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"Efficiency" is the value proposition for business users, so the notebook must have a strong hardware performance to calmly deal with a variety of complex matters. So this time we will focus on the actual office processing as a test, although there is too much business office with severe applications, but all kinds of complex work is needed to quickly process and timely completion. First, let us conduct a series of simulations through PCMark 7 benchmark tests to see if this IdeaPad X450 Touch overall performance.


CINEBENCH is a recognized benchmark software, the majority of the mainstream media at home and abroad performance test system can be seen in its presence. It uses the company's film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. Wherein the single core and multi-core test pieces score is calculated separately, in addition, it also provides a test of OpenGL.


CINEBENCH R10 mainly in multi-thread based, IdeaPad X450 equipped with ASUS X450CA Battery and Intel Core i7-3537U mononuclear won 5352 points, while the multi-core performance is 11030 points, in the present over most of the mobile processor be a more high-end, the overall The performance is quite strong.


IdeaPad X450 Touch equipped with Intel Core i7-3537U, dual nuclear power plant thread in Fritz Chess Benchmark eventually won 5337 points, equivalent to P3 1.0GHz of 10.91 times, excellent performance multicore processing. Especially if you are running multiple software or program, powerful multi-core processing capabilities, allowing notebook at the same time to complete more work.


PPT software is a software used for business people one of the longest, whether you give customers to submit proposal, or summary of the work, etc., will be used in this ASUS X450JF Battery software. For testing the software we chose a more extreme form, the selection of a capacity of up to 630Mb, single PPT is 50, which is the content contains graphic elements, we reboot the notebook prior to testing in order to completely release the cached content.


Open Power Point 2011, we run and turn it 100 PPT document, while open Task Manager to monitor changes in processor utilization. In fact, the 100 is a document processor for notebook no small challenge, when you press the Enter key after the official start of the document is loaded, while the mouse pointer becomes a circle. Wait 20 seconds or so, 100 documents have all been opened, during which time we have seen less than 10% from the processor quickly raised to about 43%. However, because of the more powerful processor performance, utilization did not improve to 80% or more, users can also take advantage of this part of the CPU resources to handle some of the other work, such as: chat tools, browsers, and applications such as Word documents.


May 31, 2013 at 10 am, ASUS computer network Co., Ltd., general manager of product management, Mr. Dong Yi live video guest room, in today's interview, Mr. Dong Yi will show the majority of users and introduces a newgeneration of TOSHIBA laptop, including S40, L40 and C40, and other series of new products, then this ASUS online conference brought us what new products and new technologies?


In addition to product design itself outside, Mr. Dong Yi also tells us about the advantages of new technology drives. If the notebook with the SSD solid state drive, the mainstream of the price is certainly not low, in order to achieve the effect of having a SSD computing speed, but also cut the price down, ASUS engineers developed a hard disk accelerator, based on a combination of hardware and software technology solution that is simple to ASUS says the hardware and software used the extra memory as a disk cache.

Appearance, this notebook uses a glossy cover, according to the engineer's description of this sparkling cover is called a deep dark brown polycarbonate ASUS X450CC Battery material. Although this material is easy to leave fingerprints, but as long as regular cleaning is still very beautiful, and the bottom is matte black synthetic plastic, as a notebook, appearance is not very prominent, but it is easy and office environment or family environmental integration.


Lightweight and slim ultra-extreme compared to this notebook only with huge to describe. Its thickness is so super this does not seem strong. But in general the more light the more expensive laptop, this laptop is not only brought heavy solid feel, and the price is able to do less. Although lightweight laptop which can be used in the mobile office take, but in the everyday office or home use in the case of fixed not so handy. And this ASUS X450 notebook a sense of heavy use in a fixed desktop environment that is more realistic feel.


X450 with ASUS X450VE Battery seamless touchpad is partly based on the design, the touch pad surface finish through the small bumps feel and touch positioning needs. But we do not therefore believe that this can be waterproof notebook touchpad, mouse buttons below the touchpad gap can flow into the liquid, so it is best not to drink coffee in the vicinity of this notebook.


This notebook uses a resolution of 1366x768 LCD screen, this screen is not touch-enabled, that is the normal display. But now people are looking for Win8 touch function repercussions, 10:00 crappy touch and dual interface design does not bring any appeal.


Although the top of the screen the number of pixels of the camera is not very distinguished, but as far as we did test his balance is in place, the incandescent, fluorescent or low-light situations, the background environment to restore good character facial color is better. Acoustics in this price segment of the notebook which is a relatively pleasant surprise, though far from good, but the sound is not thin, but also can put big sound without splitting. This notebook is fairly comprehensive interface, USB3.0, audio and video interface has, probably because of cost considerations, this notebook does not configure Bluetooth, but wireless card or standard.


Although this X450 notebook with ASUS X450J Battery looks relatively heavy, but because of cost considerations do not adopt more CellQTY and larger capacity battery, this notebook in the continuous playback of DVD movie tests, the battery in the case of full release continued 3 hours and 27 minutes, it can be said that law-abiding behavior.

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