COMPAQ PP2071A Evo N400 Evo N410 Battery Tips

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Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  14.8V
Capacity: 2200mAh / 4Cell
Weight:  224g
Size: 231.60 x 47.35 x 20.60 mm
Color: Black or Gray


Compatible original Battery Code:
134096-B21 134099-B21 136244-001 146330-001 146630-001 155065-001
167335-002 230609-001 233343-001 233344-001 236309-B25 236310-B25
291694-001 292388-001 CQ-M300L PP2051A PP2071A  


Fit machine:
COMPAQ Armada M300 COMPAQ Armada PP2050 COMPAQ Armada PP2070
COMPAQ Evo N400 COMPAQ Evo N400c COMPAQ Evo N410 COMPAQ Evo N410c

COMPAQ Presario 300 COMPAQ Presario 305 COMPAQ Presario 306


The battery with a laptop refresh program restore the battery discharge time, such as: COMPAQ machine battery repair, using COMPAQ has launched a laptop battery refresh program to refresh, restore the laptop battery discharge time, the method is as follows:
(1) the use of power adapter to the notebook computer power supply
(2) To restart the laptop, press the F8 key to enter boot menu and select Safe Mode DOS.
(3) Into the directory where the file you just downloaded, the implementation of COMPAQ PP2071A battery refresh program isbr0lww, exe, reading the warning message, as required to insert the floppy disk, and then press the Enter key to execute the self-extracting operation.
(4) boot floppy disk with this computer, the screen appears Starting PC-DOS. . . Message.
(5) Follow the prompts to unplug the power adapter, the COMPAQ Evo N400 battery will automatically fix on Ni-Mh battery discharge, the discharge is completed, the system will automatically shut down.
(6) Since the COMPAQ Evo N410 battery temperature is high at this time should not start right away, let the battery cool for a while, and plug the battery adapter boot.

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