ASUS X550LB F552C F552CL battery vs DELL 15 7000 Series

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Many people may say that this interface is also how little of it ! Do not worry, the original in the back of the fuselage there are things around. Here we focus on the common extension interfaces : for example HDMI interface , USB3.0 and RJ-45 Ethernet port , etc. Basically, the daily required interfaces are available. Comprehensive point of view , ASUS X550L and not because of the thin body and scalability of the fuselage to make sacrifices , on the contrary it is not only a good control of the thickness of the body , commonly used interfaces are also readily available, sufficient to meet our daily needs.


The machine is equipped with a 14-inch LED-backlit screen, support for 1366 × 768 resolution, at the top of the screen has a high-definition camera for convenient video communications . Bottom of the screen there is an ASUS logo. Body shaft with a sunken shaft design , the use of feeling is very strong, the damping medium . Next we look at the fuselage C-face , in the upper left corner we find C surface engraved with Dolby Home Theater 's logo, which shows the aircraft through the Dolby certified , showing its audio and video entertainment , especially given the audio side there good performance.


ASUS X550LB with 4cell ASUS X550LB Battery dressed in white seems to be in a good show of female users , so there is no extra variegated body is very simple and neat , this design in some places to look is reminiscent of Apple's early " white" , but the difference lies in ASUS using the original U-shaped design, which is in the edge of the hinge is U-shaped , the arc adduction can be reduced to some extent by collision of the body but the risk of damage .


With Intel HD graphics performance continues to increase , the entry-level discrete graphics have been getting smaller and smaller living space , even in the fourth generation Core processor launch, in the end some discrete graphics performance has also been a challenge Core Graphics . Well equipped with HD 4400 Core graphics Ling Yue 14 7000 in the end be able to play what game? HD 4400 Core graphics performance exactly what happened ? Here we take a look.


The test we used video files , the output video parameters are exactly the same as before , so the test results are still very valuable reference . After 8 minutes 24 seconds 668 , the same source has been converted into a piece 1080P HD sources , and time is only third-generation Core i7 processor models about 1 /3 of the improvement is obvious . Therefore, the Dell Inspiron 14 7000 series with DELL Inspiron 7437 Battery relative to older products, in some applications , such as video transcoding , which can effectively save time for the user to obtain a faster experience .


In many mainstream games , "NBA2K" series tend to be entry-level to mid-range over- representation of a game , that is , "NBA2K" series of performance requirements for the hardware than the average of the game is high, but for some , such as " Resident Evil 6 " , " Battlefield 4 " high demand such games, it is for the hardware requirements and also lower, entry- level single game you want to run some difficulty , but midrange graphics card is just right.


Therefore, through this game , we can also determine the current core graphics performance levels represented . In fact, prior to the test in this experience , the author 's actual performance for the HD 4400 is quite confident , so set up a test environment when used directly on the full effects of the model, and because Ling Yue 14 uses a 1366 × 7000 768 resolution , the resolution of the test environment so adjusted to the same situation, let's look at how the actual test results ?

We use CINEBENCH R10 Core i7 4500U processor for the performance of tests, single-core to get 5647 points, good performance , dual -core to get 9590 points, multi-threaded performance is still very good . On the hard side, send test model was equipped with Micron 256GB SSD and mechanical hard drive is not configured , so the data read and write speed is extremely superior , we use the AS SSD hard drive test software performance of these pieces were evaluated , we can refer to the following test results to understand this child SSD performance.


Taking into account users usually need to extend notebook battery life , the physical power management is set to power saving mode , so we set up before the test is true , while prohibiting notebook reduce the brightness automatically after a period of time , turn off the screen backlight ban , prohibit automatic sleep . At the same time , we let WiFi kept in the open state, thus to simulate the user's actual use. By PowerMark software testing , ASUS F552C with 4cell high capacity ASUS F552C Battery got 7 hours 8 minutes of battery life results, very good. The aircraft 's battery life is commendable for now


Intel Core i5 4200U is a new processor with two cores and Hyper-Threading technology can support up to four threads. The processor is based on 22nm process technology , codenamed Haswell-ULT, initially clocked at 1.6GHz, supports Turbo , shared L3 cache is 3MB.


Learn basic information about the processor , we use software CINEBENCH R10 to assess its performance , the software is capable of single-core and multi-core processor performance given visual score, Fengyun Core processor quickly completed All of the test content , and ultimately get 4888 points its single-core , multicore get 9871 points , you can do most everyday applications .


Thickness of the body control, the more spiritual 147,000 done very well , the whole body with a MacBook -style flat design, and there is no arc angle, the entire body thickness of only 15.3mm, the current hardware level can be said to be the ultimate slim maximize technology , coupled with the overall style and skilful metallic body , no doubt in order to bring a refined products .


Actually, no matter what changes shape , Dell's products are always some maverick stuff in there , these elements work together to build a leisurely classic products, and Ling Yue 14 7000 , is undoubtedly a classic for the Dell Product Adds a blockbuster in the product . At least from the overall appearance of the design point of view, Ling Yue 15 7000 is a capable impressive product with 58Wh DELL Inspiron 7537 Battery, which due to its exquisite workmanship, but also due to its compact design .


In addition, people will always see this design Apple MacBook contrast with involuntary about it, except there is no one-piece aluminum stamping process , is in fact more spiritual 147,000 in the overall appearance of the design as much as MacBook, both have pros and cons , it is difficult to say stack up .


In addition to concerns beyond endurance , many users of notebook cooling is also very concerned that if the cooling effect is not ideal either thermal design there are problems , the overall experience will be very bad , here we come to the IdeaPad Z410 actual test. Our testing method is still at room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius , so this laptop running Furmark pager software , allowing GPU operate at a higher load . After an hour or so of the time, respectively, view the laptop 's internal core temperature and body surface temperature.


In fact, how to determine the thermal performance is good or bad with ASUS F552CL Battery, the maximum temperature not represent anything . Absolute temperature cooling vents is the highest , if not , that is the only show that thermal problems. When most of the heat accumulation in the cooling vents near the position, and the other parts of the temperature is not higher than 40 ℃, it can determine the cooling system design is more reasonable.


Yoga flipped in full time, that is when the state becomes the Tablet PC , it is part of the keyboard when the user will be down , so many users will be puzzled , it will not inadvertently keyboard ? From 0 ° ~ 180 ° flip process, the pair in the upper part of the shaft is active , while the lower half of the lock , and when the screen is open to 180 ° , the damping will feel more obvious changes , then if continue turning , the upper part of the shaft is no longer working , and the lower part of the shaft starts to rotate , while the touch panel and Yoga will automatically be locked , even if a user touch keyboard and touchpad , there will be any reaction.


Flip the whole process, can obviously feel the two shaft rotation damping are large, but can still open and close with one hand , increasing the rotational damping is considered in four modes , when using the touch screen to avoid shaking, and we do not have to worry about the shaft life issues , Yoga in the design of the shaft when, after 25,000 times open and close without failure experiment , to ensure the durability of the shaft . It is understood , Yoga shaft has been patented , this diagram can be seen the seven shaft rotation state and the internal component details , this structure , it is worth noting that the red part DELL Inspiron 7737 Battery , indicating that two hinges are not independent, but by the red part to mutual cooperation movement , which also may be turned off on the keyboard and touch- trigger device .

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