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With last year's release of the AMD APU, ASUS X series also launched a high-cost notebook equipped with APU design and X45V exactly the same, just the hardware configuration of the AMD platform, while we test X45VD today so its fuselage mold new X45V exactly the same, but the hardware configuration is equipped with AMD's new generation of the APU and the price is much cheaper than X45V, then compared the X45V it more suitable for what kind of user to select? The overall performance can meet our needs? Working with the material has shrunk? The next test will answer your questions.


The X45VD with the ordinary version of the the X45V body mold completely, cover to use the same new generation Hyun brushed steel material, surface rendering semi-specular effect has brushed Obscure, look both texture of the metal, and piano paint luster. As mentioned earlier, X45VD new generation X45V the same replacement body cap, sliding the latch at the rear of the fuselage can easily remove the cover to be replaced.


Although the the beautiful body cap X45VD with 6cell ASUS X45VD Battery, but the screen surface and keyboard surface is not the same with the top cover with warm and beautiful color, but choose a cool dark gray. Configure the judges on the screen, X45VD equipped with 14-inch 1366 x 768 resolution display, although the effect is not prominent, but the matte texture screen border more wear than those mirror effect screen border, routine maintenance easier. In terms of size and weight, X45VD standards body has a traditional 14-inch notebook, 2.2kg bare metal weight suitable for use backpacks to carry out, of course, use a laptop bag can also just a long time carrying a relatively easy fatigue.


When most manufacturers are in pursuit of the ultimate lightweight ultra-extreme thickness of 20.5mm HP 2170p turned out, as if out of tune with the so-called values ​​of these manufacturers, but in fact, this 2170p is to bring together the industry's top design process by create the most suitable for the beloved 14-inch ultra-extreme user, which uses Intel's latest high performance and low power consumption of the third-generation Core i5 processor also has a decent graphics processor, enough to deal with from the office and entertainment and multiple needs, the more amazing, this HP 2170p over most of this most important speed wake-up function is outstanding, only 4 seconds to resume from hibernation to the previous state, compared to almost 3-fold increase in the previous generation product, gather, 2170p can make users feel optimal experience, always exudes the charm of the U-U children.


If you are a video enthusiast, able to complete the work and hope anywhere, then definitely you want to select a very strong processor performance notebook Core i7 quad-core course is the best option, not only have higher primary frequency, and multi-threading and Turbo Boost Technology can be a burst of more powerful processing efficiency. Especially in solving large-capacity video files, and require fast encoding, the transcoding processing time, played a crucial role in an outstanding performance processor. Many professional video editing software to support Intel processors optimized configuration SSD Solid State Drive for accelerated video clip and processing will have unexpected results.


Any computer experience, are fast enough basis to establish if a buy a new computer, open a program is necessary for several seconds, or even ten seconds, that users will have no sense to spend money to enjoy feeling, as an important strategic product of HP computers, HP 2170p ultra-pole of this is also adhering to the speed for the first tailored boutique. With the top four seconds Speed ​​Sleep wake-up function, breathing room to complete the conversion from hibernation to restore the last desktop, Imagine using 2170p top features, we can require mobile office, push the button, when taken together over most of this to go to reach the client meeting, open the cover, the same touch of an instant return to the state before sleeping, our wisdom of presents for customers, while all this thanks to its adopted The solid-state hard drive with hardware optimized Moreover, HP 2170p with 6cell HP MI06 Battery boot speed increased seven-fold compared to the previous generation of products, and even software start-up time is also reduced by an average of three seconds, can enable the users to enjoy a quality experience brought about by the speed.


The unusually strong determination ASUS enter the notebook market as a board leader. Until today, we have ushered in the the ASUS new for - in the field of game X55VD. ASUS X55VD game this is a no-compromise, high-performance, Taiwan, Intel Ivy Bridge platform Core i7 quad-core processor with a the Kepler framework for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M discrete graphics core specification is a high-end level; standard 15.6 inches Full HD LCD screen, built-in Blu-ray burner, supports THX sound quality optimization technology is very suitable for high-definition video playback; using SSD + HDD dual-drive storage scheme to support the Intel Quick Start technology, through the use of its boot, wake speed in no way inferior to over most of this, so that you can quickly return to the game, ready to go to war!


ASUS X55VD notebook combines all the conditions necessary for high-performance gaming models, detailed evaluation immediately offer, do not walk away. Notebook fuselage from ASUS X55VD to create composite materials that cover the use and rare bright yellow ceramic baking process, in addition to the middle of "GIGABYTE" English identity without any decoration, smooth and bright, and create a wild game atmosphere glow users unlimited desire and passion.


X55VD more stylish cylindrical shaft, fuselage side B, C, surface black decorative surface of the drawing process with a chrome ring side, hard-edged. ASUS X55VD notebook with 4700mAh ASUS X55VD Battery interface are arranged in the left and right side, the left side for the power, VGA, eSATA/USB2.0 combo and Blu-ray burner the right headset, two USB3.0 Multi-Card Reader , HDMI cable jack.


Through several shooting Olympic photo Daren understand found that they experienced Olympic field after shooting, shooting skills of individuals in varying degrees has been improved feel, especially with a richer experience in motion capture character skills. Meanwhile, the shooting of the Olympic picture when the pre-conceived and unique perspective of the photographer also have more professional knowledge.

PACKARD BELL EasyNote f series resident in the interface design emphasis on practicality, F4011-side front and rear of the fuselage on the set a lot of expansion interfaces including SD multi-card reader in the middle of the front of the fuselage, the left side of the rear fuselage the keyhole, RJ-45 and Mini HDMI interface, backend the right USB3.0 and Power Interface. This RJ-45 and the rear of the power lights mainstream interface design allows notebook studded expansion device cable will not be too crowded, very suitable for complex business office environment. Three RJ-45, HDMI and power interface design in the body before and after the end of the body left and right sides of the interface design is more elastic. F4011 with 9cell PACKARD BELL EasyNote F4011 Battery left side of the fuselage interface from left to right followed by VGA, headphone / microphone, removable hard disk slot and the business of the common Smart Card slot. The right side of the fuselage interface have eSATA/USB2.0 dual-use interface, USB3.0, removable DVD drive, wireless network switches and 34mm ExpressCard interface, mainstream interface is very complete. 34mm ExpressCard the filling card reader built-in common Latidude models, this is also a scale (positive) and the weight of the unit conversion formula (front and back).

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