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Alienware 14 of the biggest highlights is that from the display. Alienware 14 uses for a 14-inch matte anti-glare screen, and did not use very popular glossy display, which can guarantee Alienware 14 outdoors or under strong light, still has a very clear visual effect. Simultaneously with the Alienware 14 Although the minimum screen resolution is not too high, only 1366 × 768, but if you are willing to spend $ 150 (about 900 yuan) to upgrade, then you can have a very ornate 300-nit IPS panel's 1080p display. Although equipped with Retina Retina Display MacBook Pro or Google Chromebook Pixel compared to the latter did not show fine, but whether it is on the screen viewing angle, color reproduction speaking, performance is very good. In addition, the fact, for gamers, the resolution is not as high as possible, 1080p HD resolution with a standard 14-inch screen, you can perfectly compatible with the market most of the mainstream games; Also, for those who like to watch movies users, 1080p resolution is also very suitable for watching Blu-ray usher DVD.


However, Alienware 14 audio quality is somewhat general. Although, compared with an ordinary notebook, Alienware 14 WITH BUILT-IN DELL Alienware 14 Battery is equipped with Klipsch (Klipsch) family four-channel Dolby Surround system is pretty good, but compared with the effect of professional speakers still not a small gap.

HP Pavilion series has been the main push of the consumer notebook, the main face of the high-end home users, it is every little series has its own distinct characteristics, so the entire series was dubbed "the overall audio and video home entertainment." Dv series which is relatively high, in the material, workmanship is more competitive compared to g series, and G series although in the selected materials lagged, but maintained a giant premise exquisite workmanship, the price is more attractive , which means that the same configuration g series more cost-effective. Came in 2013, Pavilion series also undergoing evolution should change this to say today Pavilion 15, it maintained before the g series of cost-effective premise, the new design can be compared with the dv series comparable.


Thermal testing session, I chose the AIDA64 System Stability Test and Furmark both programs at the same time, the former can be loaded on the notebook's CPU, and the latter can be loaded on the card, then the laptop heat up. After one hour of full load operation, Alienware 17 notebook processor temperature is maintained at 90 degrees Celsius, the graphics card is 76 degrees Celsius, so that the performance for the top alone significantly IVB processor and is already considered very low.

Notebook surface can be seen from the thermal imaging, Alienware 17 notebook full one hour later, the palm rest did not hot, and even the same as the ambient temperature! But the keyboard and the keyboard shortcut zone temperature somewhat too high. In addition to the hard disk and memory outside, 17 bottom temperature is maintained at a relatively low level, the entire testing process that the CPU thermal windows at the obvious noise, but are within the scope of user acceptance, so do not be too tangled.


HP Pavilion 15 with 6cell HP HSTNN-LB4N Battery has made significant changes in appearance, dark spots on its cover with starlight texture pattern design, in addition to the black brushed metal appearance choices, exquisite workmanship, smooth surface to allow it to Kam figure, of course, can not avoid fingerprints, perspiration intrusion, users often need to wipe everyday use.

These days, more and more friends of aliens, watching the news when it will occur from time to time certain place to discover extraterrestrial UFO or biological news. Although the authenticity of these messages to be certified, but the growing level of concern indeed true.


Among the many notebook computers, came to our side of the "alien" is no longer mysterious, today's hero is to be commonly called "alien" Alienware, Dell's top game as a brand, Alienware is not only to It looks exaggerated conquered everyone's attention, but also with its amazing hardware configuration and performance so far behind in the notebook.

This is for everyone to send the new Alienware 17, the aircraft in appearance did not change significantly, modeling basically followed the previous generation product, brilliant lighting effect is still the highlight of the keyboard. In the hardware configurations have been greatly improved, the machine uses the new Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3820QM a new quad-core processors, while with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M and Intel GMA HD 4000 (Core Graphics). Then I put this Alienware 17 notebook evaluation dedicated to you.


From the configuration point of view, this songce bubble net Alienware 17 notebook with the new IVB platform i7-3820QM processor, 9cell DELL Alienware 17 Battery, 16GB DDR3 memory, and 2TB mechanical drives. Graphics cards using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M (2GB memory) graphics card + Intel GMA HD 4000 (Core Graphics) coordinates and supports dual graphics switching.


MobileMark 2012 MobileMark 2007 is the upgraded version, it will be used by the test program to upgrade to the latest version in order to simulate the use of the environment at this stage. MobileMark 2012 has three test modes: Office Productivity, Media Creation & Consumption and Blu-ray, they will be called, respectively, the daily office, producing pictures and video and Blu-ray playback application. PConline evaluation room will be unified in the Office Productivity test environment, in order to measure the production of PC in the office of the life time and efficiency. Tested HP Pavilion 15 gives 300 minutes of continuous business hours (5 hours), so the performance for a 15-inch product is pretty good.

Hardware configuration, the HP Pavilion 15 with 6cell HP PI06 Battery equipped with the i5-3230M dual nuclear power plant thread processor, its TDP is 35W, and integrated HD 4000 graphics card, the upgrade alone significantly regard to AMD Radeon HD 8670M, while also equipped with a 4GB DDR3 1600 memory and 1TB HDD. CineBench use of film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. Relative to the previous version R10, R11.5 version last point more potential drain system, accurately reflects the system performance. Tests include two, respectively, for the processor and graphics performance.


Alienware 17 notebook Compared with the previous generation product appearance did not change significantly, the overall shape remains a sturdy style. In consideration of portability, so Alienware 17 notebook cover with a plastic material, the surface skin material coated with a class, although the overall look into the metal shell as unassuming, but soft and delicate texture is much more practical.


Undoubtedly, DELL Alienware is the most successful in recent years, a cost-effective game of this, it is the user left a good reputation, even less concerned about a friend of digital products, buy notebook also know DELL Alienware special value.


Flip the fuselage Alienware 18 with 12cell  DELL Alienware 18 Battery we look back, we can see, this machine thanks to rear heat and dual fan design, so the heat concentrated in the window behind the back of the notebook, I use the machine in the normal The cooling effect is very good, there is no feeling of overheating. When playing a game, because it is dual fan design, so there are some noise, but the cooling effect is good. So this Alienware 17 notebook's performance in the heat is to force.

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