Big capacity MSI VR620 VR620X VR630 VR630X Battery

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Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 7200mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  429g
Size: 205.02 x 69.04 x 20.04 mm
Color: Black


MSI VR620 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
906C5040F 916C4950F 957-14XXXP-103
957-14XXXP-107 BTY-M61 BTY-M65
CBPIL73 M660BAT-6 M660NBAT-6
SQU-424 SQU-503 SQU-511
SQU-523 SQU-524 SQU-528
SQU-529 SQU-601 SQU-605
SQU-706 SQU-718


Fit machine:
MSI VR620 Series(All) MSI VR620X Series(All)
MSI VR630 Series(All) MSI VR630X Series(All) 


The MSI VR series continues MSI’s reputation for incredibly well-designed machines, and it shows. With Ethernet, VGA,

HDMI, two USB, SD card slot, and 3.5 mm headphone and line-in jacks on the left hand side of the machine, and two

more USB, MSI VR620X Battery power, and WiFi toggle switch on the right, this machine can adapt to whatever you need, whenever you need it. Add to that MSI’s modest price tag compared to similar machines, and these notebooks become incredibly

affordable high performance machines.


Dead pixels are rooted in the emergence of the production, transportation problems or if used for a long time

appeared to answer all prevarication. LCD screen for dead pixels in the crystal form of the moment to have been

doomed, but some time in the factory does not appear, or some problem is not serious, and only in use until after a

period of time gradually becomes dark spot (light dark) . In other words, have acquired the possibility of dead

pixels is very small. So there are bad points to buy the books, do not worry about dead pixels would be spread.

Recently, MSI VRannounced that it would be using lithium-polymer batteries in its new MSI VR models, and that the

battery would no longer be user-replaceable. Many users were upset by this change, even though Apple claimed it

would offer better battery life. Was this switch a good or a bad thing for consumers? Let us take a look at the pros

and cons of these new MSI VR630 Battery.


LCD screen, LCD, dead pixels LCD industry problems a long time, because the reasons for their manufacturing

technology, LCD's dead pixels is difficult to avoid, but it is normal for the number of dead pixels. With MSI VR630x Battery supply  LCD is currently manufacturing sector has not given an explanation, in the end the number of dead pixels is normal, in fact, the emergence of dead pixels is a single crystal liquid crystal display body is not working properly, there

may be red, blue, green, different defects.

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