Big MSI Wind U135DX battery PK Small MSI Wind U160DXH battery VS SAMSUNG AA-PBPN3BL Battery

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Nowadays electronic sensors which provide a digital measurement of the SG of the electrolyte can be incorporated

directly into the cells to give a continuous reading of the battery condition. This technique of determining the

SOC is not normally suitable for other cell chemistries.


MSI Wind U135DX battery infomation:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 7200mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  420g
Size: 230.40 x 45.70 x 40.10 mm
Color: Silver or Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
14L-MS6837D1 3715A-MS6837D1 6317A-RTL8187SE
957-N0111P-004 957-N0XXXP-101 957-N0XXXP-103
957-N0XXXP-109 957-N0XXXP-115 BTY-S11


Fit machine:
MSI Wind U135DX Series


In case of rupture, leaking electrolyte or any other cause of exposure to the electrolyte, flush with water

immediately. If eye exposure occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes and consult a physician immediately.


MSI Wind U160DXH Battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 25Wh / 3Cell
Weight:  203g
Color: Black


MSI Wind U160DXH Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
925T2008F BTY-S16 BTY-S17


Fit machine:
MSI Wind U160 Series MSI Wind U160DX Series MSI Wind U160DXH Series MSI Wind U160MX Series


The only visual difference inside are that other gages have found their way on the dash, such as the amp meters. 

What was surprising was pressing the accelerator and feel the car just go without delays or fuss.  A traditional

gas engine needs to go up in revs and then starts to move the car, but it isn't so with an EV.  It has a linear

power curve and the start was very smooth.  In fact, the harder you press, the harder the car pushes...  and it

is relentless.  You need to be feathered foot or else you can easily find yourself driving 120 miles an hour with

little efforts.

SAMSUNG AA-PBPN3BL Battery feature:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 11.3V
Capacity: 5900mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  339g
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:


Fit machine:
SAMSUNG NS310 Series  SAMSUNG NP-NS310 Series 

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