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When it comes to business notebook, I believe that we think is the first ThinkPad series, in fact, in addition to the ThinkPad, another maker of high-end business notebook this the same should be affirmed, although they seemed to be somewhat obscure, but it is undeniable that these non-ThinkPad Business this also features business design, Dell's Latitude series is also a high-end business model, business ability is very outstanding. Today to give us is a Dell Latitude's detailed evaluation of the high-end business model E6330.


Evaluation of specific models of Latitude E6330 Latitude E6330-102T, the hardware configuration for the new generation of Intel IVB i5 3220M processor, 4GB dual channel DDR3 1600 high-speed memory, 320GB, the 7200 turnaround Seagate mechanical hard drive, Intel HD Graphics 4000 core graphics card, in addition to not equipped with additional professional graphics cards, E6330 with 3cell DELL 7FF1K Battery is a mainstream level in the overall configuration.


Dell Latitude E6330 uses the same sturdy and abrasion resistance of brushed anodized aluminum top cover wrap angle and reinforced magnesium alloy design, this particular design can effectively prevent fingerprint residue. In addition, round dark metal DELL logo design in the middle of most of the A side, in a different light angles to produce a gradient metallic luster. E6330 circle silver border around the fuselage design to decorate the entire machine A face close to the fuselage at the front end design protection rubber, effective non-slip while to alleviate the momentum in the fall of the machine. The overall appearance point of view, Latituede E6330 only to retain the gold business in this calm style, but also fashion elements foil.


Professional business this has a wealth of expansion interfaces, the Dell Latitude E6330 is no exception. Side before and after the fuselage, E6330 set a lot of practical interfaces, including SD multi-card reader in the middle of the front of the fuselage, and the left side of the rear fuselage keyhole, RJ-45 and Mini HDMI interface, after The end of the right of USB3.0 and power interface. The rear of this mainstream interface design allows notebook studded expansion device cable will not be too crowded, it is a very user-friendly design.


Since the E6430 with 60Wh DELL DHT0W Battery end of the front and rear of the fuselage on a lot of mainstream interface design, interface design of the fuselage sides was more at ease. Let's take a look at the left side of the fuselage, from left to right are VGA, headphone, removable hard disk slot, and the business of the common Smart Card card slot. The right side of the fuselage interface have eSATA/USB2.0 Dual Interface USB3.0 removable DVD drive, wireless network switches and 34mm ExpressCard interface, mainstream interfaces readily available.


The 34mm ExpressCard Built-filled card reader is also a scale (positive) and the weight of the unit conversion formula (front and back), this fancy easy to overlook the details of the design will come in handy sometimes at critical moments.

E6330 mainstream interface design fully reflects the business of the characteristics of a quasi-professional, but also give full consideration to the habits of consumers, the interface layout is very reasonable, even if studded with expansion devices at the same time there will not be crowded feeling . Many small intimate design also tells us that, E6330 is absolutely a good trustworthy partner of the business office.


E6330 with 6cell DELL RFJMW Battery bare metal weight 2.08Kg, plus travel power adapter weighs about 2.40Kg, the overall performance of normal, after all, this is a metal material to build complete expansion interface, and at the same time with a high-capacity lithium battery notebook .


As a board leader last year, its has introduced a cost-effective models E2432M mainstream game Q2532, 17-inch video of the Q1732, until today, we have ushered in FUJITSU new for the field in the game - Lifebook T902. FUJITSU Lifebook T902 notebook combines all the conditions necessary for high-performance gaming models, detailed evaluation immediately offer, do not go away.


FUJITSU Lifebook T902 is a high-performance games this letter, made in Taiwan, Intel Ivy Bridge platform Core i7 quad-core processor with a the Kepler framework for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M discrete graphics core specification is a high-end standards; Standard 15.6 inch full HD LCD screen, built-in Blu-ray burner, supports THX sound quality optimization technology is very suitable for high-definition audio and video playback; using SSD + HDD dual-drive storage scheme to support the Intel Quick Start technology, through the use of its boot, wake-up speed is not inferior in ultra-extreme, so you can quickly return to the game, ready to go to war!


DLL E6330 traditional bottom into the wind, and the wind out of the left side of the fuselage cooling mode, the specific thermal performance, see the next test. Professional thermal imager conventional standby mode (room temperature, 26 degrees), the maximum temperature of the surface of the E6330 fuselage C to 35.6 degrees, the position is located in the lower left corner of the vicinity of the keyboard, the D surface maximum temperature of only 36.2 degrees the metal part of the docking connector location appears at the bottom of the fuselage, E6330 standby very cool; while the conventional loaded with state, E6330 fuselage C surface temperature is raised to 40.5 degrees the D surface maximum temperature was 44.0 degrees, C maximum surface temperature appears in the top left of the keyboard area, the highest temperature of the surface D is still the metal part of the interface at the the fuselage bottom of the docking station, E6330 cooling effect is very good, and is not equipped with an independent graphics graphics card.


With the sudden emergence of business products for next-generation office applications populations, more manufacturers are seeking a balance point in the design and actual performance, thus a new generation of business notebook market is gradually formed. However, whether it is product design or component performance are built in a safe, portable and durable basis. The Dell Latitude E6230 notebook we test this is a collection of product design, function expansion, security and stability in one product.


FUJITSU Lifebook T902 notebook with FUJITSU Lifebook T902 Battery body to create composite materials that cover the use and rare bright yellow ceramic baking process, in addition to the middle of "GIGABYTE" English identity without any decoration, smooth and bright, and create a wild game atmosphere glow users unlimited desire and passion. The Lifebook T902 more stylish cylindrical shaft, the fuselage side B, C surface black decorative drawing process surface with chrome ring side, hard-edged. FUJITSU Lifebook T902 notebook interface are arranged in the left and right side, the left side for the power, VGA, eSATA/USB2.0 combo and Blu-ray burner the right headset, two USB3.0 Multi-read card reader, HDMI and network cable jack.

Thanks to the excellent value for money, FUJITSU notebook in the consumer market has been popular, sales forefront. There are familiar with, such as the 4750G, 4830TG, believe they have impressed you. Today we Tasting with the FUJITSU launch of new models - 14 inches areas Tercel T902.


The new Tercel T902 with 6cell FUJITSU Tercel T902 Battery broke FUJITSU products named, and also use the new appearance of mold, less than 1-inch color body gives a fresh feeling. Intel Ivy Bridge platform Core processors and NVIDIA discrete graphics hardware side, in terms of performance should be quite good. As for the price, we get the configuration model sells for about 900 dollar.

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