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When a notebook product hang "carbon fiber" label, is actually very rare. For now, a large number of carbon fiber used in the civilian field of consumer electronics still some unrealistic the master core specialty original wire technology for carbon fiber technology is also only a few, which means that the domestic manufacturers and the generation of workers manufacturers not to rush to try to extensive use of carbon fiber material in a notebook.


The advantages and disadvantages of the carbon fiber material itself is very clear, first of all the carbon fiber is a conductive material, can directly play the shielding effect of the metal-like, but also relative to the metal alloy for lighter weight, ductility is not lost to the metal material. Carbon fiber in the heat capacity is also significantly better than ABS plastic, heat capacity is the most common notebook materials, carbon fiber shell feels is not hot, while the strength is many times that of the metal and ABS plastic.


Because of this, ASUS the X502C with 4cell ASUS X502C Battery this commercial most of the product selected combination of carbon fiber with alloy material. Alloy hardness quality was not as carbon fiber, but in terms of cost and plasticity alloy has a distinct advantage, the combination of carbon fiber and alloy materials seemingly combines the advantages of both, or with the mainstream of the future for some time.


Of course, Dell Vostro 5460 not only has a strong performance of the hardware, and it pre-installed Genuine Windows 8 operating system, comes with a variety of powerful, simple operation, management and maintenance of the software can let the computer at all times maintain the best condition. However, as a targeting business users, Vostro 5460 did not provide fingerprint recognition sorry, but the official offer of 5,599 yuan or more affordable.


Dell Vostro 5460 is equipped with a the the 51.2Wh 11.4V lithium-ion polymer DELL Vostro 5460 Battery, it runs 293 minutes (4 hours 53 minutes), the average value of this life with similar products in the same environment 5 hours in MobileMark 2007 office mode basic flat. Over most of this as a 5000 yuan, the Dell Vostro 5460 hardware configuration is quite good, Core i5 3317UM processor with the GT630M discrete graphics for mainstream hardware performance, the HM77 chipset with 32GB SSD +500 GB HDD of the match, not only to achieve the Intel Smart Response technology, but also supports the Intel Smart Connect technology, users have the opportunity to experience more complete ultra-extreme.


In order to enhance the thermal performance of the machine, the Dell Vostro 5460 with dual cooling fan design, two fans the middle of a heat pipe covering the GPU and CPU When Vostro 5460 boot when two fans of the wind is quite strong, put your hands on the keyboard can clearly feel the flow of air from the the keyboard slot to the internal body.


Sharp angular styling is perhaps ASUS X502C commercial ultra-pole of this most important feature, and leave alone the use of feed materials, on the corners of the machine as well as the bottom of the fuselage shell angular visual design, I would say that this not "cut cake." Simply gives the impression of this notebook is tough, mature, and this is perhaps the business people want to feel.


Course, so with the notebook product positioning is still high-end, perhaps this is a stick carbon fiber light, since targeting high-end, then the product work presumably should be good is. Want now high-end notebook workmanship is naturally excellent, hard shell with delicate handling, is the best, but, should the material longer fly, will increase the market price down also pays bounties.


Come talk X502C the workmanship, the materials used in the ASUS official propaganda, we understand that this notebook uses a combination of carbon fiber with alloy, when I got this product really did not find the number of plastic components (Ethernet card only simple card The population of the plastic material). The first of the aircraft to cover the use of carbon fiber material, Furthermore fuselage section alloy.


ASUS X502C with 4cell ASUS X502CA Battery the back cover is still relatively easy to win, but it needs to pay attention to both sides of the buckle is connected to the fuselage actually remove the back cover does not need to disassemble the crowbar. But it needs to be noted that the relatively thin metal vents position, improper force would be relatively easy to bend, after all, this part of the metal is really too thin.


ASUS X502C dismantle Bottom remaining as a whole, the various parts of the layout is quite clear and bright. Motherboard size is moderate, and is equipped with two high-density cooling fan, internal design 2.5-inch drive bays. Motherboard compared to the volume of the battery is necessary small a number of restrictions by the internal structure of the piece of the battery body is not doing large area occupied. Before proceeding to the depth of dismantling our first to carefully observe the X502C the internal structure. Overall, X502C fuselage internal structure is quite compact, motherboard, hard bits, batteries and other components are basically can be said is tightly side by side. The cooling module is designed below the screen hinge design ASUS self-UX series to now has been in use.


Carefully, FUJITSU  SH782 with 6cell FUJITSU LifeBook SH782 Battery on some of the details of the design is still very good. For example, the majority of the aircraft internal components posted cushioning foam rubber, there is a connection between the various modules are mostly soft PCB rather than ordinary wire. Of course, the advantages of mixed some minor shortcomings, the arrangement too closely can be said is the largest small drawback.


DELL Support Center backup is actually DELL part of the Backup and Recovery, which supports a system backup, data backup, restore U disk / CD-ROM production system commonly used functions. System recovery operation is difficult and time-consuming, we use a USB2.0 interface 32GB U disk production system recovery disk takes about 20 minutes or so, when the whole system recovery from the U disk takes about 30 minutes The whole recovery process is fairly smooth, just use U disk boot when the need for some of the settings, for beginners, some difficulty in the operation.


The body surface temperature control, pager test after the AIDA64 half hours later, FUJITSU LifeBook SH782 keyboard and FUJITSU LifeBook A512 Battery surface center position there is a small range of heat accumulation and the, here orange part temperature reached about 46 ℃, while the other part of the keyboard surface temperature control in less than 36 ℃. At the bottom of the fuselage, the Dell Vostro 5460 there is a large area of ​​the heat accumulation, cooling hole near the maximum temperature reached 51.2 ° C, it is recommended that we should not placed on the soft surfaces for a long time.

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