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ASUS X552 sunken shaft design , through the use of felt damping force is large, you need both hands to open and close the notebook , but the damping force can help increase the stability of the shaft big touch screen , and will not use the touch screen when the screen random chatter . In the upper right corner of the keyboard for the X552 's power switch , the material used is silver-gray plastic . When turned on, around the power switch will light soft white light .

In the keyboard surface , and its wrist rest position , and cover the same with a metal material, also used the drawing process, when put up for a while after wrist still feel cool, and the color used is matte design, as long after the time , other than the oxidation resistance of the metal wrist rest more .


X552 touchpad is matte plastic material, surrounded by an outer ring with a bright silver , but the larger panel size, consistent with the ratio of the screen . There are two protruding wires in the panel , which is to distinguish the left and right buttons . Also built by ASUS software , you can customize the trackpad gestures regulation.


ASUS X552C Battery and keyboard position using delicate matte plastic material, which is different from the material used in the wrist rest , but from a visual point of view, did not feel awkward, but the two matched each other . Its keyboard overall , ASUS designs slightly lower than four sides , when fastening the notebook when it does not hurt to the screen.


Its keyboard with island-style design , the surface is still matte texture, key-way medium by hitting feel , the design is more reasonable bond length , the feedback intensity is relatively good for long-term input text. And the keyboard surface feels like a bold font before, the keyboard keys for users unfamiliar terms can quickly find their desired button. However, in the direction keys feel a little lacking, and down button design is too close , it is easy to create a situation where misuse .


In terms of the shortcut keys , X552 still go simple and practical style , frequently used shortcut keys provide daily only , such as : volume , audio-visual operation , brightness and output switching . In the numeric keypad keys 1 and 2 on the FN key can operate the zoom button becomes more convenient when browsing pictures .


X552 with 6cell ASUS X552V Battery does not provide a lot of interfaces, but the interfaces are provided in daily use are common . In the left side of the X552 provides the interface for the power connector , USB 2.0 port, headphone and microphone hybrid interface SD card slot. USB ports are too close to the power connector on the left side , if a little larger equipment may not be connected .


Interface to the right of the two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port and RJ45 network cable port , one USB port with a USB -powered functions , which is very convenient for business , it can support USB charging device for charging , in addition to ASUS also pre- USB power management software installed , when the laptop reaches the set value , such as when to stop power supply , which is more convenient to control it.


In front X552 provides three indicators , namely battery-powered lights, power indicator lights and WIFI . Red and white by color change , to prompt the user the current status of the notebook, but not the screen when opened X552 with 14.4V ASUS X552CL Battery can know the current status of the notebook.


ASUS X552 configurations tend to business office , selected in the processor i5-4200U, While the processor is a low- voltage version , often used in mainstream super pole , and its main clocked at 1.6GHz, Turbo can accelerate to 2.6GHz. ASUS chosen in memory 4GB DDR3-1600 memory, hard disk is 32GB SSD +500 GB SATA hybrid hard drive, which makes the reading of data , speed and other aspects of the boot is very good. Graphics using the Intel HD 4400 graphics core , can be for everyday office applications .


Intel Core i7 4500U is a dual nuclear power plant thread -level low-voltage mobile processor with 1.8GHz initial frequency, Turbo Boost can be upgraded to 3GHz, its 22nm process technology based on the Haswell architecture , with 4MB cache , good performance , but the power consumption of only 15W. We conducted through CINEBENCH R10 to assess its performance , you can see , this processor is single-core score of 5796 points, the dual-core score of 11,596 points, the computing speed and quick.

Look at the left side of the fuselage , the aircraft is equipped with this side of the interface will be more , there is a notebook lock slot , power connector, two USB3.0 interface and a multi-card reader . Unfortunately, the machine is not equipped with a VGA interface common for business people . In addition to the left and right side of the fuselage is equipped with an interface other than the rear and front of the aircraft's fuselage without any interface, the rear fuselage has two cooling vents , which is easy to see that the machine is equipped with two cooling fans . Another function of the machine is designed lights above the keyboard , from left to right represent the function is power, battery , hard drive , Wi-Fi status light aircraft is not equipped with .


Intel Core i5 4200U belong to the new low-power Haswell processor with 2 core and can support up to four threads via Hyper-Threading technology. The processor is based on 22nm process technology , codenamed Haswell ULT, initially clocked at 1.6GHz, Core frequency to 2.7GHz, shared L3 cache is 3MB, the overall TDP of 15W. Software CINEBENCH R10 to assess its performance , and ultimately Fengyun Core i5 4200U processor single-core to get 4864 points, multicore get 9843 points, good performance .

We are also on the ACER Aspire E1-532 with 4cell ACER Aspire E1-532 Battery is equipped with HD 8750M discrete graphics were tested using the software 3DMark Fire, from the test results, scoring 587 points in perspective , HD 8750M is a mainstream level of mobile -level graphics card . Finally, we use PCMark 7 on the consolidated performance of the machine has been tested , taking into account the positioning of this machine and the actual hardware configuration , we introduced three test items, including productivity , entertainment and creativity to score from the three projects look, respectively 4507 points, 3788 points and 9330 points, while the final overall score of 5396 points , the overall performance is very good, everyday applications , office applications as well as games and entertainment applications are generally not much pressure.

On the whole , X552 is an excellent commercial products , it represents the attitude in the commercial market, ASUS , ASUS also represents the strength of the commercial product development side .


Hardware configuration , X552 uses a high-performance solution , equipped with Intel Core i7 4500U low voltage processor, equipped with 4GB DDR3-1600MHz memory , 128GB hard drive and 500GB solid-state mechanical hard drive , graphics are powered by Intel HD 4400 Core graphics and AMD Radeon HD 8750M discrete graphics , the overall balanced performance computing speed and graphics performance are guaranteed . Here, we take a look through routine testing of actual performance X552 and ASUS X552E Battery exactly how ?

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