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   Batteries secret>> We buy laptop, when faced with such parameters may ,6-Cell Li-On battery ,9-Cell Li-On battery, the Chinese, which means that 6-cell lithium ion DELL CMP3D Battery , 9-cell Lithium-ion battery, the core of the quantity and lithium-ion batteries are not proportional to the capacitance, such as 6-1800mAH Li-ion battery, or a 6-3600mAH lithium-ion batteries, but in the usual sense, the core as possible. As the individual batteries are not able to provide sufficient power density, or a long-lasting battery life capacity, so people thought up the number of batteries in parallel, which is a few number of cores, can be seen the total battery capacity and voltage depends on the individual batteries voltage and capacity. We are in the usual cases, the battery as battery pack, so we can know that the notebook battery is composed of several small battery pack.
        For different types of batteries, in the usual case, the higher the capacity to provide the use of longer
        So put aside the size and weight of factors, of course the higher capacity the better. But the same cell type, even if the nominal capacity is the same (for example, 3,600 mAh), but the fact of their initial capacity is different, such as one for 3600mAh, another possibility is 3700mAh, so high-capacity DELL 2T6K2 Battery can do better than Low volume please?
        Not the case, there may be high capacity battery pack battery used to increase the initial capacity of the material, but something to reduce the electrode stability. The result is recycled after a certain time, high capacity battery capacity rapidly depleted, while the low-capacity battery is still strong. Many domestic battery manufacturers often use the kind of way to get high-capacity DELL 854TJ Battery , the user in use, after six months of standby time machine backward in a mess (in the author's original rechargeable battery on the phone with no-name has come true). If the price is the sacrifice to improve the capacity of life, do not make efforts in battery materials, it is impossible to truly improve the battery performance.

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