DELL BTYVOY1 Battery replace DELL Alienware M17x R4 Battery

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In the new conference before the Alienware Series notebooks, DELL product manager focuses on the design of the notebook side of the waist. Notebook open the cover and the keyboard surface to form an elegant curve from the side angle view gives the feeling of forming simple one.


Included in the EVEREST software the CPUID tools can be very convenient and detailed view of the parameters of the measured notebook processors. They were able to see the DELL Alienware M17x R4 still equipped with a very familiar with the Intel Core i5-520M processor, with the threads of the double nuclear power plant, 3MB L3 cache and support for SSE4.2, including the common instruction set. Can be said The Fengyun Core i5-520M is the end notebook processor will choose the current market the vast majority of mainstream, basically marks this summer to double sales of the main notebook average.


Finally, this page would you really expect to see NVIDIA whole new generation of four Department of mobile graphics GT425M. But sorry, the above mentioned we received for testing the DELL Alienware M17x R4 for engineering prototype. So in view of the notebook graphics GPU-Z, the core bar displays only the core code NVIDIA N11P-GS, is not that we have come to expect the NVIDIA GeForce GT425M. But it does not matter, this will not affect our next test. View the information in terms of the 128Bit bits wide, and the 800MHz GPU frequency also our guess its 3DMark Vantage score plenty of clues.


Still follow the standard of our graphics tests, uniform use of E-Class (the Entry 1024 × 768) of the 3DMark Vantage test machine graphics performance, options and Option Feature Tests all check out (all selected), the final E-Class the higher the score the better graphics performance.


DELL Alienware M17x R4 battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 90Wh / 9Cell
Weight:  454g
Size: 231.20 x 90.90 x 24.70 mm 
Color: Black


There is no doubt that the new configuration with the new design will be more competitive in the market, while DELL Alienware M17x R4 undoubtedly do. Replacement after the mold looks more dynamic, and simple design style has earned a wide range of user groups.


Equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GT425M not enough to make the DELL Alienware M17x R4 to occupy a favorable position in the opening promotion, but if you have the B & O certification and 7200rpm hard drive, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and other advanced technology, then this notebook is the advantage in similar products is necessary and more.

Personal perspective, I prefer to "B & O certification" on the first one of the many selling points of this 14-inch big. In terms of emotional or practical effect, the B & O sound is definitely one of the industry a model of a well-deserved. The other side, pure Scandinavian descent also the brand from head to toe exudes a unique charm.


The touchpad is an integrated design surface using the same brushed metal effect with the A side handle, and the touchpad buttons plating surface effects processing. While the touchpad is also integrated into the touchpad of the DELL innovative intelligent anti-inadvertently, is able to intelligently identify the different touch of the fingers and palm. When typing, if the user's palm do not accidentally touch the touchpad, the touchpad is automatically turned off. In this way, the user can freely be assured input quickly improve efficiency. Actual use, smooth operation, the delay is low, the error rate is small. Shortcut keys moderate intensity, only the sound is slightly larger.


DELL Alienware M17x R4 comes standard with a 9-cell lithium-ion polymer battery (490watt ). Such a battery in the end be able to the DELL Alienware M17x R4 what life?
DELL BTYVOY1 Battery Fit machine:
DELL Alienware M17x Series DELL Alienware M17x R3 Series DELL Alienware M17x R4 Series


A true multimedia and gaming laptop is usually not able to mention a good battery life, because of the high-end specifications and high-power components will seriously reduce battery life. But the battery life test Alienware M17x R4 did not make us disappointed.


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