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In less than a week's time, the fourth generation of Intel Core processor Haswell will meet with consumers it. In accordance with past practice, Intel will still be released in batches as well as the mobile version of the desktop version of the processor, while normal circumstances, i7/i5 processors will be the first released version, and i3 processor version will later postponed. Although not yet released, but today there PConline evaluation room equipped with a flat-Haswell processor notebook products, but also equipped with the new NVIDIA GTX 765M graphics card, I believe that the majority of consumers also looking forward to the performance of the two .


ASUS X550V uses 4cell ASUS X550V Battery and manufacturers Dynaudio speaker design, speaker position and distance users have a lot of theories, coupled with the built-in speaker to show a higher top sound quality. It also has Audio boost audio solutions onboard headphone dedicated power amplifier chip (AMP), and the use of expensive gold-plated connectors. An increase in anti-oxidation, transmission efficiency can be achieved after the intensity of noise canceling more clear and accurate sound positioning in the game is quite practical. And you have nothing to worry about its volume, since it a total of four sound unit.


As we all know, the new generation of Intel Haswell platform processors in graphics cards to make a more substantial increase, and today came PConline evaluation room of this game the ASUS ms-1756 is equipped with a Haswell platform i7-4700MQ, which integrates of an HD Graphics 4600 graphics card, and it is compared to the previous IVB platform HD Graphics 4000 processor will have much improvement is a focus of our attention. Of course, as a gaming notebook, it is equipped with a separate graphics card is another focus of our attention, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M is currently on the market do not release a separate graphics card, since it fit the new Haswell platform processors, Presumably some impressive performance, as how their performance, we will in the next article for Members.


After a Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, after two generations of products, Intel will officially usher in the fourth-generation Core Duo Core - Haswell. According to Intel's argument, Sandy Bridge will make ASUS R505CM Battery the first time to enter the mainstream market, Ivy Bridge further bring "super-thin, super-sensitive, super-safe", Haswell will be "re-invent the laptop."


If you follow intel said to achieve ultra-low power consumption, re-invent the notebook is completely not a problem. Ultra-low-power chip will allow the notebook form a huge change. May no longer need the fan, and perhaps life 10 hours easily. Imagine like a sci-fi blockbuster course beautiful, but the reality is not as good as Intel's revenue last year, Qualcomm, Intel earned less than, but ARM camp in the rapid development of mobile Internet too. For intel, the past few years, lonely at the top of the state have to change it.


According to Intel sources, Haswell will support the product and the melt-add operations (Fused Multiply-Add, FMA), that is, you can execute the same instruction in both addition and multiplication, can improve the speed and digital precision floating-point calculations, improved vectors and scalar execution of a workflow. The concept of homogeneous multi-core and multi-core back to the original idea of ​​just done, you can also be understood as a package, there are multiple identical small chip, these small chip has full operational capability, can be responsible for floating-point arithmetic logic before can also be responsible for the graphics operation. Before we know the Sandy bridge architecture is not really a nuclear solve all the problems, it is actually divided into multiple areas within the division of abor, each responsible for the relevant part, CPU and ASUS X550VB Battery with integrated display module is a clear boundaries.


So Haswell microarchitecture brought adjustments will make more simple internal structure, the efficiency will be enhanced. This is why Haswell claim to the original HD4000 basis will double performance. Haswell has not yet seen a sectional view, I do not know whether it is speculation, as is the quad-core is four complete core. And not before, as four computing cores, a graphics core. In fact, we expect Intel is still relatively early introduction of converged core, a graphics chip as the processor is, this is still only the Imagination.


Intel processors will each release a new CPU and GPU to further improve the performance of this Haswell course no exception. Haswell architecture allows each unit more unified collaboration, and, therefore further enhance energy than each new platform CPU performance improvements and ASUS X550VC Battery we have already become commonplace, and by testing Fengyun i7-4700MQ yet we find that Intel is gradually attention GPU aspects of performance. Haswell maintain the Tick-Tock Intel processor development strategy mode, so i7-4700MQ still using the 22nm process technology, and by observing the basic parameters of contrast, we were surprised to find, i7-4700MQ the TDP not only did not decrease, and also improves 2W. Now the entire chip industry are moving in the direction of the development of low power consumption, and Haswell was "anti its Daoxing," in the end what this 2W used in place through the following tests may find the reason.

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