Capacity Knowledge of ASUS U30 U35 U45 Battery

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The new battery after a period of time, as the cycle numbers, actual capacity will began to decline, and ASUS U35 Battery has declined sharply an accelerated development trends, so users tend to be Faxian suddenly not so between the battery was.
In the "talk battery capacity and discharge time" article about this phenomenon. This phenomenon has two reasons: one is because the batteries would have been the increase in capacity with the number of cycles shrink, and the other side is based on the manufacturing quality of the battery, if the batteries with the consistency group is not caused by bad batteries Well, there the phenomenon of charging protection or discharge protection, the battery capacity will quickly decay down.
  In summary, the  ASUS U45 laptop Battery capacity depends on the actual number of factors. Laptop battery product is a typical "what you pay for", the same model several times the price may differ, of course, the capacity will vary widely. Accurate capacity testing need to use "special test equipment", ordinary users generally can not have such conditions. For most users concerned, can do is to choose a supplier of professional and man of honor, with reasonable prices for the products they need. To have more "use of knowledge" will help the effectiveness of the battery to the big play, but not too sure nominal capacity.
  Battery capacity and discharge time
May three "battery capacity and use of time," a paper issued, the number of users on the laptop battery capacity and discharge time interested in the issue, asked for more description. After all the user really care about is how long 4800mAh / 8Cell ASUS U30 Battery can be used, as standard indicators of voltage out of capacity problems is not easy to understand has no direct meaning.

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