side of the story on this machine for a detailed evaluation.


Furthermore, we will increase the quality, open anti-aliasing, screen option in the system specifications for high-moment game is running frames maintained at about 36fps, 30fps smooth above the critical exponent, although the game is running is quite smooth. no significant Caton, but data is still relatively low, only just pass it, from the reflection of the graphics performance.


Pleased with the author, the top part of the warm golden suit groove design, this groove design can not only increase the frictional resistance, the effective non-slip, the more important point is not easily contaminated with fingerprints. Used piano paint shell friends will know, piano paint looks bright as a new look on the grade, as long as the take will be stained with a few obvious fingerprints, If you do not wipe, the notebook outside looks a large painted face. Groove design, you will not see the kind of unsightly fingerprints, clean up is also very convenient, just gently wipe. And roof materials used in high-strength engineering plastic, high pressure, or flexibility.


On the configuration of this machine are in the upstream level, then it work and how performance, the following let us step by step to a comprehensive understanding of the ASUS X401U with a 4400mAh ASUS X401U Battery. Unpack this machine, to take in his hand feels quite weighty. After all, it is not positioned at thin portable this, carry out may not be very convenient.

For a limited budget but want to buy a high-performance notebook, ASUS has always been a good choice. The brand laptop has certain advantages not only in the price, also provides a wealth of models using different hardware with today, we have reviewed this X501U is a position higher-end products.


Hardware configuration, this ASUS X501U-i7 D1 notebook using a combination of second-generation Core i7 2630QM processor and the AMD Radeon HD 6770M discrete graphics processors with 4 cores and 8 threads in the multi-core operations The performance is quite outstanding. The HD 6.77 thousand this year, AMD launched the latest generation of the main entertainment card that belongs in the HD 6000 series graphics card positioned in the high-end products.

Out of cost considerations, this ASUS X501U in the fuselage to select a plastic material, but due to the structural design and production process, its body still maintained a certain hardness. Imitation of the texture of the metal wire drawing production effect is very beautiful in appearance, coupled with the surface of the film, the actual feel very mellow, users can use to feel better visual effects and touch.


The X501U to provide users with three USB 2.0 ports, a USB3.0 port, one HDMI, one VGA connector, an RJ45 (network cable) interfaces, a speaker jack, 1 set of headphones / Mike jack, and more than one card reader. In addition to three USB 2.0 interface is set at the outside of the right side of the fuselage, and other interfaces are arranged in the fuselage on the left front position, the overall interface layout slightly nervous.


The aircraft is equipped with a 14-inch glossy display, a standard resolution of 1366 x 768 screen border with the effect of class piano for processing, this approach, although beautiful, but in the light environment is also relatively easy and the screen to form an overall reflective, thus affecting the user's visual experience.


In addition to the standard keyboard area and power, the machine does not provide redundant function shortcut keys, you want to achieve the rapid use of the corresponding function need to use the Fn plus the corresponding function keys combinations to achieve. The X501U with ASUS X501U Battery the keyboard keys with a stepped design of duckweed, the keycap area wider and back elastic characteristics of a large, hard feel in the actual test performance, not suitable for long text class operation.


Original netbook products with accurate market positioning, and price advantages, has been in the notebook market occupies a significant place in terms of performance, failure to timely follow-up and other reasons, these products are already in position rather awkward on the other. In this environment, AMD introduced this year, APU (accelerated processing unit) can be described as the effect of netbooks play a temporary relief. So we see the brand in the small size notebook, have adopted the APU platform to launch new products, of which, the flagship of the brand DELL's Inspiron slim mobile One P series of Inspiron 5323 is a used APU platform 11 inches notebook.


A surface in the middle for the DELL unlimited meaning of the symbols, the top compared with the DELL logo, design style is relatively simple, but due to the material of the reflective element, so there is no lack of fashion sense due to the appearance of the paint so it is inevitably exposed to fingerprints.


Aircraft the B-side screen borders part of the common class piano effect for processing, the use of such treatment of the screen frame has a beautiful, but also exposed to the characteristics of the fingerprint. In addition, the machine uses a glossy screen, in line with this screen borders, may be formed in the light environment, the overall reflective causing users to watch for the inconvenience, but the top of the screen is a 1.3 million pixel camera.


Today's 13-inch small size of the APU platform are similar in configuration, this is no exception in the Inspiron 5323, it is equipped with AMD's E-350 processor, the processor is integrated HD6310 graphics card also comes standard with 2GB of DDR3 1333 memory, and 320GB 5400 rpm hard drive. Weighs 1.4kg, while the red and black body design is very lively, coupled with on a longer life time, making this small is ideal for travel use as a second notebook portable.

In design and materials, this DELL Inspiron 5323 with DELL Inspiron 5323 Battery much like the 13z a smaller version of the shell using the mainstream of conventional composite materials production, all-black body and joined the piano baking, while a good balance the cost and safety, and aesthetic factors. Top cover aircraft with a high hardness in the actual test with the palm of your hand to squeeze, results are not significant drop in sink, indicating that the machine top cover has a pretty good resistance to stress, can be effective for the screen physical security to help.


With the core hardware performance in recent years, increased dramatically, we are very pleased to see that positioning high-end entertainment notebook in terms of game performance, unlike the gap between the desktop a few years ago as insurmountable. This phenomenon has also led to a growing group of users concerned about these products, coupled with a high-end positioning products to some extent, also on behalf of a brand's image, is always very intense competition between these products. From the current products on the market, DELL laptop in the performance of high-end product line is quite eye-catching, the Inspiron and Alienware series of products have achieved good results, and today we want to introduce this product is the latest of the year Inspiron 5423.


Readers familiar with the Inspiron series must have already known from the models, the Inspiron 5423 is a 14-inch DELL official website, we have seen, based on the processor the Inspiron 5423 There are two basic styles, and we received to send test sample is to use a high version of the second-generation Core i7 2630QM processor. This machine configured high-performance processor with the GT 540M discrete graphics, 750GB 7200 RPM high-capacity hard drives and 8GB of DDR3 1333 memory, the performance of the machine in the office, entertainment from the perspective of these core components are quite worth the wait.


Entertainment applications as a positioning notebook, the Inspiron 5423 in addition to using has a 2GB memory the NVIDIA GT 540M discrete graphics, but also with its B + RG screen and JBL brand audio and subwoofer, provides users with a high quality audio-visual enjoyment of the effect. From a positioning point of view, a full range of Inspiron 5423 Price is within the range of 8000-10000 yuan, while the product compared with other brands in the yuan actually, the series of models is more obvious advantages in this regard.


This the Inspiron 5423 in the shape still adhering to the mold style used by the previous generation, the body material aspects of the use of metal and plastic mix and match the corners and borders part of the extensive use of the smooth processing, thick body is contributed to the cooling performance. Aircraft roof performed well in terms of hardness testing, we will hand squeeze put on the roof, did not show significant deformation, indicating that it can provide better protection for the screen.


Screen borders part of the keyboard side of the Inspiron 5423 with DELL Inspiron 5423 Battery strong metal texture, light gray surface A top cover to form an overall style gray in color, while the part of the palm rest and keyboard area border use of metal materials and facilities metal wire drawing process. Can be seen from the figure, the machine provides the user with standard-size keyboard, but does not set a separate numeric keypad area, in testing, we feel that the keyboard key way back to force a sense of relatively modest performance can be avoided user more suitable for prolonged use in operations such as word processing or games for a long time for finger fatigue. In addition, the touch pad of the machine using the common one-piece design and a large range of left and right buttons the key-way medium, to combat flu, better ease of use.

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