ASUS X55S X55V Battery PK ASUS L50V Battery

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Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 11.25V
Capacity: 7200mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  426g
Size: 203.51 x 67.72 x 21.41 mm
Color: Black


ASUS X55S Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
15G10N373800 90-NED1B2100Y 90-NWF1B2000Y
A32-M50 A32-N61 A32-X64
A33-M50 L062066 L072051


ASUS X55V Battery Fit machine:
ASUS X55 Series(All) ASUS X55Q Series(All) ASUS X55S Series(All)
ASUS X55SA Series(All) ASUS X55SR Series(All) ASUS X55SV Series(All)
ASUS X55V Series(All)


There is nothing clearer than the signals that tell you it’s time for a new laptop computer. Maybe it isn’t after the first problem. In fact, most people expect there to be a few issues now and again – say, a broken key or a dying battery. It’s when there is a chain of events that things really point to the time for a new laptop. You ought to get out while the getting’s good. Otherwise, it becomes the same situation as when you have a dying automobile.


ASUS L50V Battery Fit machine:
ASUS L50 Series(All) ASUS L50V Series(All) ASUS L50VC Series(All)
ASUS L50VN Series(All)


How Low Can You Go With Your Laptop Battery
Without any question, the fastest way to suck the life out of a battery is leaving your brightness high. Turn it down as low as you possibly can without needing to up your glasses prescription. On my Vaio, I can select from one of 8 levels. During one test, at brightness level 3 my system reported 60% full, with 3:52 (all times are hours:minutes) of life to go.


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