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Touch is now notebooks, ultra-pole of this development, this year, Hewlett-Packard products are supported by a variety of touch functionality, we tested ASUS X550 is true, it is equipped with Intel Core I5-3317U processor with GT630M discrete graphics card, support 10 touch, targeted at mainstream users, priced at 5,000 yuan, has a high price, then the next we will conduct in-depth look at the ASUS X550 advantages and disadvantages.


ASUS X550 whole shape design acceptable, body cap with plastic material, the surface with a shiny mirror effect, black flashes on the substrate with scattered sequins. The top cover is opened later, Pavilion TouchSmart 14 Pavilion series shape and style similar to other models, 14.0-inch touch screen is not like other touch products that use a piece of transparent material covering its surface and the general non-touch screen control notebook looks like, embedded in plastic material inside the border.


ASUS X550 overall layout of the keyboard surface and the ASUS 4 essentially the same, with a class above the keyboard trim with a circular hole, a long strip of the left start button, square chocolate keyboard, although it looks very fresh and neat, but the key Cheng and rebound force some deficiencies, knocking up feeling less than ideal.

ASUS X550 with 4cell ASUS X550C Battery integrated toucASUSad and palm rest, touch area slightly to the concave, convex surface has a rule, slide your finger up in the above relatively smooth, separate toucASUSad buttons elastic medium. In addition, there is a round toucASUSad left pits, double-click to turn on / off the toucASUSad.


In the interface configuration, Pavilion TouchSmart 14 and a thickness of approximately 14-inch laptop, providing two USB3 port, an HDMI port, an RJ45 network interface and a USB2.0 interface and headphone microphone composite interface, VGA interface does not provide , up slightly inconvenient for everyday use. ASUS X550 hardware configuration quite satisfactory, it is equipped with at present over most of the years the most widely used Intel Core i5 3337UM processor with 4GB of RAM and a 750GB 5400 rpm hard drive and positioning in the end NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M discrete graphics, with 14.0 inches 1366 × 768 Resolution 10-point touch screen, official offer 5299 yuan.


ASUS X550 with 2900mAh ASUS X550CC Battery Configuration third generation of Intel Core i5-3337U low-power processor, using 22nm 3D transistor technology, and is a super-thin notebook the widespread use of a CPU, CINEBENCH R10 test results from the point of view, i5-3337U 4624 single-threaded score, multi-threaded score 9299, so the results in the mainstream notebooks i3-3310M performance considerably.


NVIDIA GT630M is a new generation of NVIDIA GT600M series graphics positioning the end users of the product, it does not use a new generation of NVIDIA Kepler architecture, but GT500M series follows the previous generation Fermi architecture adopted from 3Dmark VANTAGE GPU item scores to Look, 18705 score alone significantly notebook in the mainstream in the lower-middle level in a resolution of 1366 × 768 deal "Call of Duty 8" This level of 3D games.


ASUS X550 is a touch notebook, its body thickness and extremely the slightly thicker compared to some, but compared to the traditional 14-inch notebooks, TouchSmart 14 will have to slim many, while its whole weight should be slightly lighter, but the weight of 2.355kg bare metal is quite suitable for use backpack carry.


PCMark7 is 2011 Futuremark for Windows 7 operating system, the new generation of the benchmarking tool, which contains seven different test areas by 25 independent workload composition, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other aspects of everyday applications, the test results may reflect the overall performance of the tested models.


From the test results, the ASUS X550 with ASUS X550CA Battery score is not ideal, this is mainly because the level of performance of the disk PCmark7 more sensitive, if you upgrade to SSD solid state hard drive, Pavilion TouchSmart 14 This project will increase more than 40% score, but from daily usage standpoint, Pavilion TouchSmart 14 can provide us with sufficient performance.


In the touch experience, the ASUS X550 configuration supports 10-point touch touch screen, use your finger on the screen, click it, the screen does not appear substantial shaking in Windows 8 operating system support, the normal touch operation is completely no problem. In addition, and as compared with the price of touch notebook, Pavilion TouchSmart 14 screen looks more transparent.


ASUS X73with 9cell ASUS K73BE Battery pager test after 30 minutes after its face-right portion of the keyboard there is a certain heat accumulation, but here the maximum temperature of 42.6 ℃, use only warm feeling. In the bottom of the fuselage, Pavilion TouchSmart 14 opened many vents, heat distribution from the above chart you can see, it is a large area of ​​the bottom of the fuselage showing yellow-green and red, indicating good internal body heat comes out, However, when the need to be careful not to place it on a soft surface, to avoid affecting the cooling effect. From the design to the hardware configuration, the ASUS X550 is not particularly outstanding place, there is no obvious flaws, is a law-abiding touch notebook.


But this is only the traditional form of touch this kind of use. A comprehensive point of view to see any thing. When using your tablet in bed, whether in the arm tired to hold on to it? When you want to lie down and see the movie, is to find something to set it up it? These are some of the problems I encounter when using your tablet daily, while the deformation device will be a better solution to this problem, but taking into account the cost-effective, non-deformation touch this is more suitable for mass consumers.


Traditional notebook surely I do not have much describes how to use, and then the next SAMSUNG for ASUS X550A with ASUS A41-X550A Battery and a new mode of operation of the product, the attempts of several new use. How to use the most comfortable, announced the next page.


The notebook is not a Tablet PC to use on the desk, desk and other places, this mouse and keyboard + touch operation combined use will take up a lot of time. Although we have been accustomed to use in the notebook on the desk, but this habit increased touch operation, is undoubtedly the burden on our arms, and, when the finger touch screen, even if the damper is designed for one-handed opening and closing, the screen will produce trembling.


Sometimes we carry the computer to go out, then the outer table case, processing files, boredom can only ASUS K73BR notebook with ASUS K73BR Battery placed above the knee. Use outside the computer on your lap is the majority of people use, and on his knees touch the computer need to have the bow, and the keyboard part also affect the touch operation. WiFi link Internet is nothing new, so at home they can hold books on the sofa.

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