BENQ DH1001 Battery Fit BENQ Joybook Lite U103 Battery

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General rule of thumb is twenty degrees in the room when the room well ventilated, Internet browsing, Centrino notebook CPU fan, it should be every twenty to thirty minutes in the start time, stop working about five minutes of work energy. When playing the game, ten minutes start again. If the normal operation has also been working like crazy, then it should detect what settings or COMS is not a problem with temperature control circuit.


BENQ DH1001 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 2.6Ah / 3Cell
Weight:  194g
Color: Dark Grey or Black


Compatible original Battery Code:


Fit machine:
BENQ Joybook Lite U103 Series(All)
BENQ Joybook Lite U103B-FT03 BENQ Joybook Lite U103P-BL
BENQ Joybook Lite U103W-FT01 BENQ Joybook Lite U103W-FT02


Many friends and some media in the evaluation room evaluation, will say how to handle certain how the BENQ Joybook Lite U103 Battey and BENQ Joybook Lite U103 keyboard, in fact, this is the most difficult to measure the word out. Laptop keyboard key way short compared to typical desktop keyboard a lot, itself is very uncomfortable. So do not feel good. And everyone for the flexibility of hard and soft keyboard is also not the same preferences, so simply use their own experience how to feel that the keyboard is not objective.

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