Basic Knowledge of ASUS N43JF N43JQ Battery

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Present a common laptop battery specification, the common voltage nothing less 10.8V/11.1V, 14.4V/14.8V these four, nothing less than the common capacity 3600mAh, 4000 mAh, 4400 mAh, 6000 mAh these types.
These specifications in the end mean?
From the nominal specifications we can know what?

We know that ASUS N43JF Battery can be divided into housing, protection board (written with software in it) and the batteries of three parts. Batteries which are combined through the series and parallel, from the laptop battery specification that we can know the specifications used in batteries of indicators and combinations.
Series and parallel

Most laptop batteries are based on the cylindrical batteries in series and parallel approach by a combination. Thread's purpose is to provide a higher voltage to laptop to work properly, parallel aim is to provide higher capacity for notebook to work longer hours.
Because so far the market has not appeared to rely on single batteries can provide more than 10V while the capacity is greater than 3000 mAh batteries, it can only be used in series with parallel approaches to achieve their goals.
Higher voltage

Most can be mass production of cylindrical Li-ion ASUS N43JQ  Battery is not the voltage is 3.6V 3.7V (laboratory which may have a higher voltage batteries).
Therefore: 3 Series (3S) voltage is 10.8V (3.6V * 3 = 10.8V) or 11.1V (3.7V * 3 = 11.1V);
4 Series (4S) voltage is 14.4V (3.6V * 4 = 14.4V) or 14.8V (3.7V * 4 = 14.8V).
The following table:
3.6V 3.7V
Three series 10.8V 11.1V 3S
Four series 14.4V 14.8V 4S
Two bunches of (2S) has never seen, because they can not provide enough voltage. 5 string (5S) has not yet appeared, on the one hand does not require such a high voltage, on the other hand is the number of connecting more batteries the more difficult to solve the problem of consistency.

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