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In terms hotkey, E6440 still continues the tradition of previous products, the use of some of the modular function hotkey + touch hotkey combination, lot number hotkey function can help users quickly open and close feature convenient for business users. In the interface design, E6440 provides users with up to 3 USB2.0, 1 x eSATA/USB2.0 hybrid interface, users can simultaneously connect 4 USB devices at the same time adding eSATA can fully meet the business users for data transmission speed requirements. In addition E6440 also provides users with high-definition HDMI interface to facilitate the work and entertainment.


E6440 retains the IEEE1394 interface, while we see E6440 is also equipped with ExpressCard 54 and SC smart card slot, full of business people's habits into account. As in the past, the Latitude E6440 is still the same series provides a powerful expansion capabilities, drive with removable design, the user remove the protective cover on the bottom of the fuselage can be seen after all the core components of the E6440, a strong ability for users , can be replaced by some of the core components to improve performance. In addition E6440 with DELL 71R31 Battery bottom of the fuselage also provides a docking connector.


E6440 with Intel Core i5 540M processor, this processor uses the latest 32nm process, clocked at 2.53GHz, Core frequency technology growth can be achieved 3.06GHz, and this frequency value is far beyond the current mainstream mobile processor, so users can the performance of this product reported to expectations. Core i5 540M L3 cache of 3MB, dual-core processor and supports HT Technology, with dual-core four-thread processing ability, thermal design power TDP 35W.


Chipset, QM57 became the new Core Duo processor E6440 hosting intimate partners, and as HM55, QM57 chipset codenamed Ibex Peak-M, with the previous mobile chipsets based on desktop chipsets, QM57 chipset also stems from Desktop Q57 chipset. QM57 also uses a single-chip architecture, the memory control unit (IMC) is integrated in the processor, so there is no known Northbridge MCH (Memory Controller Hub), only one platform control unit PCH (Platform Controller Hub) single-chip burden in the past The PCI Express controller and commonly known as the LENOVO IdeaPad U430p Battery and Southbridge chip ICH (Input / Output controller hub) functionality provided with two-chip architectures, single-chip power consumption and heat has become more an advantage, both to help the laptop more good heat dissipation or improve endurance capacity, is a good premise.


While less of a chip, motherboard makers can design more compact, while the thin and light notebook, lightweight help. QM57 chipset can support up to six SATA 3Gbps ports (including eSATA), eight PCI-E 2.0 x1 port, 14 USB 2.0 ports, Hanksville GbE MAC Gigabit Ethernet Controller, Matrix Storage Matrix Storage Technology, High Definition Audio High Definition Audio, Management Engine Ignition Firmware technologies.


In the graphics area, nVIDIA NVS 3100M became the E6440's independence was part of this, the output is displayed with LG LCD screen, display area 14.1 inches, the screen resolution of 1440x900 pixels. nVidia QUADRO 3100M discrete graphics is professional graphics card series, using an advanced 40nm process, than the previous generation 55nm products lower heat, the frequency is greater room for improvement. 3100M has 16 stream processors, floating point computing power reached 72GFlops. According to official data nVidia display, 3100M integrated 16 stream processors, frequency of 1470MHz, floating point capability 7GFlops, Memory Interface 64-bit, or can be used with 500MHz GDDR2 800MHz GDDR3, the maximum capacity of 512MB. Supports PureVideo HD, PhysX, CUDA, OpenCL, HybridPower, PCI-E 2.0, PowerMizer 8.0, HDMI, DisplayPort, HDCP technology, while 3100M also supports DX10.1.

In storage systems, we received E6440 comes standard with DELL 2N6MY Battery and 3GB DDR3 memory, the memory with the way the use of 2GB +1 GB with the way, for the general running 32bit operating system users, commercial users, such as memory capacity sufficient to meet the current the vast majority of mainstream applications, and run some large commercial software applications.


We received this E6440 prototype uses a Seagate hard drive, this model ST9320423AS 320GB hard drive has a larger capacity, speed has reached a high speed of 7200 rpm, with QM57 can achieve 3.0Gbps high-speed transmission, while 7200 High-speed performance also brought a good solution is the system disk performance notebook products bottleneck issue. Another Dell also the hard drive data security with anti-shock function, can fully guarantee the security of user data.

The ventilation openings, the highest measured temperature value is 43.3 degrees Celsius. From the temperature of the test results, this notebook on the C-face fairly good heat control, high-intensity users when used in a long time will feel a little hot, but it does not affect too much the user's comfort, for business users, compared with C-face with excellent comfort allows them to work under various conditions using a laptop.


For business users, the notebook's performance, endurance, protection, comfort, and expansion capabilities using equally important, and these demands embodied in this HP 242 G1 with 9ell HP 242 Battery is particularly evident, whether it is performance, endurance, protection, use of comfort or expansion capabilities, this Latitude E series of new products can bring him a satisfactory user feedback. Core i5 540M led by strong configuration provides users with an excellent performance basis, while large-capacity battery 60Wh configuration is such that the user have a good life as the basis for the application of the metal roof, as well as lock screen Hard shockproof notebook features such as user and data security provided direct guarantees comfort in the use of E6440 compared to the previous generation of products has been greatly improved, as the expansion of capacity, this product either interface or hardware extensions are worthy called comprehensive.


From a performance point of view and scope, Core i5 540M processor, 3GB DDR3 1333MHz memory and nVIDIA NVS 3100M graphics card, 320GB hard drive speed combinations to meet present, most mainstream applications is not a problem, but this product is an excellent test performance is also very good proof of the above points. For this E6440, we strongly recommend that elite level business people choice, after all, the high cost of high performance is needed, so the configuration so powerful that it will also doomed E6440 is a top choice for business people.


Compared to the C surface, E6440 with DELL WT5WP Battery and D surface thermostat slightly better, although the docking interface temperature reached 46 degrees, but we see that the relative concentration of hot spots, but most of the fuselage D surface area is maintained at a relatively low temperatures, the maximum temperature measured 46 degrees Celsius, and the choice of the maximum temperature zone is reached 40.3 degrees, the average temperature of 36.8 degrees, the temperature is close to normal body temperature, but because most areas belong D surface heating zone So we think that even a short time the laptop user on the legs, it will feel some heat.

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