ASUSPRO B53V battery vs ASUS F55A F55C F55U F55VD battery

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PRO is ASUS flagship business notebook computer with the ThinkPad, the flagship safe, stable, strong market position, market visibility nowhere near ThinkPad However, it is undeniable that the PRO Series notebook is very good indeed, fine craftsmanship and solid materials, with by no means inferior compared to the market a high-end business notebook.


Notebook new generation of ASUSPRO series includes 11-inch, 13-inch, 14-inch and 15-inch body size, the abolition of the original 12-inch models, while the the test today B53V is a 13-inch products, its strong portability, to ensure the comfort and performance of the hardware used, then the next we B53V look at the ASUSPRO charm.


For business notebook, black has become a timeless classic, PRO B53V with 6cell r 8cell ASUS B53V Battery same mature low-key black body, coupled with the design on simple lines and trim lines, reveal a rigorous professional atmosphere. Is full black body, but PRO the B53V metal roof is not the kind of dull blackboard, its roof surface with uniform diagonal brushed texture, slightly dark metallic luster, PRO B53V add a few sub-handsome temperament. Of course, as a high-end business notebook the B53V the cover is also very sturdy, 60kg/cm ² passed the weight test RCC can bear to live in a car.


Mind when we see ASUS F55 this "huge" body of the notebook has been in the imagination of the body's internal structure will be what. This to the The ASUS F55 find out the desire of the internal structure of those over most of this as much as before, so this article we will have this game in detail disassemble, take a look around the internal structure of the aircraft We bring surprises.


First, understand that under this product, ASUS F55 game this has a 15-inch standard body shell, the screen uses a 15.6-inch glossy screen, but the pity is that the resolution is not reached 1080P, but of traditional 1366 × 768. Since it is a game in this, the body is very heavy or understandable, ASUS F55 is not petite, solid and honest appearance overbearing.

Through simple disassemble before the evaluation, we found the ASUS F55 with 6cell ASUS F55VD Battery fuselage internal structure we initially thought exactly the same. The machine is equipped with dual hard disk so that we are able to determine the outset, but two hard drives are connected to the SATA interface a bit surprised, I thought SSD Solid State Drive mSATA interface.


Results simply disassemble, and between the various components have retained a larger space, it is conceivable that the machine heat is not a problem, but in the heat tests indeed prove this point. However, inside the aircraft fuselage is really no extra expansion interfaces? Some netizens said The F55 also equipped with a lot of interfaces, extended performance considerable, is this really? With these questions we come to the "dismemberment" This F55.


First new mold ASUS F55, the first impression is strong. Overall design lines are more rigid, angular without missing a sleek, although the shape of the color can not be called, but its simplicity and retro image still meet the taste of some people. It is our impression on this upcoming "dismemberment" notebook products, then the machine within unpretentious it like outside?


ASUS F55C Battery is removed, the heaviness is our first experience of its large volume, like a large battery, words Exactly. The F55 game this with the the one 76.96Wh capacity battery, mobile games do not pit father, in theory, be able to guarantee the long-time play. The ASUS F55 bottom of the fuselage in addition to the battery can be removed, there are two hardware modules positions with the CD-ROM drive can be removable. Two hardware module positions in one hard disk storage, there is only a fixed screw, which is the same as the number of CD-ROM drive screws. Next, the two objects removed, a brief look at the internal structure.


The from simple dismantling view, we found that the aircraft's mechanical hard drive and no screws to be fixed in the hard disk storage, but the back cover it snaps. This allows security everywhere, the likely violent shaking so hard to leave the interface, this point needs to be improved. The removable hard disk storage and optical drive, we started a hardware warehouse "knife", this part of the total of three screws, remove the screw can be more easily won back cover. Next, we can clearly see the the ASUS F55 internal structure of the approximate Preview Overall layout is quite clear and clean.

Split here, we can probably see the internal structure of this ASUS F55 game this. The game will come with two hard drives, a mechanical hard drive is removed earlier, another is now seeing the SSD. In addition, it also comes with two memory slots, CPU and GPU are separate heat pipe cooling a large cooling fan. This is the only internal structure? Only two hard bit? Only two memory slots? We continue to depth of demolition. To continue down demolition the first thing to do is the removable parts, like just see SSD solid state hard drive, memory, radiator, etc.. The highlights worth mentioning is the ASUS F55 is equipped with two hard drives, a mechanical hard an SSD solid state drive, dual hard drive design can of course have many options, the user can according to their own habits and needs of the F55 carry out DIY.


The ASUS F55 game the dismantling of this configuration 60GB SSD Solid State Drive 1TB 5400 rpm mechanical hard disk, as well as two 4GB DDR3 1600MHz high-speed memory composed 8GB capacity. This machine has only two hard disk interface, and two memory slots it? Of course not, we look down again. In our previous review, the cooling performance ASUS F55 has a high quality ASUS F55U Battery and good performance, thanks to the thick of the aircraft fuselage to provide a larger space for heat dissipation. Of course, this is not just space credit, as well as the machine is equipped with a high-power radiator wind full of good performance with dual heat pipe cooling efficiency.


Because the body is large enough, the interior space is sufficient enough, therefore the the ASUS F55 core hardware distribution is more dispersed, this close together with the ultra-extreme chip is completely different. There is no crowding internal design provides a good foundation for the overall heat, another simple look at this board, good materials and workmanship. To disassemble the whole laptop, then the next step is to dismantle the the fuselage front of keyboard. A mesh bezel to remove the speaker position first before demolition keyboard, snap more need to use Jin Qiao removable, otherwise overexert easy to break. Then remove the keyboard, and after that we found a big secret. The mystery was finally revealed, have to say the the ASUS F55 game this can DIY is indeed strong enough, the machine is not only equipped with two hard drives and two memory but also set aside a memory slot (the possibility of the composition of the three-channel to be confirmed) The mSATA interface can plug a hard drive. It would appear that, if modified CD-ROM to the hard disk, F55 both have four hard drives, of course, seems to have been no transformation drive necessary.


The ASUS F55 scalability Secrets has been revealed, disassemble Then take a look at the last step. The "skeleton" of the aircraft expected and non-metallic materials, unexpected screen fixed. Only two screws and two cylindrical metal piece size of 15.6 inches screen fixed on the body shell, durability, how? The ASUS F55 dismantling and had imagined so simple, first of all, the internal structure of a lot of complex compared to the previous product, and fixing screws more, there are many snaps between the panel. And many locations fixed relatively fragile, such as the speaker cover, like DIY or F55 disassemble the friends you want to need to pay attention.


Overall, disassemble the more certain this ASUS F55 with high capqacity ASUS F55A Battery is a good game this, perhaps those high-end products of exquisite materials and workmanship, but its three memory slots, and a three-disk interface design Many products have been able to defeat. This is a cost-effective the suitors, DIY players, gamers start.

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